QotW: Which seven cars would be in your dream garage if money was no object?

Over the weekend some of the JNC staff played this hypothetical game, as we are wont to do. Let’s say you had enough money to buy any seven cars you wanted, but they were the only seven cars you could ever own for the rest of your life. They’ll have to perform all the duties you need — daily, track, towing, etc. In this fantasy you have enough money to maintain all of them in top condition, and there’s no selling them to buy a mansion or anything. You are stuck with them until the day you die.

Which seven cars would be in your dream garage if money was no object?

The best comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What is Japan’s Corvette?

By far the Nissan Z was the most popular reply, having been suggested by Nigel, Negishi no Keibajo, Alex Larsen, CycoPablo, Taylor C., Kevin, and Jeff. Unfortunately, and probably because it is the most correct and obvious answer, The Z’s supporters didn’t provide much justification. Like in math class, with QotW you don’t get credit unless you show your work, so we have to give the win to more thoughtful responses.

There were a lot of completely unexpected answers that left us pleasantly surprised, like Michael‘s nomination for the Mazda Cosmo. Brett and Dimitry Mochkin both made cases for the Toyota 2000GT, while speedie advocated for the Toyota Supra (at least A40-A80 generations). エーイダン  broke the chain of Z answers with the R32-34 Skylines, Land Ark built a strong argument for the Mazda Miata, and dankan provided just as good of one for the humble Honda Civic. f31roger took the question literally by offering the Mitsuoka Rockstar and Mazda RX-7 Corvetty kit.

In the end, it was Ebisu who won the week by providing a comparison between the Corvette and the Skyline. Full disclosure: we think the Z is the correct answer and the Skyline is more comparable to the Mustang, but Ebisu’s plea was the most well-argued and so it takes the win:

I’m afraid there’s not a thousand answers there. It has to be Nissan’s Skyline :

– Like the Corvette, it has been there since the dawn of time : 1957 for the Skyline and 1953 for the Corvette.
– Like the Corvette, it has been uninterruptedly produced until now (except the 1983 hiatus for the Corvette) and it had highs and lows on the way (C210, R30 and R31 vs C10, C110, R32, etc).
– Like the Corvette, the name is a range in itself, with base models and sportier ones, all the way to the top. Although the span is much wider with the Skyline.

It’s probably the most emblematic japanese car at the moment. Ask any kid who knows a little bit about JDM and his first answer will always be Skyline (not even Supra). In that way, it has the place in Japan that the Corvette has in the US.

In terms of engineering, it’s a symbol of japanese way of building cars (precision, performance, innovation). This comes all the way from Prince Motor Co., and from aeronautics companies, which provided early extremely talented engineers to most japanese car companies.

Unfortunately, unlike the Corvette, Skylines (even base models) are no longer affordable.

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31 Responses to QotW: Which seven cars would be in your dream garage if money was no object?

  1. Ebisu says:

    Yay ! What an honor ! To be fair I also hesitated a long time with the Z. How do I redeem that awesome prize ?

    Without transition, here’s for this week :

    – Toyota 2000GT : For sunny weekend drives, cars & coffee, or simply to look at it in the garage and get lost in it’s beautiful lines.
    – Honda NSX Type S : For mountain drives around my city, or whenever I want to escape daily routine.
    – Toyota Alphard : For long haul travels with friends and family.
    – Toyota/Subaru 86/BRZ : For city driving, cheap to run, dependable, tons of fun, and because I would terribly miss mine.
    – Lexus LFA : Do you really need a reason ?
    – Mazda RX7 Spirit R : To spice things up and to feel the thrill of driving a relative ticking bomb. And because it’s a genuine blast to drive.
    – Subaru Outback : For everything dirty, snowy or muddy. Plus load capacity.

  2. LucaStyle32 says:

    Only seven? oh god! I have no place for a quirky keicar, or even an ExaCanopy!

    – A gun grey metallic coloured Nissan R32 GTR for the touge.
    – Nissan Silvia CSP311 because a classic car is a must and this one is sometimes overviewed.
    – Nissan Silvia S13 Q’s two tone green with an early TRA Kyoto kit, I would love to go sideways some times.
    – Nissan Cima Y32, to travel in style.
    – Toyota Land Cruiser Renoca Phoenix, utility car for commuting, getting kids to school and some outdoor weekends.
    – Mazda FD3S tuned by ReAmemiya with a full bodykit for the track
    – Honda S2000 for the sunny days!

  3. dankan says:

    Seven cars?

    Heck, I think I could probably do just fine with 3, and even one at a pinch.

