QotW: What’s the worst mod you’ve ever seen on a JNC?

CB7-AE86 03
It’s SEMA week, and you know what that means. Steel yourself for an onslaught of the craziest custom cars blasted at you by every media outlet on Earth. Had enough of Lambo doors? Rims taller than a barstool? Paints so loud you can use them as a form of sleep depravation torture? Well too bad, because it’s all coming at you whether you like it or not. Which brings us to the question:

What’s the worst mod you’ve ever seen on a JNC?

The most recent assault on our senses popped up a few weeks ago on that virtual pit of despair known as Craigslist. Though this… this Accorolla? Corollord? may look more finished than many actual AE86s out there, why anyone think it was cool to graft a CB7 Honda front end onto a Corolla GT-S, we cannot even fathom. But as bad as this is, it’s probably not even close to the worst.

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a toy. Click through to see the winner of the last QotW, “Which car had the most entertaining celebrity spokesperson?

As usual, we had many great comments to pick from, but the winner this week is Bob, who first gave us the not-so-serious pick of an indifferent Roger Moore shilling for the 1982 Toyota Corona GT. Then Bob dealt the real winning comment, which came with the double punch of Eddie Murphy promoting the ST180 Celica and Tommy Lee Jones in a Seibu Keisatsu parody.

If we’re taking this seriously though: Eddie Murphy advertising the Celica.


He’s the polar opposite of Mr. Moore. He’s animated, he’s excited about the product (visibly), he seems like his usual Eddie Murphy self. He doesn’t look or feel forced- it’s smooth. He does a better job delivering a few select Japanese words than most American celebs do, and he’s just Eddie Murphy. You can’t ask for more- short of some sort of 48 Hours style chase with a bus maybe, but that wouldn’t really work here.

Honorary mention: Alien Tommy Lee Jones’ Seibu Keisatsu commercial for Boss Coffee. Not a car ad at all, but I can’t get enough of it. Too damn funny.

^this took an ETERNITY to find again, the link from the old JNC post is long gone.

Omedetou, Your comment has earned you a rare Hot Wheels x JNC Super Speeders mystery pack Mazda RX-7!


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33 Responses to QotW: What’s the worst mod you’ve ever seen on a JNC?

  1. cesariojpn says:

    Joe Isuzu, with over a decade of memorable commercials thru his lying teeth and illusions of grandeur got beat by a washed up actor and a commercial promoting canned coffee, not cars? The hell?

    • Ben says:

      Sorry, but as we state every week the winner is not necessarily the most “correct” answer, but the most entertaining (or sometimes inspiring).

    • The Black CRX says:

      Joe Isuzu is not a celebrity, he’s a character played by an actor. David Leisure might have become a minor celebrity as a result of the role, but Leisure never appeared as himself in the ads. “Joe Isuzu” was a brilliantly played fictitious send-up of a slimy pitchman, but that wasn’t the question.

  2. Brian says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever seen one, but I know, out there somewhere, there is a donked out Cressida or AE86. I don’t want to be proven right….

  3. James says:

    most certainly the ricing of an ae86. i mean, a jdm car is already fairly ricey, but adding a paper mache body kit with a GT wing mounted on the roof tops it off (quite literally)


  4. E-AT_me says:

    I saw the Accorola. To be honest, i was truly amazed at how well it “worked”. Still ugly, but not the worst thing i have seen in the world..

  5. TE72_Sunny says:

    Ugh! I can’t stand the sight of that “Accorolla”… The owner of that car belonged to the same car club I once joined here in Newark, NJ. He had such a big ego and swore he was driving an exotic car, I personally thought it was dumb looking. If you thought that was bad, the car club was worse. There we’re at least 25 members in this club, and the ones running it were the shadiest people ever. They always mentioned help and unity, but only cared for their own. Did I mention how aweful their color scheme were? Safety yellow shirts… Seriously!? If it weren’t for those JNC and Ratsun members who gave their 2 cents and provided me with great info and parts, I probably wouldn’t have my cars they way they look now.

    • L.A.M says:

      I know exactly who and what you are talking about, the best part is that I posted this picture on the jnc forum. 😉 I am happy to have effectively avoided these guys haha
      Its also good to know there were still people in NJ that could help you out. I am still looking for Cressida gurus myself

  6. dankan says:


    Unless someone is using airbag suspension (and the overwhelming majority aren’t) then colossal frame and other damage is inevitable. It’s unsafe, moronic and makes the car drive poorly. And the fact that its become so ubiquitous is a really sad comment on the number of people more interested in posing than driving cars.

  7. invinciblejets says:

    Wow that corolla I bad but for me modern wheels are the worst on jnc’ s…..

    Oh and that Eddie Murphy celica Is a st182 not 162

  8. Bart says:

    Erector Set spoilers from AutoZone and fart pipes are my most hated. 🙂

  9. art ferrer says:


    By far the worst mod I have ever I mean ever seen is this celica serious wth were these people thinking! I mean yea our early first gen celicas are a dime a dozen right (sarcasm) honestly I tjonk high lifted vehicles should stay in there own section with the trucks if your gonna lift a car and put humongo tractor tires and give it a 6 foot lift at least do it on something that there’s plenty of (like a 92 honda civic) I mean it really upsets me when you see old nostalgics being wasted I mean that “mod” if you wanna call it that is like putting lipstick on a pig there’s no gain in value from that its not gonna make it run any faster or bump of the value of the pig or even make the pig any tastier anyways back to the subject yea 6 foot lifted 1stgen celica is a no no

  10. pete says:

    A flat black te72 wagon with chrome 19’s and a sound system.

