Reebok Skyline GT-R wins 1991’s Japan Touring Car Championship

Nissan has released a video of the 1991 All-Japan Touringcar Championships, the sophomore year of the R32 Skyline GT-Rs domination. The R32 had proven itself as a force to be reckoned with the previous year, so there were no less than seven teams running Godzillas by 1991. Among them were a young Keiichi Tsuchiya in the Team Taisan’s Advan livery, but the real battle took place between the Calsonic- and Reebok-liveried cars.

The GT-R was so dominant that Toyota withdrew its A70 Supra for 1991. The Calsonic Skyline driven by Kazuyoshi Hoshino and Toshio Suzuki had won the R32’s inaugural year, so expectations were running high. However, Masahiro Hasemi and Anders Olofsson’s Reebok-sponsored car came on strong, matching the Calsonic team’s wins dead even. There were six rounds in all, and by the end of the season each team had won three races. In the end the victory went to Hasemi and Olofsson for scoring more points overall. The win sealed the R32 dominance just two years in. No other challenges dared enter the ring, essentially making the class a one-make series until the R32’s retirement in 1994.

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