    I think I would probably like, in my dream garage:

    A Subaru Crosstrek (for winter mayhem, taking the dog places muddy, and similar nonsense).
    A Honda e (a daily runabout and the retrofuture interior is just oh so funky)
    A 1994 Honda NSX. (can be the basic one, I just want to feel what its like to stand on the pinnacle of the automotive world)

    Ok, if I must, here are the next four:
    A 1992 LS400 (nothing after this point really gets more luxurious, just more gimmicky)
    A 1991 300ZX (the car that first got me hooked on cars)
    A 1994 Mazda MX-5 (because if I want a convertible, I might as well just pick the best one)
    A 1970 Cosmo Sport (I just love how they look)

  4. Joseph Clarke says:

    Lexus IS F – Perfect “practical” family car.
    Toyota 2000 GT – I think the above poster perfectly summed it up, if you were asking me to pick just one it would be this.
    Lexus LFA – The sound (and every other inch of it).
    Mitsubishi Pajero Metal Top – Workhorse
    Eunos Roadster Mk1 1.6 with LSD – just a perfect little sports car.
    Caterham Super Seven BDA – best of British.
    Autozam AZ1 – Pure bubble era excess.

  5. Alex Larsen says:

    Honda Beat

    Honda NSX Type R

    Ford Escort Cosworth

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI RS450

    Lancia Stratos

    Toyota Land Cruiser 55 or 60 series

    Lexus LS400 92-94

  6. Jeremy A. says:

    Lets see here.
    1) 1983 NIssan 280ZX Turbo
    2) 1888 Nissan 300ZX Shiro Special
    3) 1988 Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R
    4) 1987 Mazda RX7 FC Turbo II
    5) 1982 Honda City Turbo
    6) 1985 Toyota Van/LiteAce
    7) 1983 Subaru BRAT Turbo

    Lots of turbo on this list. And a lot of 8s.

  7. Dove says:

    Lots of fun this question…… 7 car dream garage

    02-05 Honda NSX-R (maybe the mythical GT-R version of which there is supposable 5 of)
    64 Chevy Impala SS
    Lexus LFA
    Toyota 2000GT
    Audi sport quattro s1e2
    Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo for a daily

    whatever the most expensive Ferrari is.. for asset purposes haha

  8. jim simpson says:

    1 Toyota 2000 GT
    2 Skyline Hakosuka
    3 Nissan Silvia 1st gen which I have
    4 Isuzu 117 GT round light car which I also have
    5 Mazda Cosmo S2 which I also have
    6 Toyota Sera which I have
    7 Isuzu Bellett 1600 GT

  9. Lupus says:

    In order from my personal Dream Cars List:

    #1 Nissan/Datsun Laurel C31 Hardtop – built in old school hashirya style mechanicly (L31 TwinTurbo, Borg-Warner Tremec 5MT, racing-level suspension and breakes), but in sleeper-style on the outside (dark, navy blue paint, Impul Fins wheels and burgundy, velour interior).

    #2 Toyota Supra A70 – in full Wangan brute form, max performance with no regards for comfort, everyday utility. Jet black, with some heavy lookin’ five spoke rims, with dark gold/brown disc and polished lip.

    #3 Nissan Stagea WCR34 – in some upper level trim, kept mostly stock. Only minor mods like little drop, exhaust, updated brakes. For every day commuting and hauling groceries in cool, JDM fashion.

    #4 Mazda Eunos Cosmo JC – gran tourer in pure form for long trips thru Europe. Performace, luxury, style, uniqueness – it has it all.

    #5 Toyota Land Cruiser J80 – w 3.0 TD engine, 5 door. For some outdoor trips or rougher winters.

    #6 Mitsubishi GTO/3000GT TwinTurbo – as a track car, built with circuit in mind – full roll cage, stripped interior, fire extinguising system, telemetry installation. Green. With white wheels and some simple stiripes, reminicent to the Puma livery.

    #7 Suzuki Cappucino – for sunday afternoon drive, for simple fun and the feel that only a roadster can give.

