S32Z? R30Z? Ze Lines, Zey Blur!


While quickly checking out these great photos of an extremely slick S30Z over at Auto Otaku, I was about to close the page before I suddenly noticed – Hey, that’s not an S30 interior. It’s straight out of an R32 R33. Sneaky bastards.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen an interior swap in an S30, but it’s probably only the third. The first one I saw was the extremely well fitted (and extremely tweaked) RPS13 interior in the Vildini Motorsport “SR240Z”, and the second time was a, well, not so great Z33 swap. But hey, each to their own.

This, however, looks great. Easily as good as the Vildini example. Would I do it? Could I forgo the classic lines and vintage curves of the original interior? It’s a tougher call than I thought it’d be. On the one hand, I love the S30 interior. Love it to bits. But damn, this does look good.

On another note, what do we think of these LED tail lamps for the S30Z? Yay or nay? Again, I’d probably have to say they’re not my style, but they do look good nonetheless.

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6 Responses to S32Z? R30Z? Ze Lines, Zey Blur!

  1. Pharoahe says:


    I really love this site, and stumbled across this just recently.

    But I saw you made a mistake on this blog, because it isn’t the interior of an R32 you see in the S30Z. The interior comes from an R33 GTR.

    Keep it up


  2. sax says:

    That’s one sweet looking Zed. But, like Pharoahe said, its a R33 interior not an R32’s šŸ˜›

    Keep it up

  3. Van says:

    Aaah, shows what I know! Thanks lads šŸ™‚

  4. steane says:

    I’d keep the original dash myself. I just find it really hard to get into cars with customized interiors and while this may be a ‘stock’ R33 interior its in the wrong damn car… I appreciate the effort that went into it, but…

    The R33 dash was one of the blander elements of the R33 and the Zed’s original dash has plenty of retro character.

    Spend the dosh on making it go and slow better.

    I agree with Pharoahe – great site!

  5. ps13boy says:

    It turns out this car was the cover car for Custom Car Magazine in Japan

    It is a Nissan Fairlday 240Z made in 1974 and it features a naturally aspirated RB26 and an interior from a Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 custom fitted. The car is built by shop called Common Snapper in the Mie Prefecture

    Here’s a picture from the outside


  6. RatDat says:

    Just one question…where does ‘S30Z’ come from? I seen this bandied about a lot and don’t understand why the ‘Z’ has been added. There’s only one kind of S30 and there’s no ‘Z’ suffix in any versions chassis code! Curious.

    Anyway, aside from that… this is a slick conversion and brilliantly executed but it does kind of leave me wondering why. If I’m in an old car I like to feel like I’m in an old car, not a modern one. The insides of modern cars are utterly dull, to the degree where it’s often difficult to even identify the car by the interior. Old car dash designs are usually pretty destinctive and the S30 is no exception. Seem like a lot of work for no real gain to me but top marks for a job well done!


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