QotW: Which JNC is impossible to find stock?


Some cars, such as the two Kidney candidates we saw last week, are so welcoming to modifications that for it to survive decades untouched, especially at the affordable end of the blue book listings, is as unlikely as like a baby outlasting the zombie apocalypse.

Which JNC is impossible to find stock?

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s the greatest JNC steering wheel?” 

Nissan K10 March Turbo steering wheel interior

There were certainly many great steering wheels nominated this week, from Mazdax605‘s vote for the elegant RX-7 4-spoke to Hashiriya86‘s suggestion of the sporty Canadian AE86 3-pronger. The winner, however, was RdS, who made his enthusiasm known for that of the Nissan March Turbo:

..the MA10ET power/torque graph on the hornpad of the K10 March Turbo’s wheel.. is just.. Its just amazing..

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35 Responses to QotW: Which JNC is impossible to find stock?

  1. Chunks says:

    Hands down its gonna be a 1970 Mazda 616. They all have rotaries by now.

  2. Daniel says:

    Surprisingly I saw a bone stock S13 on the way to see an at least modified-when-brand-new S13 convertible that I should be owning soon (this is Australia, so they’re pretty rare as it is, all grey imports. Any info would be greatly appreciated)
    As for rare to see in stock form= definitely AE86s, all have at least the watanabe treatment, or are drift pigs.But pretty much any sporty modern Japanese car is not easy to find stock, (unless its an MX5) especially if associated with drifting.

  3. Jared says:

    I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve lived in Japan for a few years now, and while it’s hard to find a classic, sporty Japanese car that is factory fresh unmodified, it’s definitely not impossible and some Japanese pride themselves on maintaining a car as-it-was from the showroom floor, Concours d’Elegance condition. I’ll agree on AE86. I don’t recall ever seeing one that wasn’t modified, but I’m sure it exists somewhere in some old guy’s driveway in Aichi.

  4. Dankan says:

    There’s a lot, but likely an FD3S, simply because there’s very little way to ensure the damn thing can survive if left stock.

  5. Bobby says:

    Like the first two commenters, I’ve seen stock S13’s here in Charlotte and on Craigslist for Western North Carolina. Not many, mind you, but some… I was going to recommend the FD platform, too, actually. As a Mazda fan, I look for those periodically and they do all seemed to be tuned to within an inch of their life.

    So to come up with something different… I don’t know that I’ve seen a stock Starlet ever. They occasionally pop up on Atlanta’s Craigslist, but they always at least have aftermarket wheels…

  6. Banpei says:

    It would be easy to name the Nissan 180/200/240SX S13, the Toyota Corolla AE86 (GT-S/SR5/Euro GT) or even any Skyline C10. But that would be too easy.

    First I thought about the Toyota Supra JZA80 but that car was released in 1992 and thus theoretically not a JNC yet. Same applies to the 1991 Toyota Corolla AE92 who’s red top 4AGE (engine) is ripped out in favor of feeding it to the gods of tuning and dropping it into an AE86 or AW11 to create a screaming carbed monster out of it: perhaps in one year…

    Then I reminded the mention from Doug DeMuro in one of his videos about his 1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR32. Finding an original Skyline GT-R BNR32 is impossible. At first glance it seems to be quite original:

    But even Doug’s cleanest, untouched, unmolested Skyline BNR32 has an aftermarket exhaust, R34 wheels, rear wing, an aftermarket steering wheel, shift lever and audio. And also it had its rear steering feature removed.

    I made an attempt at Goo-net to find an all original BNR32 but gave up after inspecting 20 ads: they all have had modifications in the past and I’m not even counting swapping the audio system for a more modern item.

    I would go one step further: I think it would be equally difficult to find a normal R32 in original condition…

  7. carlos says:

    Want to know impossible to find.

    1969-1972 datsun 521 jeco dash clock. The reason i say this is up to about 1 year ago there is only pics of one and another a guy we all know who has one. Then last year some guy posted pics of a truck he was about to buy and someone noticed a clock. Well i have found 2 more in japan so technicly there are a total of 5 of these clocks so far to have been found. And i am the only person to have a poc of 2 next to each other lol.