  11. Alvin says:

    Any fart can of any sort on any car, not just Japanese cars. I especially see them on Civics.

    They don’t sound good and it just makes me think their mufflers are punctured. Plus it doesn’t make them any faster. It just makes me get out of their way faster so I don’t need to hear their muffler.

    • j3wman says:

      Yeah those cheap quality ones are rubbish but the original Apexi N1 exhaust (almost impossible to find) actually wasnt a bad exhaust.

  12. townofsorrow says:

    When I read this question, I started to think to my self, where do I start?

    I dug up some old pics from the archives and living in Sydney, Australia I have seen alot of bad mods to a JNC.

    I cannot choose between the following two.

    A RX3 dual cab convertible. By the looks of things that Is a genuine rx3 wagon.


    A RX7 with these tailights.

    Both of these are by far the worst mods I have seen on a JNC and thats saying something as I have seen some really bad things out there.

  13. j3wman says:

    thats the worst that OP posted its my 2 favorite cars gafted into a horrible creature. its like Sean Connery’s Beard put onto Billie Pieper’s face. Everything is ruined!

  14. Randy says:

    I actually kind of like the Toyonda(?) Accorolla(?). I grabbed the picture and blew it up, and it looks like the body lines all line up. It reminds me of the Infiniti M30 of the mid-to-late-’80s. Maybe the Corolla was wrecked and they couldn’t reasonably get the parts? Whatever – I’m okay with it. Different wheels, though.

    Not a fan of the chopped-top wagon. Now, maybe if they’d made it a 4-door pickup, like a Baja, then maybe, but make it more finished.

    Ferrarri-esque taillights on that RX-7? Eh. If you’re going through all that work, how about recessing lights into the bodywork?

    That “poser-mobile”(?) would be the worst I’ve seen. I see potential there, but it needs a lot of UNdoing.

    Have to agree about the crapped-out Civics with the fart cans, usually primered and covered with stickers. They’re usually flourescent green… (One pulled up next to me at a stop light. I smoked him and his girlfriend in a showroom-stock Scion xA.) I wouldn’t mind doing a recent/dirt common Civic with a body kit, but make it look like it COULD HAVE come from the factory like that. ADD CHROME! 🙂

  15. Walter says:

    I would vouch for any Japanese classic (sports)car receiving a non-Japanese engine while doing an engine-swap! Why? It simply does not make any sense at all!

    In the last years many people started converting RX-7s, Silvias, Supras, Corollas with the American V8s like the LS1. Cheap engine, loads of power but no hero.
    Same goes for the 6 cylinder BMW M50 engine: another swap that does not really put a heart in your general 180SX/200SX/240SX or AE86. Yes it will do the job but nobody will really think it is awesome.

    If you really want to swap a V8 into a Japanese classic (sports)car there are plenty of JDM V8s (Toyota 1UZ-FE, Nissan VH45DE) that will allow you to do the same job with a real heart for JDM.

    • dankan says:

      But why does JDM matter? If I’m not going for authenticity, but just for over-powered fun, then I would just seek out the best, cheapest motor to put in the best, cheapest chassis.

      I would love to see something really silly like an F20C in a Toyopet Crown, or an entire modern Fiat 500 Abarth drivetrain in a Suzuki Sambar.

      • Walter says:

        If you are not going for authenticity, sure, fine, drop in that LS1 and create your Frankenmobile. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that if you don’t go for authenticity. Similar to Accorolla/Corollord in the example in the blog post.

        The question was what’s the worst mod you have seen on a Japanese Nostalgic Car and for me that is transplanting an alien engine. Sure I don’t mind a S20 swap on a hakosuka, or a RB26DETT in a 240SX/Silvia S14, F20C swap into a Toyopet Crown or even a 1UZ-FE in the Motorfix KE70 Corolla.

        • j3wman says:

          I wouldnt be caught dead in a JNC with an american V8, yeah a Fiat 500 engine in a Sanbar isnt JDM but it doesnt ruin the feeling of the car like a V8 into a JNC does, take out the effecient light Japanese engine and put in a heavy gas guzzling dinosaur?

          Id rather have a SA22 RX7 with 80HP than a SA22 with a Vortec with 285 hp. The old wenkel made 80 hp per litre versus the 53 the vortec did and it was less!

  16. ags130 says:

    On jnc’s, I believe the worst possible thing you could do is to put a rim larger than 17″. I have an s130 and I cringe every time I spot a JNC with 18’s thin walled tyres. Generally it’s a common practice in the area’s surrounding where I live in Brisbane, Australia. I even get comments from older folk that come into the auto store where I work saying that its refreshing to see the originality of keeping it stock, it brings them back to when they purchased their z/zx back in the day.

    In short original is becoming an originality.

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