SevenStock Preview: JNC Mazda 787B Anniversary Shirt

Orange and green. For Mazdafarians, the colors instantly evoke the livery of the Mazda 787B. You know the history — the 700-horse monster was the first and only Japanese car to win outright at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the only non-piston car to do so. Mazda entered three 787s, but only the winning #55 car wore Japanese clothing company Renown‘s over-the-top warpaint.

For SevenStock this year, JNC is honoring the 20th Anniversary of this legendary feat. Our tribute shirt will have orange ink over green fabric — look closely, there is no outline — and with three color screens it will be our most complex shirt yet.

For accuracy, we modeled the rotor on the sleeve from the actual rotor of the 787B’s R26B. Our tribute will debut at SevenStock this Saturday and then be available in the JNC Shop after the show.

We’ve shown the following video before, of the 787B doing a demo lap at Sarthe Circuit before the 2011 Le Mans, but the symphony of that four-rotor motor is too good not to share again. And for a mind-blowing experience, check out some of Renown’s trippy Mr. Sparkle-esque commercials.

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16 Responses to SevenStock Preview: JNC Mazda 787B Anniversary Shirt

  1. Will Kingstone says:

    I’m not even a Mazdafarian and I want one… o_o

  2. Nigel says:

    Green shirts are cool.
    One with a Mazda on it…times ten.

  3. Tyler says:

    That’s pretty sweet.

  4. PowerTryp says:

    I know this is JAPANESE nostalgic car but I think you guys really should do a run of LeMans tribute shirts (or find a company to attach to that could pull it off) with the winners from previous years to current.

    • Yee says:

      After seeing the Gulf Porsche 917 in person at the Art Center Classic last weekend, I must agree that would make an incredible shirt. “Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.”

  5. Ed says:

    Absolutely love that JNC shows major love to Mazda. Would like one of these at 7stock, see yall there 😀

    • Yee says:

      Thanks for the comments. I am rapidly becoming a Mazdafarian. We wanted the ultimate rotary car shirt to debut at Sevenstock. After doing much research on the 787B and Mazda history, I am a true believer in Mazda’s contribution to driving nirvana. Dan has been wanting to own a SA22C for as long as I’ve known him and lately, I’ve been looking into getting a 2000 pound NA Miata as a daily driver.

  6. buzzin says:

    nice shirt,
    I’m going to design my own SA22C (S1) shirt too
    I can’t find one anywhere.

  7. TyFc3s says:

    ok you finally did it, ive been looking at your shirts for a while but havent gotten around to ordering them… and I HAVE TO HAVE THIS.. so i guess im just going to have to buy…oh idk… all of your shirts 🙂

  8. Nate says:

    I wish sevenstock was here in toronto
    Anywau, Can’t wait for this to hit the JNC shop.

  9. Kazumi3 says:

    We’ll bring #56 787 to Seven Stock 14.

  10. Oracles says:

    I would like to get one.

  11. Marv666 says:

    The Sevenstock event was last Saturday, wasn’t it? I have looked multiple times on the JNC shop, but haven’t found the shirt yet. So when will the shirt be available at the JNC shop (I can’t wait)?

    • Ben says:

      Yes, but we sold out of a few sizes at the show. We’re making more. There will be an announcement when it’s added to the shop. Thanks!

  12. Kelly Greenidge says:

    Where is the Sevenstock coverage guys ????

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