  8. Rayson says:

    I think pretty much most of the late 80s to 90s JNC sports are hard to find in stock form in general. After all, 80s-90s is pretty much the golden ages for the Japanese aftermarket industries. People rarely buy JDM sports and leave them stock since cars is part of their lifestyle. People buy them, modify them to showoff to everyone what are they made of. I am actually surprised to see a 100% stock unmolested EF Si hatch is still available from the previous post.

  9. Nik says:

    I grew up in the next village to Richard Burns, Pennti Arrikala kept his group a Mitsubishi Galant VR4 in the industrial estate behind my house and prodrive’s hq is only about 35 miles away so I love rally cars! So with that in mind I have been searching for an unmolested first generation EVO or Impreza not quite the 25 year olds that qualify as nostalgic but almost (both turn 25 in 2017) if you find one I will be jealous!! Until I find one I have a stock BH5 manual transmission legacy twin turbo to make me smile!!

  10. jivecom says:

    DC2 Integra 🙁

  11. Mike McCarthy says:

    all sport compact cars from the 80’s & 90’s suffer from fastnfurious-itis…. My nomination would have to go to the 5th gen honda civic. 2dr, 4dr or hatch all suffer. in 2002 it was impossible to find an “EG” without a set of apc euro tails. the owners later jdm’d them by putting the stocks back in. while the car isn’t a classic yet google says it arrived in japanese showrooms on September 9th 1991. time files! my runner up would be the 2nd gen Toyota MR2; they beg to be modded and raced 🙂

  12. mideng says:

    1988 crx si – lightest year

  13. MainstreaM says:

    I would say the Starion/Conquest twins and NOT from being modded. Parts are non existant so they’ve been hacked and cobbled just to keep them on the road.

  14. Sideglide says:

    I’ll throw my hat into the mix. I’ll go into the opposite direction and say the Toyota HiAce. This spans at least North America and Japan. It is the Custom Van of the Asian manufacturers. Replace wicked murals of barbarians battling dragons and saving the scantily clad brood of virgins with bike racks, extra lighting, and Ted’s neon graphix vinyl. Inside, the steering wheels have toilet seat warmers and your uncle’s cut up carpet laid over the “original carpet”.

    Most damning isn’t the stuff that was added to customize, it is the level of disrepair that owners keep them in. The HiAce has been labelled as a wounded soldier. Owners are not really interested in saving the poor guy, just trying to get the most out of the least amount of effort. Exhaust pipes are fixed with putty, rust is covered up with stickers and the whining belts are fixed by turning the AM radio volume up.

    In regards to Japan, the HiAce lives on with generations of models decked out in the latest goods highlighted in “Style Wagon” magazine.

    But seeing one that has been cared for or loved as what it is, is non-existent.

  15. dan says:

    Well i got my all stock preserved 72 510, Know dave with his stock 510 to. 2 of the only ones i really know of that are documented as being stock and original compared to some of the ones that have recently gone up for sale where they say 19k original miles, and all stock.

  16. dan says:


  17. ed7_owner says:

    good luck finding an integra da with out those crappy intakes.

  18. LB says:

    Believe it or not, I have never modded my S13 since I bought it new, 5spd coupe to boot. Not even the shift knob, not even the stereo, not even the wheels, nada.

  19. pstar says:

    86s, 240SXs, EG/EF/EK Civic hatchbacks/coupes are not meant to be stock, from an enthusiast perspective. All it is is a waste. The only reason people WANT stock ones is so that they have something nobody molested yet, so that THEY can be the one to do so. Keeping one of them stock is kind of like buying a new computer and refusing to download any new programs to it or change any of the settings. Go on internet explorer and use Microsoft Office, I guess. What’s the point? Showing off how much you aren’t utilizing one of the main perks of your toy?

    Anyway, I’d say there probably aren’t any stock Starions/Conquests. First, it’s the kind of car that appeals almost exclusively to the kind of people who like the idea of modding cars. Second, it’s a Mitsubishi, and their fanbase tends to be rather destructive and boost addicted. They wear blown engines like badges of honor.

