Rotorstock & Retro Show at Santa Pod

datsun_710_nissan_violet JNCer from across the pond, colink, sent us some photos of the recent Rotorstock and Retro show at Santa Pod Raceway in Bedfordshire, England. This beautiful blue Nissan Violet/1600 (aka Datsun 710) really caught my eye.

Zenki Mazda RX-4s are probably my favorite of the early RX cars. That nose is menace personified!

A proper lime green RX-7 may be too small to carry any gear with you so how about a matching trailer?

For more photos check out colink’s site, JDMPassion.

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2 Responses to Rotorstock & Retro Show at Santa Pod

  1. colink says:

    Hey thank you for posting, dont get much time for shows but this was a good one.

  2. kyteler says:

    Sweet pictures colin!

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