See some rare Showa Era trucks at Mega Web right now

If you’ve been to Tokyo you’ve likely visited MegaWeb, Toyota’s showroom in the Odaiba shopping district. The History Garage section has a rotating collection of classics, and typically you’ll be able to see a Toyota Sports 800, Mazda Cosmo Sport, Hakosuka Skyline, and more. And while seeing a Toyota 2000GT is nice, if you go right now you’ll be treated to a display of even rarer vehicles — trucks of the Showa Era.

These are the trucks that played an integral role in Japan’s post-war reconstruction and economic growth. Vehicles include an extremely rare 1953 Mazda CTA-series 3-wheeled truck. Behind it is a 1953 KC-series pickup by the now-defunct manufacturer Ohta and its claim to fame technology, a floor-mounted four-speed transmission.

Toyota was a pioneer of semi-cab-over-engine trucks in Japan, having released their first ones in 1954, and given the name Toyoace in 1956. These trucks were instrumental in the shift from three- to four-wheeled commercial vehicles in Japan.

Other trucks include (from left to right) 1962 Toyota Corona ute, a 1960 Datsun G222 pickup, 1965 Honda T360, and 1960 Daihatsu Midget DK2. According to the exhibition, in the 1960s there were many more trucks produced than passenger cars, but these days such workhorses are practically extinct so this might be your one and only chance to see them. The exhibition continues until February 16, 2020.

Images courtesy of MegaWeb.

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6 Responses to See some rare Showa Era trucks at Mega Web right now

  1. Nigel says:

    Wish I could go to see !!

  2. Hansjorg Strube says:

    The MegaWeb is a MUST-see when visiting Tokyo.
    It’s very easy to get there by public transportation. We spent the whole day there when we visited Japan last November.

  3. Land Ark says:

    When I was there the first time i didn’t realize there was an upstairs. But my consilation prize was to be able to go into the History Garage and see the internals of a 2000GT while they were working on the engine.

    Last time I had realized my mistake and I got to see my very first (and so far only) legitimate Hakosuka GT-R in person.

    My next trip is coming up in 6 months and I cannot wait to go back.

  4. Ant says:

    The Honda T360 is such a funky looking truck! Great proportions.

  5. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    This looks absolutely fantastic!!!

  6. F31Roger says:

    What!!! I was there in May and didn’t see those.

    I hope they are there til Feb 2020

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