QotW: What’s your best JNC photo?

It’s National Camera Day, so instead of a written answer this week we are seeking photos of JNCs. They don’t have to be of your car, taken today, or even good. As with the usual Answers of the Week, we will pick a winner based on entertainment value, whether it’s humorous, inspirational, or something that tugs at our heartstrings. It would be ideal if the photo told a story. If there’s a story behind the picture words are okay too, but remember, a picture is worth a thousand of them (side note: our website, which is so old it’s practically nostalgic itself, isn’t great for embedding photos, so feel free to copy/paste a URL link in the comments).

What’s your best JNC photo?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What did your dad teach you about cars?

We had many great stories from readers who learned valuable lessons from their fathers, like M Cruickshank‘s dad’s two words of infinite wisdom, “Buy Japanese!” or Vitor David‘s dad declaring Mitsubishis the Mercedes of Japan. Others, like Lupus and Angelo, told touching stories of how they were the ones to teach their dads about cars. Lee L and F31Roger had multi-generational tales of traditions learned from their fathers being passed onto their kids. These were all great, but we could only pick one, and the winner goes to lowspeedhighfun, who gave us a good laugh with this:


Dad was, and still, is a huge muscle car fan. I helped where his hands didn’t reach. Then we bonded through go-karts, which helped a lot in learning how to set up a chassis. Now I somehow got in to old Toyotas’ and been tracking and fixing them up for a few years now.

Sometimes I wish he would’ve gotten me intrested in something cheaper haha..

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25 Responses to QotW: What’s your best JNC photo?

  1. Ian N says:

    That’s great, but HOW DO I ATTACH A PHOTO?

  2. banpei says:

    I’ve taken so many photos of cars over the years. So many special or strange photos that it’s hard for me to pick just one. I managed to narrow it down to one car and it’s a sad story…

    The photo is of a scruffy looking zenki Nissan 200SX S14 in ruby pearl (paint code AL0)
    that I photographed way back in autumn 2009:

    I first spotted this S14 in August 2009 and it was in rough condition. It was clear the S14 had been standing there for a few months or maybe even a year. The last time I saw it was in October 2010 and within that short timespan it changed from a rough looking S14 to a scruffy looking car and finally to moldy rustbucket. The car was sent to the wreckers and I heard from reliable source it had been crushed immediately because the wrecker was disgusted by all the mold inside. No parts from this car were ever reused. This car was only 15 years old when I found it parked, so it’s resell value was next to nothing. Naturally if this would have happened today, people would put effort in finding its owner and saving the S14 from it’s inevitable destiny.

    It’s bizarre the S14 had been parked under that tree for this long. Firstly the Netherlands everyone likes to keep things neat and tidy, so a scruffy un-MOT-ed car like this would get a huge orange sticker slapped on it’s windshield by the local municipality to tell the owner to get it fixed or it will be towed. Secondly the people living in the house where the car was parked in front of (who were not the owners) didn’t complain to the municipality either. Thirdly the S14 was parked right next to the corner, while in the Netherlands it’s not allowed to park your car within 2 meters of a corner or else your car would be towed away.

    I love the photo for a two of reasons:
    1. I love the composition of the photo. Back then I wasn’t that experienced with car photography and this was one photo I could be proud of. The S14 is all covered in red leafs that fell down the tree it’s parked under. The ruby pearl hue appears to be in it’s natural habitat here. Maybe even camouflaged, just like it’s a cat hiding to jump on it’s next prey.
    2. The S14 was abandoned by someone and quickly deteriorated over the course of, at most, two years. I found this a good example of why many cars like the S14 disappeared so quickly from the streets: unloved, deteriorating and beyond (economic) repair.

  3. MWC says:

    My 81 BJ42, Nopiming provincial park. Fishing trip with my dad and my friend, Gem lake was a ‘fly in” destination and you either did that or walked through the portage trail carrying your canoe. The draw to fish in these remote waters as great, but due to heavy rains, we were not looking forward to hiking with all the gear on a muddy trail full of bears in north eastern Manitoba, mostly uncharted at this point, no cell phones, no radio, nothing.. “Let’s see how far we can make it in the crusher, we got a winch” were Dads words – we made it right to the lake and there was no room to unload – but we did…legendary TLC. Huge walleye, epic adventure.

  4. Angelo says:

    This was taken when I first took ownership of the car. We came back from the mechanic and went to a spot with an overlooking view. This was actually a stolen shot by my sister, when I was admiring the view while cooling down.


