This Kenmeri Skyline does not look o-kei

Japan is a place where space to park for your car is at a premium. Compared to most driving populations, Japan is full of visible feats of Jedi parking, where cars are squeezed with millimetric precision into the smallest parking spaces. So people usually know how to park their cars. But, there are exceptions, as this Kenmeri found out to its cost.

Wander around Japan and you’ll witness incredible feats of precision parking. For example, I have no idea how the owner of this Mark II gets out of the car. But being able to do this everyday for years without completely trashing the side of the car probably requires driving skill on par with a sub-60 second lap at Tsukuba. In fact, there are even game shows where your parking ability is put to the sternest test:

So it’s even sadder to see the sight of a very nice looking Kenmeri Skyline being squished by a falling kei-car last weekend in Kitakyushu in northern Japan, as shown in this video from NHK news (Viewer discretion is advised).

The kei car fell off the ledge above the Kenmeri, as its two 81-year-old occupants drove through a fence and plunged 5 metres down into the Skyline — neatly missing the two anonymous kei cars parked beside it.

Luckily the JDM octogenarians survived their Thelma and Louise moment and are recuperating in hospital with some light injuries. The Kenmeri, not so much.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we please have a moment of silence.

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10 Responses to This Kenmeri Skyline does not look o-kei

  1. JAMAL MANSOUR says:

    I am glad that didn ot catch on fire….the gas tank is right there.

  2. MikeRL411 says:

    Obachan, Ojichan take a taxi !

  3. Nigel says:

    I have one word, but I cannot say it here !!

  4. Ant says:

    Saw this the other day. After realising everyone was okay, my first thought was to hope that it wasn’t one of the ultra-rare GT-R versions, just one dressed up to look like it… but either way it’s not much consolation. That’s going to take a lot of repairing, or more realistically an entirely new shell.

  5. Mazluce says:

    Great video, lol

  6. M1abrams says:

    Condolences to the owner. I hope he/she receives sufficient insurance compensation and that someone with skill and dedication commits to repair/restore that car.

  7. eXnil says:

    This is indeed a sad day.

  8. Eric P says:

    I feel sick.

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