QotW: What’s your favorite tire?

On May 11, 1947, the patent for the tubeless tire was issued to BF Goodrich, ushering in a new age of wheeling. Nowadays, it can be hard finding the right sized rubber doughnut for many classics here in the US. Japan fares a bit better. We’ve seen a number of throwback tires enter the Japanese market in recent years, which is great for the classic car enthusiast. And, of course, if you look hard enough there are always actual vintage tires that you can buy (though we don’t recommend running your car on them). No matter what you shod your wheels with, it’s one of the most important components on your car. Therefore, on this historic day, we ask:

What’s your favorite tire?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s the best way to make progress on your project car?

There were several great answers last week, running the gamut in the spectrum of usefulness. Lee L had a solution that would surely solve all of our problems: have a big pile of money. My_Fairlady_ZFG made progress by doing the exact opposite of what was expected, watching TV. Meanwhile, エーイダン suggested the age-old beer trick. Amar came the closest to giving actual good advice, so everyone should just probably follow his. We’re looking at you, bryan kitsune; hang in there! However, the prize goes to the most entertaining comment, that this week that belonged to MWC:

How to make progress on your project car?
1) quit your job, work on project car til you run out of money.
2) the day after you quit your job and have run out of money, work diligently to develop super-human nocturnal behavior that allows you work on your car and work 40 hrs a week, and of course develop more super human powers.
3) while you are taking a break from you’re new activities, embark on a crusade to educate on time management and write your best-selling self help book that will fund your J-tin restoration addiction.
4) after the book tour and TV interviews, become recluse and enigmatic, only showing up to the occasional car show and vintage race with your latest creation; enjoy being forgotten and labelled as eccentric and the guy everyone points at as “not knowing who he is but knows the quality of his work”…

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20 Responses to QotW: What’s your favorite tire?

  1. Lupus says:

    I consider myself a child of tuner-era, so my fav tires are TOYO, esspecially the worshipped R888. I’ve burned several such rubbers till the wires popped out. Tremendous grip similair to recing slicks in street legal form. Toyo Proxes t1r are also asome tires with great performance. Aside from technical aspects of these, they are looking more then good.

    I also heve warm feelings torwards Yokohama A509. Decent preformance, modern technology and somewhat retro looking thread.

  2. Nigel says:

    Advan 509…Good in the rain and when dry !!

  3. Banpei says:

    I’ve always had good experience with the Falken ZIEX tires delivering decent performance and grip. The downside is that they don’t periodically correct on my Carina. When I was using the car as a daily I didn’t mind and my personal safety was far more important.

    On the AE86 I had a similar problem. So when I needed new tires because I bought a new set of rims I immediately opted for a Dunlop tire with a more classical look. The performance of this tire is better than the average tire, but the downside is that it’s a tire that won’t last many miles. I’m only using the car occasionally, so that’s no objection for me.

    I just realized that it’s already 12 years since I put those Falken tires on the Carina. That means I definitely need to replace them with some new “periodically” correct tires. Now where can I find a set of Advan HF Type D?

  4. MikeRL411 says:

    My 411 needs 13 inch tires. I use a “Remington” brand which is a contract made tire by various firms and is a good tire. Lately 13 inch tires are disappearing so I may have to go to Coker.

  5. GeorgeL says:

    Considering I worked for Yokohama Tire throughout most of the ’90’s, they are my favorite brand for cars, hands down. I got to drive on pretty much all of the tires they made at the time and for autocross, the A-008RS II was simply incredible.

    For street use, my favorite was the Yokohama A-509. Very predictable handling at the limit and great in the rain. I had a set of those on my 1991 Honda Civic Si.

  6. Angelo says:

    Due to me being a student, budget has always been an issue. So, tire brands don’t really matter as long as it keeps the car planted on the road.

    Thankfully, I’ve had good experience with Westlakes as my daily tires, they’re pretty durable, grippy for daily use, and cheap. And they come in small sizes, so my 13-inch wheels are covered.

    Reminds me, once the quarantine is lifted, I’m gonna have to change them out for new ones.

  7. Keith says:

    Cooper Zeon RS3-G1, running these on my Z and my maxima. Great tire for the money.

  8. エーイダン says:

    The ultra-sticky Pirelli PZero, Saw it a ton on 3dtuning.com when I was supposed to be doing schoolwork, not acting out my fantasies of a Nissan Silvia S15 collection. Also the tyre of Choice on Magnus Walker’s Porsche 964.

  9. My_Fairlady_ZFG says:

    Ones that hold air

  10. MWC says:

    how do i get the decals?

    tires: all time? i will say after running Toyo Proxes RR for a couple years, they are awesome. But i’ve come to love the Hoosier A7’s more recently for competition use

    But that’s “on road/race track”. I’ve had an unbroken chain of Landcruisers (2 of them lol) since 1987 that have worn nothing but Yokohama Mud Diggers and Geolandars. I got 190,000Km out of one set of Geolandars. they were so good, i wrote a letter to Yokohama and they sent me a Jacket and some decals and put pics of my TLC’s on their social media.
    i just wish Yokohama’s competition tires were as affordable…

  11. TSL28ET says:

    Yokohama Advan A052

  12. teddy says:

    hankook because of how they say it in commercials. “Han Kook Tyre” makes me feel like I’m James Bond or something

  13. Madis says:

    trackday tire..
    running westlake sport rs on my fc

  14. amar says:

    Dunlop Direzza Series; great treadwear for everyday use, good amounts of grip for fun in the mountains. Saves my wallet, but let me have fun still 🙂

  15. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Yokohama Advan A052. They somehow look good on vintage or present day.

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