RS Watanabe’s classic 8-spoke wheels will soon come in 18-inch fitments

RS Watanabe announced today that the iconic 8-spoke wheel is now available in 18-inch diameters. Widths will range from 7.0J to a massive 10.5J, and they’re available only in a in 5-lug pattern. The offsets on some of the deeper fitments have yet to be determined and the company says it is taking requests, so now is your chance to influence what sizes will be available when they come to market.

RS Watanabe is currently taking pre-orders, but only on the 7.0J sizes at the moment. The standard offset is +45, but they’ll offer +30 to +57, or 0 to +29 if you want to order a special offset. The standard lug pattern comes as 114.3 x 5, but anything from 98 to 120.65 will be available. Once the 7.0J sizes are finished, with a delivery date expected in January 2022 they’ll move on to making the 8.0J widths and so on, sequentially.

Things really start to get interesting with the 9.5J and 10.5J sizes, which will have an F8 deep stepped lip like the traditional RS Watanabes that typically grace classic FR J-tin. We can think of a few intriguing neo-classic applications for these wheels. They’d probably look best on larger 90s and early 2000s RWD models to give them a retro flavor, like a Lexus IS300 or SC300/400, maybe a nice FD RX-7. Or, perhaps even a 350Z or Mazda RX-8. There’s a lot of possibilities for this classic design, and we look forward to seeing what comes of it.

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3 Responses to RS Watanabe’s classic 8-spoke wheels will soon come in 18-inch fitments

  1. speedie says:

    I would love to see a set of these on an RX-8.

  2. SF says:

    Perfect for the new Z

  3. Hayd. says:

    Perfect for the 350 i’d say for a classic enspired look. Been praying for these in an 18 specially with a 10.5 at the rear. Payers answered.

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