Retro Honda EV-N and CR-Z at the Tokyo Motor Show

As far as Tokyo Motor Show news goes, it could be hard to top Toyota‘s heartstopper Lexus LFA from yesterday. Honda, however, may kill you with cuteness instead. We told you about the Honda EV-N Concept and resurrected CR-X recently, and now more details have come forth.

The most interesting tidbit is that the new CR-Z pairs a 1.5L hybrid i-VTEC engine with a six-speed manual transmission. That’s right, Honda heads! The Big H says driving sensation isn’t going to be sacrificed for eco-consciousness, even though the car will strive for both. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

That’s because it’s the same recipe that gave us the first-generation Honda CR-X HF (1987 model shown)! With the both the CR-X and AE86 (arguably two of the most influential Japanese cars ever built) coming back from the dead, it’s 1984 all over again. Time to break out your Culture Club tapes.

The EV-N harkens back even further, to the 1967 Honda N360. Honda’s still mum on most deets except for its dimensions.

Honda EV-N Concept / 1967 Honda N360 (USDM N600 shown above)

  • Length: 2860mm / 2995
  • Width: 1475 / 1295
  • Height: 1515 / 1340
  • Wheelbase: 1995 / 2000

WorldCarFans captured the promo clip that plays on repeat on giant video screens behind the display.

Lastly, some motorcycle news. To mark the the 50th anniversary of Honda’s world famous “CB” bikes, the company has released a new CB1100. It’s powered by an engine that returns to Honda’s roots – an air-cooled, twin-cam inline four.

Best of all, you can customize it with a color scheme matching the racing livery of Honda’s legendary 1960s racers like this 1966 RC166, which won 10 out of 10 WGP trials, securing both the Manufacturer’s and Rider’s titles in the 250cc class.

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12 Responses to Retro Honda EV-N and CR-Z at the Tokyo Motor Show

  1. Lincoln Stax says:

    The more I look at that CR-Z, the more I like it. I wasn’t all that impressed with it at first, but the more I see it and the more I learn about it, the better it gets.

    And that CB1100 is high on my wish list. I’m going to have to retire the old XS11 sooner or later, and I’ve love to replace it with something with the same ’70s UJM style but modern everything else.

  2. E-AT_me says:

    I wonder what the range would be for the EV-N. probably not enough for my daily commute. šŸ™

  3. Mr.L.J. Nordvik says:

    The LFA’s thunder may be hard to steal,but Honda’s introduced some really intriguing vehicles. Thumbs up!

  4. bert says:

    @Lincoln Stax, you have an old XS1100? I had a 76 Honda CB550 as my first bike, but if you ask me that “new” CB in the show looks more like Yamaha’s XS. Theres more resemblence to the 80’s style Honda’s than the older ones.

    No matter how much technology and fluff, you put in this new car, it’s never gonna beat the old CRX! (and that’s coming from a Toyota nut)

  5. Lincoln Stax says:

    @bert, yes, my XS11 is my daily rider. I don’t even have a car right now. Mine is the standard in the top picture. I even created the article.

  6. ClubAE86 says:

    Wow.. 21st century CRX and AE86 revival…. I am down with this for sure.

  7. bert says:

    @Lincoln Stax, There have been several times when my only car was my bike. But maybe this will give you hope, in a couple if years you can go on The Pice Is Right and maybe win an EV-N and a new CB1100 in the showcase!

  8. Dan says:

    I want an EV-Cub pit bike!

  9. bert says:

    @Lincoln Stax, Nice bike. Is the paint job original or custom, I don’t recall ever seeing that paint scheme on an XS1100. My mom had a 79 with the square headlight. Can you imagine a 5’2″ 110 pound woman on one of these? I wonder if JCCS would let you put it in the show. It may be missing a couple wheels and a roof, but it’s still a japanese nostalgic!

  10. tkmedia says:

    EV cub? Subaru should just release a new fuji rabbit!

  11. Lincoln Stax says:

    @bert: The paint scheme is a bit of a mis-mash. The bike is a ’79 and was originally blue which you can see in the tail section, but the gas take is from a later year and is still it’s factory silver. I had the engine and front forks painted black. I put lower black handlebars on it. Finally, I installed the round headlight, turn signals and instruments from an XS11 Special on it in place of the original rectangular units.

    And your mom sounds like an interesting woman.

  12. bert says:

    @Lincoln Stax, My mom may be interesting, but she’s the best biker I’ve ever seen!

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