JCCS 2011 PREVIEW: Record Three S20-Powered Nissans to Debut at JCCS

Are you ready for the 2011 JCCS this Saturday? This year’s show will be very special, as it will be the first time three cars powered by the epic Prince/Nissan S20 motor will be shown in North America.

For those that don’t know, the S20 is the DOHC 24-valve, triple-carbed, straight six that separated O.G. Godzillas from lesser Skylines and started the whole GT-R legend. For years, rumor had it that the yakuza would not permit any genuine Skyline GT-Rs to be exported outside of Japan’s borders. But if you come to Long Beach this Saturday you will see not one, not two, but three S20 cars — a KPGC10 hakosuka Skyline GT-R, KPGC110 kenmeri Skyline GT-R and Nissan Fairlady Z432. See you September 10 at 9am and click through to see a video of the S20 in action.

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9 Responses to JCCS 2011 PREVIEW: Record Three S20-Powered Nissans to Debut at JCCS

  1. Philip says:

    The beginning sequence is like the opening to John Frankenheimer’s superb movie Grand Prix.I loved it.

    Since we can’t get these in North America, a body kit for a 510 could be the next best thing… but how to get that menacing front end look?

  2. Thomas says:

    We’ve run off a limited number of high quality 18×24 posters as a gift to those who make a charitable donation to the Tsunami Relief Fund. Redeemable on the day of the show, so get there early and make your donations.

  3. boyee says:

    awesome i cant wait! i am stoked about the 787b tho!

  4. ylee says:

    (0.0) holy moley. can’t wait to be there.

  5. Pete240Z says:

    I cannot make the JCCS this year. I hope the entire event goes well.

    That was an awesome video showing some awesome history that very few of my friends or family will “get” or understand. (maybe I need new friends?)

  6. toepfer says:

    probably #1 of the 3 best sounding motors on the planet.

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