Reborn Acura Integra’s manual transmission confirmed

Stick shifters, rejoice! The 2022 Acura Integra will have a manual gearbox. Acura revealed the teaser in a clever video titled “Generational Shift” that depicted the standard transmissions (remember when they were called that?) of all past Integra models, including the RSX, being rowed by an enthusiastic driver.

The video begins with the 5-speed from the first-gen Integra, complete with diagonal striped seats. That’s followed by a second-gen, a Type-R third-gen, an RSX Type S, and finally the new 6MT on the 2022. Accompanied by a revving-engine soundtrack, the cars appear to be actually moving even though you never see the exteriors. You can even see the shifter “release” a little bit when the clutch pedal is depressed right before the upshift and wobble as the car absorbs road bumps.

It’s kind of a sad commentary on the state of cars today that this simple shot of a manual gearbox can generate such excitement. Like when Nissan dropped a simple shot of the new Z’s manual, it was a shorthand to enthusiasts everywhere (and perhaps a poke in the Supra’s eye) that they were serious about their sports cars. Hopefully, the new stick and clutch pedal will not be too dumbed down (read: soft) and replicate that magical precision and feel of past manual Hondas.

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8 Responses to Reborn Acura Integra’s manual transmission confirmed

  1. BlitzPig says:


    I hope that Honda can get their old mojo back, it seems they are headed in the right direction.
    Now if they could just lose those 2 superfluous rear doors…

  2. Alvin says:

    As much as I’m happy there’s a manual, I’m cautiously optimistic this is nothing more than a Civic Si hatch with a new body.

  3. Tofu Delivery says:

    The original Integra was based on a civic too.

  4. Lee Le says:

    I just like commercials like this honestly, it was a sick ad.

  5. Soichiro says:

    The first spy shots are just out, and it looks awfully ugly. It clearly is an upscaled Civic liftback, which isn’t a bad thing in itself considering the qualities of the platform, but in terms of look, ouch… The Integra has never been an outstandly beautiful car, but this new version looks like one step back on that matter.

  6. pete240z says:

    The 2nd car sounded great!

  7. Nigel says:

    Cannot stop watching this. (I miss cars like this).

  8. RotorNutcase says:

    Nice… just one note though.
    Is that going to be the pattern??? The RX-8 had that pattern and then shifted (haha) in their series-2 to Reverse in the upper Left corner. Having a safety detent (down on lever) before putting it in the lower right corner did not work well. IMHO

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