Running Out of Time, Folks!


The Import Bible / grandJDM contest has been going great guns, with Kev and Lachy driving themselves to drink with all the entries they’ve been adjudicating over (sounds dirty don’t it!), but none of the entries yet have hit the elusive 100% score.

Plenty have come close—and remember, the prize goes to whoever comes closest—but alas, no one yet has proven to be a classic JDM God of Knowledge.

So if you haven’t yet submitted your entry, now’s the time!

Feast your eyes on a few of the Import Bible tees that will be available to the winners, and remember, the whole IB range will be yours to choose from!




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3 Responses to Running Out of Time, Folks!

  1. Lachy says:

    Damn those are HOT tees. Van, can family of staff enter? :D:D:D

  2. importjap says:

    Damn damn damn I’m gonna run outta time !!

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