VIDEO: “San Francisco Skyline” by Petrolicious

You may recognize Ivan Jarmillo as one of the co-founders of the Bayline Gathering car show in San Francisco. As it happens, Ivan’s also the proud owner of two coveted classic Skylines, a white hakosuka and a silver kenmeri. In this video by Petrolicious, Ivan talks about why these cars mean so much to him. There’s nothing quite like touring the gorgeous Bay Area, from misty Redwoods to massive bridges, with two stunning examples of Nihon nostalgia. Also, much props for equipping the hako with gunmetal steelies. Watch the video below.

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13 Responses to VIDEO: “San Francisco Skyline” by Petrolicious

  1. pete240z says:

    Once again – those Hakosuka’s blow me away…..I can listen to that engine scream all day.

  2. jivecom says:

    This is kind of weird to me. not in like a “ew that’s weird boys have cooties go away” stupid weird, but it just made me notice:
    Normally it seems like the “default” colour for Hakosuka is silver, and the “default” colour for Kenmeri is white. in this video they are reversed. i know in the real world cars don’t have “default” colours, but tell me it’s not true that it seems like every other Kako you see is silver. Even non-gtr’s that have gtr bodykits have usually been resprayed silver. the white Kenmeri is a bit less common I suppose, but that’s just because the Kenmeri is generally owned by someone with a bit more originality (just kidding Hako fans!)

    • jivecom says:

      also, steelies forever. if it weren’t for the fact that there’s 9001 great looking japanese nostalgic wheels out there, picking a good wheel for my eventual jnc project car would simply amount to finding steelies in the right size

    • mister k says:

      @jive no i think you’ve hit the nail on the head to a degree, but you don’t have the complete picture

      the default colors are based on the true gt-r spec cars being limited in colour choices from the factory. silver seems to have been the more popular choice

      a white hako 2dr is ok of course since many of the race cars were white

      bottom line: all the gt-r clones must copy the silver or white (or red rarely) to gain legitmacy

    • Benjamin says:

      What’s a “Kako”? Crappy Hakosuka?

  3. Darryl says:

    Thanks for letting us come along for a ride…. I want to do the same with an array of early Rotary Mazda’s….

  4. Ken says:

    I totally sympathize what the owner is saying about enjoying the ‘drive’, no stereo in my triple mikuni equipped s30 either. It’s all about submerging in the experience, every ambient noise in the car mixed with the straight 6 throttle, is music in itself.

    • jivecom says:

      also so you never have to deal with an annoying passenger trying to set the radio to the pop station, followed by the awkward conversation of “never touch another man’s radio”

  5. Brad D. (TSiSS350) says:

    I met Ivan the night before JCCS at a car wash just outside of Long Beach, I was driving back to my hotel saw it, made a quick u-turn to investigate. Genuinely nice guy! He delt with my JNC fan boy excitement as his was the first early Skyline I have ever seen in person. Even invited me to meet the rest of the Bay Area Crew the next day. Unfortunately I did not run into him at the show.

    Cool to see all the new HD car videos coming out, Petrolicious and Depth of Speed are both on my regular rotation of inspirational things to look at when not working on my car.

    • ErikFM says:

      ^ I can vouch for Ivan being a nice guy. He happened to be at a Datsloco Central Valley Datsun meet with the Kenmeri. He was so open to answering questions and even let some people (including myself) pose in the driver’s seat.

      It was unreal to say the least.

  6. John M says:

    I love the looks of the Kenmeri, but add the sound of triple mikunis on a straight six and it is music to my ears. Not sure if the best sounding engine setup has been a QofTW, but it would be a good one.

  7. Tzushyang Lin says:

    the hakosuka lives a block from my house. oh man he keep its hidden like no other ive only seen it parked outside of the garage twice.

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