  10. Taylor C. says:

    A QotW like this will definitely take time away from work, but I guess we “must” help answer the question here. I have my preferences on non-Japanese cars as well, so I will make two lists here.

    all Japanese vehicles (no particular order):
    2006 Lexus LS430 (agree, no need for gimmicks, just excellent, proven luxury)
    2007 Subaru Legacy 2.0GT spec.B (I love station wagons, and a boxer rumble mated to a 6-speed manual is hotness)
    2000 Toyota Hiace Super Custom (with the 1KZ and the manual transmission and the four moonroofs)
    1995 Nissan 300ZX N/A (timeless styling / design, especially with the kouki front bumper / rear tail lights)
    1997 Mazda Miata (is always the answer)
    1998 Acura NSX (I believe these have the 3.2l and six-speed and pop-up headlights and 8000 RPM)
    2019 Honda Accord 1.5T Sport (need a daily driver)

    Mix of Japanese and non-Japanese vehicles (no particular order)
    2015 Chevy SS (where else can you say you drive a 4-door manual V8 that’s built in Australia?)
    2018 VW Passat Estate 2.0TDI (bulletproof diesel, 6MT, panoroof, make it VW’s Toffee Brown color)
    1995 Nissan 300ZX N/A (still timeless)
    1997 Mazda Miata (still the answer)
    1998 Acura NSX (still need that 8000 RPM)
    2000 Toyota Hiace Super Custom (still need that van)
    2019 Honda Accord 1.5T (still need that daily driver)

    • Taylor C. says:

      Minor change: change my 2019 Accord 1.5T to a 1995 Accord EX Sedan. Nothing better than old mechanics that are relatively painless to maintain. A 2019 would definitely have 25years of technological improvements but thin-pillared cars are awesome.

      I sure spent a lot of time thinking about this list!

  11. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    A Vintage Dakar Hino 500. I’d convert the back for overland adventures.

  12. Michael Pearsall says:

    Since just insuring a 1962 Ferrari GTO would be tough even when the stock markets are up It wouldn’t make me feel too unfilfulled with the following substitudes gracing my garage;

    Lexus LFA, the epitome of what the Japanese can do when they pull all the stops with engineering and quality.

    1967 Mazda Cosmo, I don’t mind having to talk and share fun facts about my ride wherever I go.

    Fairlady 240 ZG, Godzilla laid a wet one on this already timeless design

    1999 NSX “Zinardi Edition”, make mine in yellow please. I love helping in the migration of honey bees, hope the swarms can keep up with me!

    2022 NSX, the deffinition of a perfect sports car in my opinion.

    Ferrari 308 GT4, I love the wedge era Bertone designs and this prancing horse can be maintained with your Dad’s old Craftsman tools and a rock.

    2011 Infiniti G37 IPL Coupe, Stop with the hate, I own one and still love it and have no plans to ever let her go and fall into a fate of unscurpulous Fast & Furious wannabes.

  13. Curtis says:

    Most of these are cars I lusted after as a kid and very young adult. Also helps that most of them can be found with factory green paint options too.

    1. A zenki Nissan S13 fastback – It was my first car and will always have a special place in my heart

    2. J100 Land Cruiser – That car will outlive me and probably any future children

    3. Nismo 400R – R33s are the best looking RB powered Skylines and this is the best of the bunch

    4. CD7 Accord – For everyday commuting and how easy it is to maintain

    5. A90 Supra – Screw the haters, I like it!

    6. EBA GTR – Screw the haters, I like it!

    7. FC RX-7 – I’ve always preferred the boxier look of the FC over the FD and I can fly under the radar a little more with a less desirable model

  14. Alan says:

    1. Lexus LFA – for the sound!
    2. Hako GT-R (see 1.)
    3. V12 Century (navy on navy)
    4. 200-series Land Cruiser (tow rig/family truckster)
    5. Civilian market Mega Cruiser (off-road toy/”it’s not a Hummer” confusion device)
    6. Triple-rotor Cosmo with a manual swap (see 1. & 2.)
    7. NSX-R (NA1)

    And if I’m allowed two bonus non-Japanese cars to keep in a drafty shed surrounded by overgrown weeds down on a marshy patch of land near a dirty river…

    A. Tatra 603 Monte Carlo race replica
    B. Citroen DS with an SM Maserati V6 swap

  15. Eric says:

    Tough Call, but here goes

    1. Toyota Sprinter Trueno: Fun to drive, practical and I’ve wanted one for like 25 years
    2: 510 Bluebird SSS: Its gorgeous, what.
    3. NA1 NSX-R, its the only semi exotic car thats ever tickled my fancy
    4. Isuzu 117 Coupe: Its stunning
    5. Lexus GS F, best everyday car ever
    6. Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser: I need luxurious capability
    7. Ap2 S2000: every collection needs a convertible

  16. f31roger says:

    7 cars. I always think what my stable would look like. I personally don’t need to have the top of the line, fully built cars. I like to base my interests on functionality.

