SEMA 2019: Finally, you can get an inexpensive ultra-wide bosozoku tire in the US

One of the most unexpected treats of the SEMA Show was the surprise appearance of Banzai Sports’ Bluebird SSS Sanitora. We first spotted this eye-catching ute at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2018 and were extremely taken by it. Half 510, half Sunny Truck, it’s a seamless combination of US and Japanese styles.

The truck sports a BRE-inspired front air dam but one that is angled more sharply, a mirror of Banzai’s own creation called the California, and of course a 510 Bluebird SSS front clip swap. The wheels, of course, were inspired by the American Racing Libre found on BRE race cars. However, they are 14-inches in size and have super-deep offsets that the originals never did. The paint is obviously BRE-inspired, and the gold numbers look very much like a nod to Mooneyes and rod culture. The truck is also now stateside, owned by YouTuber Steve’s POV.

The purpose of the display was to show Banzai’s new products, like these 230/525-14 tires for wide old school fitments. There have been a number of vintage tire releases recently, but the Banzai ones have two important advantages. Firstly, you can get them in America, which isn’t the case for the Liberty Walks, Yokohamas, or Mazda Miata Bridgestones. Secondly, they will cost just $200 each, which is a tremendous deal for this kind of size and fitment. Hayashi Interspeeds are available, but are a bit more expensive, which they make up for with a sportier, classic tread pattern.

Another product they were showing was called the Bosozok BRE T-1 wheel. The The deep-dish, Libre-inspired 14-inchers have a “revolver” spacer that can be rotated to support 100, 110, and 114.3 x 4 lug patterns. Widths include 8.5J, 10J, and 12J, and will sticker at $250, $300 and $350 respectively (shipping from Japan not included).

We are always happy to see aftermarket support for classic Japanese tuning styles, even more so on the rare occasion the parts are offered for sale in the US.

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5 Responses to SEMA 2019: Finally, you can get an inexpensive ultra-wide bosozoku tire in the US

  1. Jerry Roy says:

    Interesting they us the BRE logo, I thought that the BRE was trademarked. Maybe not 🙂

  2. Christian says:

    Anyone know where one can purchase a set of these tires? Can’t seem to find anything anywhere else. Very intrigued.

  3. Danny Caldera says:

    Very cool!

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