    • Bobby says:

      Hey wait a minute! Uh, okay, my 89 Conquest isn’t stock… Actually, I bought it pretty heavily modded and spent a lot of time reverting various items to stock to get it to drive more smoothly. Found (multiple) stock injectors, back to stock air metering, back to stock camshaft and lifters… Pretty soon, though, it’s going to be quite hard to have a stock Starquest because many of the parts are becoming NLA. The injectors, in particular, are fairly unique in their spray pattern. People use aftermarket injectors that are rated for the same flow, but don’t have the same spray pattern and the car cruises lean. The stock injectors are breaking down after almost 30 years and there are no known replacements.

    • Sleepin says:

      My ’86 Starion is bone stock. That is the reason I bought it. There are not too many out there anymore that are unmolested. Even less out there that are unmolested and in well-preserved condition.

  20. Will B. says:

    Wanna know whats impossible to find?
    A honda civic 4th gen; specifically the CRX
    the mule of choice for tuners worldwide, those cars have been used, abused, and just overwhelmingly run into the ground by cheap poor-taste ricers…
    Hear a fart can at a redlight? odd are its a 4th gen civic…
    Go to a tuner meetup? 4th gen civics everywhere… and of course none are stock.
    its the equivalent of 5.0 fastback mustangs to young middle-american muscle car guys, where having a stock one is no fun, and its gotta be modded to the point it chews through headgaskets like a starving african child… but yet it continues, even as these classics age into classic car status…

  21. cesariojpn says:

    Ever try to find an instrument binnacle for a First Gen Toyota Celica that hasn’t been hacked up for a larry 8-Track radio?

  22. Diego says:

    I do crazy searches all the time as i am always looking for cars for clients. But the cleanest old car i have come across was a 73 Mazda Rx3 Sedan. It was owned by an old lady that passed away in California. A friend of mine bought it from the estate sale. It only has 20k miles and plastic on the door panels. It has an AC unit and if you open the hood, it looks like a brand new car. I have had coupes and wagons at my disposal, but never a sedan that clean and original. Also had that 72 Datsun 1200 that was from Washington, can’t find those clean and stock too often.

  23. Sleepin says:

    I still vote for the Starion / Conquest. It is very difficult to find one that is unmolested. I think due to the price, especially throughout the 90’s, being so low. It is a great platform being a RWD turbo car, but is lacking in power in the stock form. It has always been so easy for someone to throw on a $30 boost controller “just to get a little bit more”. While looking for mine, I noticed that almost everyone I found had been modded.

  24. Tim S. says:

    My ’81 Datsun 210 deluxe sedan is mostly original at the moment. Original Hitachi radio and carburetor. Factory rims with center caps and rings, the spare tire I think is original. All factory a/c components still there but probably hasn’t been used since Reagan was in office.

  25. Ricky Poole says:

    My vote goes to the r32 gtr. At least here in the US, all of the examples ive seen for sale are modded in some way. Exhaust, intake, wheels, turbos, they’ve all been changed. It only males sense to upgrade these cars though. They were held back from factory due to the gentleman’s agreement. It is a sports car the begs for more. This is in contrast to all the civics, ae86s and s13s. While we all recognize the potential of those models, to some they were only point a to b econo cars. So while hard to find factory, if not just ragged out, its not impossible. I have personally owned both a bone stock s13 and ae86. Both purchased from the point a to b people I mentioned previously. I currently own a stock 1st gen integra, down to the acura tape deck. I hope to keep it that way as long as I can just to preserve a decent example. I also have an s12 turbo and while original its a little worse for wear so it will be receiving some modifications.

  26. Sam Atkinson says:

    Any CRX! I have one (’88HF), but added a pop up roof and rims back in the 80s. I have the original rims and radio, but I guess even mine is not stock anymore.

  27. Fr3D says:

    I have a ’92 Primera 2.0e_GT. When I got it I put coilovers and 16 inch wheels on. I just couldn’t imagine keeping it stock even though I still have all the parts that came with it. If there were a bunch of them around, all modified, then I’d consider keeping it stock to look different. I modify to look different but I guess with certain cars, everybody looks the same kind of different, so stock makes sense again. Anyway, to answer the question: any Nissan Silvia 🙂

  28. miatadon says:

    I have three: ’89 Prelude Si, ’91 Civic Si, and ’92 Integra GS-R. I had to search hard to find nice stock low-mile examples when I bought them. Glad I did buy them, as the supply of such cars is even more scarce now! What is nice about this kind of (almost) classic, is that they are usable on today’s roads, whereas my MGs, not so much so.



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