    1. 80s Toyota pickup with 22RE. That is the work truck!
    2. Mazda Bongo Friendee – pop up camper top.
    3. Nissan R’Nessa Wagon SR20det/AWD – wagon for hauling family
    4. Suzuki Wagon RR – 1st gen, for working in city (easy parking).
    5. 99 Honda Civic Type R (EK) – Spoon spec/white for track
    6. Zenki F31 Leopard – It is my favorite car.
    7. Autech Stelvio Gavia – This would be my “Lambo or Ferrari”

    Deep down, I want to have my A31 Cefiro.. but I want to avoid the drift crowd attraction.

  17. daniel says:

    7 cars forever?
    mazda rx7
    mitsubishi 3000
    toyota supra
    nissan skyline 32
    honda nsx

    why? There is no reason, each one in its own way represents a high point in the vision of what a sports car should be for each brand.

    but you can’t always go fast, so we need something more mundane.
    daihatsu move 2000
    isuzu luv double cab

    why? we had the daihatsu, excellent car for the city, maneuverable and small, fits 4 adults and always has a place to load things.
    Isuzu is the one I have now, everyone’s answer would be Toyota Hilux, but I consider that the same generation is much more comfortable and equally resistant, apart from that one always needs to carry some things and coupes cannot. I also consider it much prettier than the Toyota, at least mine, which turned 25 this year and can be considered a classic.

    hey! I was even able to carry a dinosaur! in your face Toyota Hilux!

  18. Jim Daniels says:

    I would start with a daily driver, so an 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Desert Chase edition as shown at SEMA.
    Then on to something with a little more work ability, a Ford F-350 6.7 L Tremor Platinum.
    Daily driving summer car something fun and modern a Corvette C-8 Zo6 and a Porsche GT4.
    These next three are just pure elegance, class, and amazing design;
    Mercedes 300 SL Gull Wing silver of course.
    Toyota 2000 GT the light yellow color.
    1963 Jaguar E type Lightweight in polished aluminum or British Racing Green. They are both so beautiful I can not decide which color I like best.
    I already have the Datsun 240Z I want, so I get eight.

  19. Fashion Victim says:

    1. 1987 Skyline GTS-R the CM is just too cool, rapid moving cars that weave in and out with helicopter following and capturing video.
    2. 1985 Iron Mask Skyline RS Turbo Coupe, oh so perfectly 80s proportions with red above and black below with big TURBO lettering on the sides.
    3. 1989 Toyota Soarer 3.0 GT Limited, Symbol of Peak 80s Electronic Wizardy with Air Suspension
    4. 1986 Mazda RX-7, Smooth curvy at the edges yet sharp with pop up headlights
    5. 1990 Mazda Cosmo, Sleek GT with great cosseting interior and novel digital dash, the last Hurrah before the bubble burst.
    6. 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno ,Smooth well proportioned looks.
    7. 1986 Nissan Silvia S12 , alter ego of the Sprinter Trueno that looks just as good.
    Notice, all are RWD, 2 door 1980s cars.

  20. Ellis says:

    You could have asked me this question 20 years ago, you can ask me in 20 years time, the answer will always be the same…

    Mazda RX-7 Type R (FD3S)
    Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (BNR32)
    Honda Civic SiR-II (EG6)
    Nissan SilEighty (RPS13)
    Nissan Silvia Q’s (S14)
    Mazda SAVANNA RX-7 (FC3S)

    and an AE86 (obviously) 😛

  21. Jonathan P. says:

    Only seven cars for the rest of time, huh? Oh geez.

    1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-door hardtop
    – This car got me into cars in the form of a die-cast. Just always appealed to me.
    1971 AMC Javelin AMX
    – To me, this car’s body styling was somewhere in between the Mustang and the
    Camaro, and that was what caught my attention for this car.
    2005 Dodge Grand Caravan
    – The family car. My family currently has one, bought new, and now has 294,000 miles
    on it. On top of the high mileage, it has survived the abuse of 5 kids going through
    puberty, many a car trip, and trailer hauling. I just drove it to work and back today. For
    those reasons, it’s earned a spot on my list.
    1986 Nissan 300ZX N/A
    – Basically just wanting to keep my own car with this one. Love/ hate relationship with
    her. I failed to check some maintenance on her after buying her which led to a double-
    head rebuild, luckily the second one was warrantied by the shop. So far, so good. Plan
    on getting her suspension sorted. Everything’s shot under there.
    1989 Yugo GV
    – Just to be wacky, and to preserve one, and because I have developed a taste for weird and more obscure cars.
    V20 Generation Camry
    – I think this gen of Camry has shakotan potential. I’ve had thoughts of doing just that.

