PRODUCT GUIDE: RS Watanabe Toyota Works replicas

RS Watanabe Toyota Works TOM's Igeta 05

RS Watanabe has revealed their latest wheel design, and it’s a gorgeous revival of the famed Toyota Works racing wheels of the 1960s and 1970s. The classic four-spoke crosshairs pattern is back, and is now available in a 15-inch size. 

RS Watanabe Toyota Works TOM's Igeta 01

Though the casual observer might easily mistake these for the TOM’s Igeta, both are actually derived from Toyota’s works programs. The first use of this basic design was found on the 1968 Toyota 7 race car, but formed in a 5-spoke pattern for its 5-lug wheels.

Later, when Toyota began campaigning cars like the 4-lug TA22 Celica, TE27 Corolla Levin and KP47 Starlet in touring and rally racing, the factory works cars would arrive with the iconic four-spokes.

Toyota Celica TA22 TTE Rally 02

The original wheels came in two basic types, one with bead-lock and one without, but all were magnesium. Sadly, the alien-like substance is inherentliy unstable, and as a result the wheels wouldn’t stand the test of time time or exposure to the elements. That, and their tendency towards combustion made them unsuitable for any application other than racing.

RS Watanabe Toyota Works TOM's Igeta 04

When Toyota works driver Tachi Nobuhide branched off on his own as a racer and became one of the founding members of TOM’s in 1974, he wanted to make an aluminum alloy version of the famous racing wheel that was usable for the street — and the TOM’s Igeta was born.

Over the years, the Igeta became so popular that it became synonymous with the design and their true origins as the Toyota factory wheel faded into history. It’s almost hard to believe, as the design looks modern enough to hail from the 80s, but it’s actually 47 years old. Now, RS Watanabe is bringing them back in four sizes:

15 x 7.5 -4
15 x 8.5 -6
15 x 9.0 -13
15 x 10.0 -25

Each will cost you ¥100,000 plus tax (USD$833). Orders will be taken starting in December. You can contact to place one.

Images courtesy of RS Watanabe, Toyota 7 courtesy of Morio, Toyota Celica courtesy of Toyota Team Europe history.

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18 Responses to PRODUCT GUIDE: RS Watanabe Toyota Works replicas

  1. Shawn says:

    Hello and good day.

    I’m wanting to know when these wheels will be released and where they can be ordered from?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. Louis Fong says:

    OMG finally! The originals are hard to find to begin with, and the price are going crazy.

  3. ben says:

    So hold up… they’re $833 per wheel? for a 15inch?! :^O

  4. Skyler says:

    Man I was all over those until I saw the price…. The in my 20’s budget would not be okay with it haha. For a full set it would be more than i bought my 77 celi for

  5. atx says:

    Love the offset choices, but no way am i spending that kind of coin. I could get a nice new set of te37’s for a little over half that in those sizes.

  6. Steve says:

    Yeah… At $800+ a pop, are they forged aluminum?

  7. Ken S. says:

    Off topic but that celica looks absolutely gorgeous. As for the wheel… looks great but yeah those are multipiece panasport prices for a cast wheel, no thanks.

  8. Mister K says:

    On a side note, when I see “replica” I automatically wonder how loosely the word is being used lately.
    For example, Skyline GTR replica. There are few if any GTR replicas, but nobody clarifys or seems to give a rats arse.

    • Skorj says:

      In Japan we do. GT-R ‘spec’ cars are sold as such, and sometimes labelled just that. Additionally, there’s even a GT-R Fake Owners Club, the GT-RFOC

  9. Kevin Truong says:

    At that price, I can only imagine how many copies will start coming out in the months ahead…

  10. Gary says:

    Love em!

    I hear a lot of belly-aching above on the price…kind of wonder what would happen if you went to a US west coast billet manufacturer and what the price there would be!

  11. Daniel says:

    According to the Listing on Watanabe’s Facebook page (Waiting on confirmation from them directly).

    Watanabe aren’t claiming this as a new design they offer – They may be doing the production (Thus why they are posting it – Will see what they say.

    ★ ニュース ★
    井上 剛 氏作
    15-75 -4 ¥100000/税別
    15-85 -6 ¥100000/税別
    15-90 -13 ¥100000/税別
    15-10 -25 ¥100000/税別

    “★ News ★
    Inoue Tsuyoshi Mr. work
    Toyota own factory pound replica aluminum wheels on sale! !
    Revive the time of design and inch UP.
    Reproduce the specification of the time. 114.3 double specification of the center lock and 4 hole.
    15-75 -4 ¥ 100000 / tax
    15-85 -6 ¥ 100000 / tax
    15-90 -13 ¥ 100000 / tax
    15-10 -25 ¥ 100000 / tax
    4 size
    Small amount for the production, there is a limited number of lots.
    The end of December deadline and delivery time is a little longer in June and plans.
    Sales and Contact
    Beginning thank you from the mail.

    Thank you for the detailed post – Someone in Japan has funded the R&D themselves (Here’s an early test i saw for sale on yahoo).

    Would love to see some more Toyota History (Especially regarding Tosco!)



  12. alvin says:

    Sweet Celica. I need to know what’s under the hood to warrant those killer binders! Any more info on the car?

  13. Skorj says:

    That’s one of the best wheel, car, color, stance, combinations I’ve ever seen. The whole thing comes off totally smooth.

  14. Punto8 says:

    That’s a $150 wheel tops. Someone will copy that and I will buy it 😉

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