QotW: Which JNC Nissan should be in your garage?

Everyone’s first instinct is to head towards a Skylines or Z, but Nissan, Prince and Datsun all have long histories of varied models and cool special editions that deserve a spot in your garage to leave a small oil stain.

Which JNC Nissan should be in your garage?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “Tell us a tale of a JNC you helped rescue

We were thrilled to discover that so many of you are doing your part to save JNCs. The problem is, that makes picking a winner pretty hard. It was a really tough decision, between Kyle Levitt‘s tale of repeated luck, Thomas Robinson‘s trek into the West Virginia woods, and Brandon Mathouchanh‘s persistence in getting an X30 Cressida. In the end, we had to give the win to Cameron Jensen for his tale of redemption:

In 2016 I got in a pretty bad car accident, my car was totaled and my back was trashed, I had drove a 1993 Camaro at the time, but was dreaming of an AE86. When I got my insurance back I was on the hunt for an AE86, ever since I first saw Keiichi Tsuchiya’s videos when I was around 10 years old, during my obsession of Tokyo Drift, but being as expensive as they were I had a slim chance of ever finding one, one day while searching the entire USA for a decent priced AE86, I stumbled upon a 1985 SR5 AE86 on eBay, that was well within my price range, and was also a one owner vehicle that was all stock. Finding this i Immediately bid on the car, and ended up winning it for a price that felt too good to be true, but it in fact was true and I was going to pick up my AE86 the following weekend, the car also happened to be in Boise Idaho, only 4 hours from my home in Pocatello Idaho. All of these factors fell into place so perfectly and this car I feel was meant to be mine. When I got the car, it was completely stock with everything and every piece there, other than the center console radio surround, which had been stolen when the original owners son forgot to lock the car up at school. The AE86 ran rough, as it had been sitting in a field for a little bit since the son had graduated high school, and surprisingly had only one small patch of rust which was an absolute blessing as well. Since that day my AE86 gives me motivation every single day and I drive it every single day, except in the winter. I am beyond thankful that I found this car and I could save it, as it saved me. I’m sure I’m leaving out details, but I don’t want this submission to be too long. Thank you, 86.

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22 Responses to QotW: Which JNC Nissan should be in your garage?

  1. Chris Tonn says:

    I’m a long-term Datsun/Nissan fanatic. Literally came home from the hospital in dad’s 260Z. Nissans littered the driveways of my childhood.

    And while the various generations of Z pull at the heartstrings, the S12 200SX – preferably a turbo, though I’d be thrilled with a V6 too – is probably the one I’d love to see most in my garage.

    Dad bought a bright-red S12 Turbo in late ’85, and was kicking around the idea of taking it SCCA Showroom Stock racing. Mom had a minor accident in the car – started backing out of the garage with the door ajar, and hit the center pillar of the garage.

    I’d like to think the accident didn’t cause the divorce later that year..but you never know. Dad got the S12, mom got the B11 Sentra. Dad married a lady with a pair of N12 Pulsar NXs, and sold the S12 for yet another Z31.

    Yeah, I’m rambling…but I have a bunch of memories tied up in that 200SX hatch. You never see them here in the rustbelt, either, which is all the better.

  2. Nigel says:

    If I had a garage…Pulsar GTi-R. (Or 910 Bluebird).

  3. Khoua says:

    1981 Nissan Maxima. According to Wikipedia, it was the ‘first talking car’ in the US. Still, the 81′ Maximas are pretty hard to come by and I’d love to have one that’s in decent condition sitting in the garage…under a blanket. haha.

  4. dbdr says:

    The March/Micra!

    It’s a happy little car that weighs barely anything, has a great engine and is easy to work on. They are cheap to buy, own and modify and there are so many of them running around that finding parts help from fellow owners is easy. They have been sold pretty much everywhere in hundreds of different variations, some of which are really strange. Oh, and they’re cute as hell!

    Adopt your very own Micra today for amazingly little money!

  5. BlitzPig says:

    2000 Roadster.

    The car that showed, long before Mazda’s MX5 came along, that a traditional sports car didn’t have to be unreliable or slow, while keeping up the finest traditions of British rusty bodywork.

  6. Speedie says:

    I’m always on the lookout for models that were popular but are now mostly forgotten. I recently saw a car that fits this bill, the 91-93 NX2000. They were uniquely styled and since they shared the same chassis as the Sentra SE-R were also fun to drive. Here is a link to the MotorWeek review from 1991: https://youtu.be/YSODz0HFg2A. Now I just need to find one.

