Random Honda 50 Years Ad


Here’s a random web banner ad we came across the other day. It’s Honda USA’s 50th anniversary and it looks like they’re starting to promote it. We’ve got our party hats on. Don’t harsh our buzz, Honda!

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  1. coupeZ600 says:

    Those 1st Gen Civics were completely bullet-proof! After not owning a car for nearly ten years (don’t ask, but it was something like Orwell’s, “Keep The Aspidistra Flying”), I bought my Boss’ daughters ’78 Civic that had been parked for years where I worked. She was off at Med-School, and the car needed a new clutch. 350 dollars got me the car, and besides the new battery it needed, that was the last money I ever put in it, except for gasoline. I drove the Hell out of that thing, and ten years later, after I had kids, a semi-reliable two-door was no longer an option. I gave it to a friend whose daughter was turning 16, and didn’t have a lot of money. When passing the keys and signing the Title, I told the girl,”It needs a clutch, and you might want to change that oil, it’s been in there a while”. Absolutely the greatest car I ever owned.

  2. Ben says:

    Ha, great story. Anything ever happen with that Civic in AZ?

  3. coupeZ600 says:

    The girl who bought my old Honda is totally going to restore it. Haven’t got down to Showcase to find out about that low-mileage one though. Headed down there next week, can you throw me a link to that ad, (I spend too much time crawling around the Archives as it is!)

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