    Last one is a tough one. I’m trying to make up my mind between
    an early ’90s Ford F-150 to tow with,
    a Checker Cab A11 just to be weird again,
    or a complete left turn if this one qualifies: M22 Locust light tank. Just to say, I own a tank.

  22. Joe Musashi says:

    Just 7?

    NA Miata
    –I have one and it’s a start
    –The one Toyota that I personally think that doesn’t look like a Toyota. It’s just so cool looking.
    –Subaru 22B
    A classic.
    –Mazda REPU
    A true oddball. It’s a truck with a rotary engine.
    –Mazda FD
    First time I saw one of those in silver. oooweeeeee. Nearly fainted in its presence.
    —Datsun 620
    Not as painfully slow as the courier from what I remember, but so cool looking.
    –Mazda B2200
    I liked it when Mazda made trucks.

    I think I have a thing for Mazdas. 😛

  23. Brett says:

    That’s tough; I have loved most of the cars I have owned, but in the end, having experienced and enjoyed each of them, and as one’s horizons expand and taste changes, I have always moved on, even when at the time of acquisition I thought I would keep them forever. So until you die is a serious commitment. That said, here goes:

    Mercedes Benz W109 300 SEL 6.3 (1972)
    Mercedes Benz W113 280SL Pagoda
    Citroen DS23 Safari
    Bentley Continental R (2000)
    Mazda RX 7 Series III – Manual
    Toyota Supra A60 – Manual
    Ford Escort MKII RS1800

    I’m glad you said money is no object.

  24. desktopspeedshop says:

    – Nissan Laurel c130 Hardtop (style points all the way)
    – early model third gen honda civic (zippy is the word)
    – 1991 pontiac trans am GTA (highway bomber)
    – 1991 mitsubishi 3000gt (a different flavor of highway bomber)
    – vc110 skyline wagon (gotta be practical)
    – third gen honda civic shuttle (even more practical)
    – mitsubishi galant FTO (also zippy but rwd)

    all of em would be painted in light blue metallic with a hint of lavender rolling on 15 inch cherry blossom wheels (custom 17’s for the trans am and 3000gt)

  25. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    I had to stop & think after the first one…
    Gen II Toyota Century,
    Honda 360
    Isuzu 117 Coupe
    Isuzu Vehicross
    Gen II Toyota Coms
    Datsun 510 Wagon

  26. Ian G. says:

    Bugatti Chiron – for date night
    Ferrari SF 90 Stradale – for Cars & Coffee
    McLaren GT – the daily car
    Porsche 911 992 GT3 – track car
    Acura NSX first gen – Garage Queen
    2023 Toyota Sequoia – the daily dog and bike hauler
    2006 Honda Element EXP. The greatest car ever made/the camper

  27. ra21benj says:

    1. Toyota Corolla GTS hatchback (AE86) – fun to drive
    2. Toyota Celica (TA22) – for cruising around in a classic
    3. Toyota Chaser (JZX100) – fun to drive/drift 4-door sedan
    4. Nissan 180SX or 240SX hatchback (RPS-13) – cool looking drift car
    5. Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) – nice looking rotary engine car I’ve wanted since it was new
    6. Honda NSX Type R (NA1) – mid-engine exotic
    7. Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series w. manual transmission – daily driver that won’t break down

  28. Manu says:

    1. 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Ultimate Edition — Off Road and Deep Snow
    2. Lamborghini Urus — Year Round Daily Driver
    3. FD RX-7 — Track Weapon
    4. MKIV Supra — Targa Grand Touring Powerhouse
    5. R35 GT-R — AWD Savage
    6. Acura NSX — Mid-Engine Purity, Naturally Aspirated and Manual Gearbox
    7. McLaren 720s Spider — Peak 21st Century Supercar with Hypercar Performance

  29. kikiichiban says:

    In no particular order:

    1. Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R KPGC110
    2. Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Nismo Clubman Race Spec (CRS)
    3. Nissan Bluebird P510 SSS Coupe (the actual one that is in my garage right now)
    4. Nissan Sunny TS Cup B310 (any of the TS Cup cars)
    6. Mazda RX7 FD3S Type-A Spirit R
    7. Ferrari F40 LM

    Nissan heavy with an FD going back to my roots and an F40 LM, just because of what it does to the pants region.

  30. Suraen Parag says:

    4-Honda S800
    5-Bug Eye Sprite 1964
    6-Datsun 67 Fairlady
    7-Volvo P1800

    My choice, only own the TS 800

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