  7. ahja says:

    A neighbor’s metallic brown/copper 280Z lived next door in my formative years. The neighbors were close friends and nice, and the car looked small and fast, and I loved looking at its shape and its details, like all the trim and badges (I’m sure many know exactly what I mean). That car imprinted on me a great deal, because when it came time for me to search for my first car a decade later, I wanted a 240/250/280Z. I even went as far as buying an L28 engine when I was 14 or 15 in preparation for the Z I would inevitably buy. Except by then there were quite a few cars I liked and was interested in. I looked at a fair number of Zs, but none of them was the right combination of price and condition. I ended up with something else, and after that was fated to become an acolyte of the AE86 cult, and still am of course. But legend has that my old neighbors still have that very 280Z that directed my mind’s eye to Japanese cars in the first place. That’s the Datsun that belongs in my hypothetical future garage. Right now I don’t have more than a carport though and its filled with hachiroku.

  8. Otso says:

    Since I have gathered all 6 cylinders LHD models originally imported In Finland there is only one link missing.. I have a c10 2400 gt, c110 240 kgt and a C210 240 gt skyline. But I know that there are Pmc skyline 2000 gt’s As LHD. That really is going to bug me rest of my life if I don’t find one To complete my collevtion..

  9. Joshuah says:

    Nissan Cherry X1-R

  10. Aaron Johnson says:

    A forklift.

  11. Kiran says:

    An old S110 240RS because they are simply badass and I’ve admired them since I’ve acknowledged their existence when I first saw it in the gran turismo 4 Nissan dealer

  12. Mark Newton-John says:

    F-10 Gotta be funky.

  13. Josh says:


  14. Craig Fogel says:

    Too many obscure Nissans come to mind… Can’t I just have them all? Lol.

    Joking aside, I’m thinking a Skyline R30, FJ20ET, iconic red on black, on some very period correct wheels, I’m thinking Equip 2’s or 3’s.

  15. Zuhair Ahmed says:

    I would have the funky looking Nissan Nx

    The Nx was renowned for its handling.Road and Track magazine tested it alongside some of the best-handling cars, such as the Porsche 911 and the Acura NSX. It was only on sale for 3 years in the U.S.

  16. Joshua says:

    Nissian S-Cargo of course! Obviously would prefer stock but if the car was beaten up I’d modify the hell out of it. I were to go all out I’d busa swap it and slap a huge front spiltter for a hillclimb car, I know, pretty weird but I’ve always wanted to see one go fast, likely 3-wheeling and tipping over at the first turn.

  17. Kevin stone says:

    Unless Toyota made a car called : Nissan…

  18. Callum says:

    B12 Sunny 305Rt. Even in New Zealand, the land of plentiful japanese imports, I’ve never heard of one, much less seen one for sale. They used an updated “redtop” version of the E15ET motor from the N12 Exa and B11 Sunny Turbo Leprix, but with a somewhat modern IRS rather than the sketchy semi-trailing arm rear of the older generation cars. Less divisive looks too.

    Judging by the tiny little photo and spec list in the corner of one page of a brochure I bought from eBay, Nissan never really marketed them very hard, and knowing what their sister-car N13 Pulsars are like for rust issues, I’d imagine corrosion has claimed the few that were sold.

    Definitely one of the most obscure JNC Nissans I’m aware of, and one of the last cars built in the twilight of the SOHC, non-intercooled, tiny turbo era before Nissan really stepped up their game in 1989.

  19. RX626 says:

    90’s, Mooneyes Japan was doing modified this car.
    Brilliant yellow body, and shining Moon disk. It is still my dream car and I will gladly reproduce that figure.

  20. Matt D says:

    I have a Datsun 510 wagon (autocross built thing) and a B13 SE-R (daily) in my stable right now. But if I had to pick the car that I’ve been pining over recently as an addition, I would love to get my hands on a SSS Datsun 411 and make it into a very period correct road rally car. One of the unsung heroes of Nissan’s early ears in the world market, the 411 was designed by Pinanferina — making it a unique blend of classic Italian design and Japanese pep and reliability. It also would fit nicely into my econobox (yeah, I still consider the 411 an econobox) collection.

    Bringing the Nissan box car corral full circle, though, would also require the addition of an early 80s Maxima (Datsun 810). The last of the real rear wheel drive sedans that Nissan brought to the US market under the Datsun or Nissan marque, it would be the final piece to complete my Nostalgic Nissan “Sedan” set.

    If I had it my way, it would be wagon propelled by an old school L28et (with some intercooler modifications… as in… putting an intercooler on the hot charge L28). That would be the parts hauler/weekend trackday support vehicle.

  21. Greyfox says:

    I would put together the NX family, I already have the NX Coupe, so just need the Pulsar NX and Nissan EXA (with all the modular options of course). Ideally all mint condition and factory fresh, perhaps Doc Brown could help out with that. Then I would put a crew together ‘Fast and Furious 80’s style’. Including one that looks extremely similar to Miho Nakayama, then frequent all those Radwood style events blasting old city pop and J-Pop wherever we go. When not doing that however, a nice little Figaro would be kept, especially for times you feel like being a fashion statement or… to ‘impress’ dates? In the vault would be kept the rare hand built Nissan Silvia CSP311, an investment in art.

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