ART CORNER: These pixel art JNCs are the bee’s knees

There’s probably a pretty big overlap in the Venn diagram of people who are really into Japanese classic cars and people who are really into old video games before the graphics got too realistic. That’s why these pixel art cars strike us straight in the hearts like a Nintendo light gun shooting a 8-bit duck stone cold dead. They are simultaneously beautiful, cute, and cool, and we wish they were in a real game.

Alas, they are merely works of art by RetroJDM, albeit very nice works of art. Each car is rendered — well, that’s not quite the right word, is it?. Each car is drawn in eight views. There’s everything from a Honda N360 to a Toyota 2000GT. We also dig how somewhat obscure cars like the Mitsubishi Sigma and Mazda Familia Coupé exist alongside the Hakosuka Skyline GT-R and S30 Fairlady Z.

If you click on a car, you can change the color one of 16 from a pre-selected pallette. Or you can enter a hexadecimal code and paint your car one of 16,777,217 colors and create a digital paint job that never really existed in real life. All the pixel cars are downloadable in PNG format, too, and RetroJDM says you’re free to do with them what you wish, as long as credit is given. In other words, someone, please, put them in a game!

Thanks to harshith for the heads up!



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4 Responses to ART CORNER: These pixel art JNCs are the bee’s knees

  1. Ian N says:

    So cool. I wonder if he takes requests?

  2. F31roger says:

    I remember people on forums and even some old school forums like Honda-tech had them in signatures.

    Here was one that was an M30

  3. F31roger says:

    Sorry that didnt make sense.

    I meant old websites had these type of graphics. I miss the geocities days.

  4. Kyle says:

    Sad news from Mitsubishi: former boss Osamu Masako died yesterday. He was 71.

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