QotW: What’s your favorite car-themed T-shirt?

Today, June 10, it T-shirt Day in Japan. The date was chosen because it coincides with the start of the humid summer season, where a T-shirt can bring much relief in Japan’s sweltering climate. But T-shirts are much more than that. They also serve as statements for things we like, souvenirs from a trip, or mementos from a certain time in our lives. We of course offer a variety of car-themed T-shirts in the JNC shop, but we won’t be offended if you pick one that’s not ours.

What’s your favorite car-themed T-shirt?

The most entertaining comment by next week will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s the best Gran Turismo setup?“.

A lot of great advice was dispensed in the comments last week, and Gran Turismo 4 was by far the most recommended installment of the franchise. We truly appreciated the in depth analysis by commenters like Franxou and Bryan Kitsune. Those reviews confirmed our suspicions that some versions, like GT Sport, should be avoided simply for their lack of older cars. Yewnos100 said that GT PSP with a smartphone emulator is the cheapest solution but since we already have a PS2 and GT4 in the house we just need to figure out if newfangled HDMI flatscreens need an adapter or not.

As crank_case, pointed out, GT7 can still be a grind-fest, and Taylor C. mentioned that while GT5 is more realistic, GT4 is more fun for kids, and that’s what it’s all about. Plus, as StreetSpirit mentioned, you can set the longer multi-hour endurance races on autopilot. Nigel advised that with GT4 you’re also not beholden to the control pad and can use the PS2 controller’s stick. And JamesERacer pointed out that getting two PS2s running two copies of GT4 on two TVs is still cheaper than getting a PS5 and GT7.

So it looks like we’ll be firing up the PS2 and GT4 and starting off with the controllers for now, but maybe investing in a Logitech wheel and two-pedal combo down the road. since as Bryan Kitsune said, the clutch pedal doesn’t really mimic a real car’s feel. Thanks for all the sage advice!

The winner this week was DC, another GT4 proponent, who brought back memories of playing it on an FD Trinitron back in the day:

For me, the classic Gran Turismo setup will always be GT4, played on the heaviest television available. For a while, this was a massive Sony TV with an early high-def cathode ray tube. It belonged to the owner of the house I rented. Too heavy to move, it sat on the floor connected to a PS2 slim. With the right cables, we could play GT4 in HD. Nearly 20 years ago, that was basically magic!

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4 Responses to QotW: What’s your favorite car-themed T-shirt?

  1. Fred Langille says:

    Probably the best car ‘chirts I’ve had were the ones I’ve designed myself to wear at car shows and Cars & Coffees. These were done in pairs for both my wife and I to wear, not just me. The most recent one has a “Nissan” logo on the left front and a large replica of the snail logo for the S-Cargo on the rear. The ‘chirt being red as contrast to the mostly Red Bull Blue of the S-Cargo.

    However, the BEST one I have ever designed is the one for the S-Cargo as well. Although, I am not the best artist, I am clever enough to have done a pretty remarkable hot-rodded rendition of the S-Cargo, complete with smoking rear slicks (yeah, I know the S-Cargo is a FWD but, this is MY fantasy artwork, see?) with big and littles, flames out of the humongous V-8’s exhausts, complete with a oversized Jimmy blower on top!

    Topping it off is my rendition, with excuses and a paen to Ed Roth, of a green Frankenstein-like driver wearing a red ‘chirt shifting a long shifter, exiting the LHD window as he has a set grim look, with yellow eyes and pointed teeth … people have accused me of appearing like that at times but, I confess, only BEFORE my morning coffee!

    I made two of these ‘chirts for us at shows etc. however, as I have OUTGROWN mine, the necessity for the newer red one as described above. That one was also easier to do and, actually reflected the S-Cargo a bit better.

    This was proved out at one of the last shows we were at and, also hasd our co-ordinating hats … in WHITE using the FRankenstein-mobile rendition which, turned out to be the right thing to do, with Nissan logos on the sides and our names on the back.

    Cool? WE think so because, if you’re gonna play, PLAY!

    This has carried over, somewhat to our new Mercedes-Benz, where we both have matching yellow ‘chirts proclaiming “Keep Calm And Let Mercedes Handle It” with coordinating yellow Petronas F-1 AMG racing hats.

    Still the concept of matching gear, goes on. The S-Cargo’s is kept in abeyance until he’s out of the shop … later on, I hope, this summer.

  2. RainMeister says:

    It was sometime in the late ’70s or early ’80s. Nissan were in the midst of a decade long run of success in international rally racing, most particularly at the East African Safari Rally. They were racking up victories with factory-prepared rally Zs, 510s, Stanzas and Silvias. Leading the charge was the legendary Shekhar Mehta, a five time winner of his home race in Kenya beginning in 1973 behind the wheel of an equally legendary red and black 240Z.

    I had seen an image of the bespectacled Shekhar posing atop his battered car with another victory trophy in hand. He and his co-driver were each wearing a red, white and blue t-shirt with the words “Datsun Rally” across the chest. It was another proud moment for Nissan Motorsport, and their PR department in Japan made sure this photo appeared in every domestic car enthusiast magazine and newspaper.

    At the time, my father worked for the U.S. arm of Nissan, and during a business trip back to Tokyo headquarters, I asked if he could get me one of these iconic t-shirts. To my surprise and delight, he was able to bring home a few in my size. How I cherished that t-shirt, only wearing it on special occasions. I once wore it in Japan, and people immediately recognized it, inquiring where they could buy one. Back then, car companies didn’t cash in on opportunities to sell branded merchandise like we have today, so it wasn’t available anywhere to be purchased. It made the t-shirt all the more special.

    Incredibly, a Google search for photos of this vintage shirt turned one up for sale on eBay by a seller based in the Ukraine! It can be found under “NEW! RARE Datsun Rally Vintage Japan T Shirt size M”. As I don’t know the seller, or how he got the shirt, I won’t be recommending anyone here to go buy it, but it looks exactly like the real article.

    As for Shekhar, after hanging up his driving gloves, he went on to become president of the FIA’s World Rally Championship Commission. He would pass away in 2006 at a still young age of 60, but his legend and the t-shirt lives on in various YouTube videos of the all-conquering Nissan Safari rally cars. If you’re interested, there is a very nice piece on his life written by his former navigator which you can read here: https://rallysportmag.com/retrospective-shekhar-mehta-datsun-rally-star/

  3. Sammy B says:

    Easy…The Made in the 80s Loved by the Ladies shirt you guys make! I have an 84 Van, so seeing my ride on a shirt is a VERY rare treat. Selfish request…if you could make another batch with some XLs, that would be great 🙂 My dad bod has outgrown the Large I bought from you years ago when they first came out.

  4. Nigel says:

    It would have to be my BOSS Tag Hauer T shirt. Back in the 90’s about three times we where able to get into the Pit areas at the Molson Indy just by wearing that shirt and an OMP stop watch…(A pit pass always cost more).

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