QotW: What’s your favorite Nissan color?

Nissan’s recent revival of Midnight Purple and Millennium Jade sparked an internal debate here at JNC about what the best R34 Skyline colors were. Even on that one model, there were so many great ones — do you pick one of the limited run colors above or the iconic Bayside Blue? Then we thought it would make a good QotW if we opened it up to all Nissans. There are so many great ones, from Safari Gold to Gun Gray to Solar Orange. The palette is so endless and rich that it’s hard to choose one. But if you had to…

What’s your favorite Nissan color (and why)?

The best comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What JNC doesn’t get enough respect?

There are many underappreciated cars in the JNC canon, and many had their advocates. Fashion Victim‘s entire list was valid, as were cars like Scotty G‘s Subaru 360 Deluxe sedan (price doesn’t always equal respect!), j_c‘s piston-powered Mazdas, and Ellis‘ Honda City Turbo. However, the winner this week, Boss, nominated something truly obscure, the T132 Corona.

Gonna be a bit bias here and say toyota coronas. Aside from a t40 corona you hardly ever see or hear anything about them. But theyre a bloody good car, more room and more power than the much more popular corolla, without the higher price tag of a cressida or crown. I own 2 tt132 coronas, wagon and a sedan. They seem to have slipped through the cracks and can still be found relatively cheap compared to other old toyotas.

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17 Responses to QotW: What’s your favorite Nissan color?

  1. Nigel says:

    You have named many of my favorites. But Gunmetal Gray comes to mind, since it looks good on so many Nissans.

  2. Chase says:

    907 Green that was on the early Z cars. Compliments the styling of the Z well and has a very classic European car aura to it, but without the baggage of finicky electrical gremlins, overengineering, and likelihood to self-combust.

  3. Lee L says:

    Light Pewter Metallic for me, aka paint code 210. This is the paint on the 50th AE Z31 and I had an 86 that was this color.

  4. Jim Daniels says:

    I can not remember the paint code but the limited edition 350Z Liquid Platinum. That is what is on my 240Z. However millennium Jade is beautiful and because that shade is seldom used on cars it is all the more stunning when done right.

  5. Mike Pearsall says:

    Had a tough choice when I ordered my 05 350Z between Sunset and Silverstone. Finally went with Silverstone and still think the pewter shade worked well showing off the cars lines and aluminum trim bits.
    My Infiniti IPL coupe color is Graphite Shadow (still used by Infiniti), which is only one of 2 colors available for this model when new. Almost every time I take her out I always get compliments on the color and style of this 10 year old. Non-car people ask me if this is the new Infiniti?

  6. f31roger says:

    I’m typically into normal colors such as black, white and silver.

    But I have to say that my M30 made me really enjoy the blue grey storm and two tone.

  7. Brett303 says:

    Does Black Gold count as one colour?

  8. エーイダン says:

    The kind that isn’t rust.

  9. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    1968 – 1969 “Fuji Blue” available on the Nissan Patrol. The powdery blues of the 60’s mark a space & time for me.

  10. Jeremy A. says:

    Regatta Red. Yeah, it’s not a special edition color, but think of the Nissans you have seen in this color. The Z31 looks iconic in it. If you imagine a Skyline RS-X Turbo, you probably imagine it in Regatta Red. The Tomica Skyline Super Silhouette looked fast sitting still in this color. A Pulsar NX in regatta Red looked like it could have sporting credentials that it didn’t actually have. The Maxima popped in this color, making it stand out from all the gray, silver and white sedans it rubbed shoulders with.

    Nissan has many great colors. But every Nissan looks better in Regatta Red.

  11. Dutch 1960 says:

    Must go with the orange as seen on the original 510 and 240Z. Surprised no one else has mentioned it yet. The old Datsuns simply own that color.

  12. AZ 2 NV says:

    Cocoa Bronze (CK2). Perhaps the rarest color of any production Nissan vehicle . The color was ONLY available in 1993, and ONLY on the 300ZX convertible. 103 vehicles were factory painted for the USDM. I love the slight red metallic flakes under a deep brown. I saw a convertible for sale at Novato Nissan (CA) in 1993,rarely ever saw another until I eventually purchased one in 2008.

  13. Cobaltfire says:

    Normally I’d say something like Midnight Purple (any variant) or the Yellow Pearl from the 300ZX, but for me it’s more of a personal thing, and not one that I’d necessarily paint a car in.

    The first car I bought when I became an adult was a 1998 Sentra GXE with a 5 Speed in Slate Blue over Grey cloth. The experiences I had, and the memories I made in that car were formative to who I am. Whenever I see a Sentra of that generation I smile, but that is sadly becoming more rare; I don’t think I’ve seen one this year. I think it’s been two or three since I’ve seen one in Slate Blue.

  14. Bob says:

    Paint code 611 aka wine red metallic. Interesting to note that Nissan used paint code 116 aka GP Maroon on the 240ZG.

  15. Keith says:

    Safari Gold 529…. sun light, moon light, florescent light, Incandescent light or LED light the color is a photographer’s dream.

  16. thelacerati says:

    Safari Gold, now and forever. Awaiting the day when I see a new Z in this color. Someone will do it, right?

  17. Ellis says:

    LeMans Sunset Metallic. It looked great on the 350z but it also looks fantastic when applied to older Nissan models.

    For example check out this S13 painted in LeMans Sunset Metallic…


    I like it because it stands out but not in an obnoxious way. And I’m pretty sure it will be a sought after color when the Z becomes a future classic…

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