RA21 Toyota Celica Drift Machine

This may look like an RA21 Toyota Celica. But look below the surface where the sun don’t shine and you’ll find a full-on AE86 drift machine. The result? Whether it’s smoking tires sideways or just cold chillin’ by a vending machine, it looks damn good doing it. You can read more about owner Matt-Panic’s build at Classic-Celica.com.

[Images: Speedhunters, Classic Celica]

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17 Responses to RA21 Toyota Celica Drift Machine

  1. Nigel says:

    I like it, very cool !

    The second picture makes you think. What if Bunta Fujiwara was a mad scientist ?

  2. Ryuji says:

    That would be the frankenstein of Celicas

  3. Eljay says:

    Makes me drool like a geriatric bulldog! 😛

  4. Matt Panic says:

    WOW! I am honored, thank you so much. I just joined the JNC forum a few days ago and now this. JNC is what it’s all about!!!!

  5. Ted aka Tkit213 says:

    AWESOME CAR. I aim to use this car as reference for stance 😀

  6. Lincoln Stax says:

    Every first-gen Celica is equally cool, but some are more equal than others.

  7. perfect wheel choice on this one! great 🙂

  8. Shane says:

    Thamnks for representing the nw gor us matt

  9. LTDScott says:

    Those big steelies must weigh a ton.

  10. Drive510 says:

    Very cool car. Cool to see someone show up the newer cars in an old school ride.

  11. Tony Vergara says:

    I love this car. The stance is perfect. The Patina of the body and paint with all of the small bruises take you back. I love seeing cars like this, well used looking.

    Awesome job!

  12. Deyaa Eldeen says:

    Hallo every one, I look for any exterior or interior parts for my Celica 75 couple two door, please I need your help

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