Random Pic: Jump for Toy

Remember Power Wheels, those battery-powered kid-mobiles with big plastic wheels that inevitably deformed and cracked if the car was anywhere but the kitchen floor? In the US we can recall two flavors – Jeep and Corvette – but as with so many childhood wishes these also passed us by. Our parents could barely afford to keep their actual cars running, much less buy cough up a Benjamin for a glorified plastic bucket with a max speed barely higher than stationary.

Tikes in the land of the rising sun can pick from R34 Skyline GT-Rs for mock JGTC racing, 350Zs or Celicas for toddler touge runs, Celsiors for the aspiring corporate CEO, or even the Nissan March for the economy-minded rugrat. Apparently, Japan’s access to the coolest wheeled contraptions isn’t just limited to 1:1 scale cars.

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  1. Van Strapp says:

    Oh to be a kid again!

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