Reminder: Less than a month to go for Classic Japan 2012

Just a friendly reminder that there’s less than a month to go before the Classic Japan show of 2012 kicks off!

The Melbourne, Australia event will showcase over 200 classic Japanese cars and over 50 motorcycles on the lawn at Como Park in South Yarra, Victoria.

The event is put on by the Toyota Car Club of Australia, but welcomes any Japanese marques built before 1987.

JNC has shipped a package of decals to organizer Adam Laws for any of our Aussie compadres who bring a car to the show on November 25. For more details, go to the TCCAV website, and check out photos from 2011’s Classic Japan show.


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5 Responses to Reminder: Less than a month to go for Classic Japan 2012

  1. Jesse Risk says:

    My Car inst quite show-worthy atm as she needs the new springs and shocks installed (also its an 87 model, so i think i miss out by liek 6 months? haha), but i still want these stickersssss! do you get a sticker for entering the event, or…? haha

  2. Adam Laws says:

    Hi Jesse

    Sorry for the slow reply, I was up on the beach at Byron on holidays 🙂

    A 1987 Japanese anything is more than welcome to join.. its for all cars 1987 and earlier.

    And we aren’t here to judge the standard of your car – we will take bog standard, show cars, rats, and anything in between. So please bring it along on the day!

    What have you got?

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