  5. Dave says:

    I don’t know if this disqualifies me, but I draw an NA Miata-inspired comic on Instagram, and one of the things I sometimes do is merge photos with my cartoon character.

    Here’s an image of how I picture my (real) Miata:

    And here’s an image of me doing the same for 4 other Mazdas:

    A few years ago, I visited Japan and I stumbled upon—for the first time in my life—this beauty:

    It’s an Isuzu 117 coupe, the original of which was designed by Giugiaro. Amazing design, especially with the very unconventional rear trunk: angled steeply with a step-down for the rear fenders.

    The other place I visited was Carland 86 outside of Kyoto, which is an AE86 specialty shop. There must’ve been at least 12 Truenos in their lot, looking to be in great to immaculate shape and being priced around $25k USD. If I could, I would:

    • Dave says:

      Oops, sorry about the double post. (See below.) It didn’t post right away and I thought the site blocked my links. So I reposted just 1 of the 4 photos. My bad!

  6. Ian N says:

    Photo of George Fury’s Datsun Violet 710 SSS taken 8th April 1977 at Rockingham, Western Australia during the Rally of the West – a round of the Australian Rally Championships, which he won (tied with Ross Dunkerton) that year. With the nickname of “Farmer George”, he was a farmer (quite a number of successful Aussie rally drivers were!) from New South Wales and later switched over to black-top, proving the viability of the Bluebird Turbos against the traditional Holdens and Fords.


  7. Dave says:

    I don’t know if this qualifies, but I visited Mazda’s Hiroshima HQ in 2018, took some photos, and then celebrated its 100th anniversary with a bit of photoshopping:


  8. Brad D. says:

    Ok, I’ll bite. Car photography is my favorite hobby outside of the cars themselves. Here are two of my favorites of my 1978 Colt Lancer.

    In the garage, looking forward to a spirited drive

    And after the drive with his back road friend, a 70s MGB belonging to a friend of mine.

  9. Boring beauty shot. I cal it “Car and Coffee”.

    1979 Accord LX 5-speed with early Watanabe 8Spoke and Kamei valance.


  10. After realizing that I don’t have many JNC shots in my collection (and something that I desperately need to change in near future) I found this one:
    AW11 taking a big ole bit from a cone and taking it for a romantic ride-along at a local autocross event last year

  11. Lupus says:

    I’m totally torn between two photos of my cars.
    #1 is the fore-last picture of my very first car, that i bought for schoolarship in highschool:

    #2 is IMO the best picture i’ve ever made of my second ever car, that i own for 13 year now:

    The ar.. where the same model Daihatsu Applause A101, zenki, FWD, MT.

  12. Christopher says:

    A recent pick of my S12 V6 after refurbishment: https://i.imgur.com/7kH4DIz.jpg

    • Long Beach Mike says:

      Wow. What a gem.

      One of the great things about photography is its ability to capture the beauty of a black car in the few minutes after you detail the finish and before it is dirty again. I say this as the previous owner of a black NSX that looked spectacular after a paint correction and detail…for about ten minutes.

  13. Lupus says:

    I totally torn apart between two photos of my cars.

    #1 is the forelast picture of my forst car ever, tha i bough in highschool for earnd schoolarship:

    #2 is the best photo i’ve ever made of my second car ever, that i own for 13 years now:

    They ar… where the same model, Daihatsu Applasue A101, zenki, MT, FWD. The Whitey was ’89, the Grey Aku is ’91.

  14. bryan kitsune says:

    The picture that first comes to mind is of my st165 Celica All-Trac “Aoshi”. The car I never should have sold.

    It was a fantastic car, not a spot of rust (as of 2005 when I sold it) even on the sunroof, yet I still drove it the way it was meant to be driven. That is, quite often on gravel roads kicking stones around and also in the snow. Ah, how Aoshi loved fresh snow.

    One fine winter morning, after a light snowfall of about 3-4 inches, Aoshi and I went on a snow excursion that eventually took us to my old elementary school. As we came around a corner behind the building I went heavy on the throttle, the turbo spooled and the back slid out effortlessly and in complete control, we proceeded sideways around the entire backside of the building through the empty parking lot. It felt glorious. The kicked up snow left a billowing white cloud in our wake. We only did one go around, as I didn’t want to get the neighborhood watch all up in a fuss.

    So I drove back home and took this picture. Among the “pure driving pleasure” memories I have, that’s probably the strongest, even though the experience probably lasted no more than 20-30 seconds. Most of my other driving memories are vague ideas of back country roads, and were certainly enjoyable, I don’t want to minimize them. This one of course had a picture to help encapsulate the moment.


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