PRODUCT GUIDE: Return of the SSR Formula Mesh, but with a twist

SSR Mesh 16 19 inch

The SSR Formula Mesh is one of the classics, a vintage barrel whose design looks fantastic on cars from nearly any era. The good news is Speed Star Racing is bringing them back. However, the catch is that they’ll only be available in 16 inch and 19 inch diameters. And then there’s the issue of lug patterns.

The official announcement is expected at SEMA later this week, but for now the sizes coming down the grapevine are as follows:

16-inch SSR Reverse Mesh:

  • 4×98, 4×100
  • 16×5.5 to 16×10.0

19-inch SSR Formula Mesh:

  • 5×130
  • 19×7.0 to 19×12.5

In other words, they’re for FWD imports, Alfas, and Porsches. But looky here, the contact info for the owner and distributor of SSR Wheels, Tanabe USA, just happens to be right here. You know what to do.

Thanks to Jeff Y. for the tip.

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11 Responses to PRODUCT GUIDE: Return of the SSR Formula Mesh, but with a twist

  1. ylee says:

    What is going on!?

  2. Nigel says:

    The people who know this wheel already are the one who will be buying it first. (JNC’ers).
    But the proper sizes are needed 15 or 14. I know Enkei’s got the right sizes.
    (I would like to buy SSR’s, I know there is a 300ZX in my future).

  3. mhh nice, i’m pretty sure they’ll come with other sizes and lug patterns later

  4. Niels says:

    Don’t Forget E30 BMW’s. What offset do they have btw? Should be around ET -20

  5. Tofuik says:

    Welp… I think I just found the right wheels for my Scion iQ. 16×5.5 would work out pretty well.

  6. invinciblejets says:

    Man I was hoping 5×114.3 at least……

  7. reject7 says:

    4X120 Please!

  8. RdS says:

    ..Time to sell some hoarded SSR mesh… hha

    Interesting to see the new/update face, as the traditional SSR mesh hasn’t got the material between the fasteners seen here – it is open between the mesh/spokes.
    The caliper-clearing face and that centre is the same as the later (-2008?) mesh…

    highlight here? the return of cheap SSR Mesh caps.. herray!

  9. Troggie42 says:

    Looks like my new $500 ZC swapped CRX has some 16″ SSR meshies in its future… This is great news! They’ll go nicely with the 15″ Advan Onis on my FB RX7.

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