QotW: What’s in your JNC glove box right now?

Ah, the glove box. Gone are the days when driving gloves were a thing, and so few actually store gloves in there now. Now, the little compartment on the dash is more likely to contain an owner’s manual, maybe a writing instrument of some sort. We suppose the days of paper maps are gone, but what else is this compartment good for?

What’s in your JNC glove box right now?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What car would Japanese Knight Rider drive?

We had some great runners up this week, like dbdr‘s choice of a Subaru XT, or エーイダン‘s suggestion of the Mazda RX-500 concept. Jeremy A. got oh-so-close with his pick of the A60 Toyota Supra, but in the end it was Rotsun77 who won, not because he proved the producers right with the 280ZX, but because of his hilarious 80s references:

I know its blatant but an all black 280ZX Turbo is the obvious answer. What better car is there from the JNC world to capture that quintessential painfully 80’s flare and enough forced induction based blacked-out badassery to but any malaise era blue oval or bow tie pony car to shame?

The 280ZX Turbo is essentially the automotive embodiment of a gold medallion hanging on Drakkar Nior soaked leather jacket with a perm. Literally the best Kit candidate from the land of the rising sun.

Omedetou! Your comment has earned you a set of decals from the JNC Shop.

JNC Decal smash

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15 Responses to QotW: What’s in your JNC glove box right now?

  1. Oscar Carrera says:

    Coincidentally I still keep a set of gloves if it’s necessary to pull them out when having to do some roadside wrenching or helping someone out with their vehicle (wouldn’t want to touch the interior with grime filled hands). Especially when it comes to an older vehicle, expect the unexpected. Along with that I keep a flashlight, tire pressure gauge, headlamp, napkins, a Nissan post-it pad, two pens, and an extra 8mm and 10mm box end wrench. Can’t always have all the tools necessary for roadside troubles but the glove compartment still has it’s purpose. Well at least mine does haha.

  2. Kiran says:

    In my Cordias glovebox I have a 10mm socket,Cordia shop manual,a big ole Swiss army knife from the 80s and a cheap pen I’ve had for many many years now(Fun fact I actually keep some driving gloves in the Cordia but it’s kept in a little storage thing next to the steering wheel)

    In the GTO there is the owners manual,a go pro I was searching for and a old Roadtax sticker for some reason.

    In my recently acquired Alto RS/R there is a recently purchased scan tool(that works surprisingly well) another 10mm socket,a screwdriver and the original owners manual+service booklet.

  3. TommyGUN says:

    Registration and insurance – nothing else. Seriously, not even napkins can fit in that puny tiny little space (92 Prelude) ?

    • Trung says:

      I feel your pain, I have a pen in there that barely fits. The good thing about that pen is it keeps the glove box from rattling.

  4. Nigel says:

    In my 99′ Civic there was a Dial type tire pressure gauge, a maglite and 2 kg of paper.
    (Receipts, Canadian Tire money, and stuff). Now all that resides in the Mazda 2.

  5. Randy Hone says:

    I have a pair of driving gloves, my Hagerty Insurance policy, spare Serengeti driving glasses, sunscreen (wife’s), spare change US and CDN.

  6. Dillan says:

    In the glovebox of my FC RX7 right now I have; the owners manual, reg and insurance, a pen, screwdrivers (flathead and phillips), a small ratchet with a 10 and 12mm socket, usb charger wires, sunglasses, electrical tape, tire pressure gauge, gopro mount and a speed pass for the track that I race at. When your car is completely gutted, your glovebox becomes your only place for storing things so I usually end up shoving whatever I need in there. FCs have pretty decent size gloveboxes so it works out pretty well, they also have little cupholders on the inside of the door of the glovebox which I have never seen before, I wouldn’t try to use them when moving though.

  7. Tim says:

    I wonder if an “Element” fire extinguisher would fit in my 240’s glove box? Right now, it’s empty.

  8. Banpei says:

    In the AE86’s glovebox I only have the original auction sheet. It was put there by the auction inspection and I’ve been taking it out and putting it back in ever since. No real good reason to do that, except that otherwise that sheet of paper is lingering around in the car. 😉

    In the Carina I have a set of spare lightbulbs, 10mm socket, a pack of wipes and a Tomica Vintage Neo miniature version of the car in the exact same hue. I put it there after my last classic meeting and haven’t bothered to put it back in my collection. Besides that I have to comply to Mr. Regulars’ “this is my toy car, this is my real car” meme. 😛

  9. Lupus says:

    I keep my Dai’s glove box gloves. They come in handy when i’m installing wooden Italvolanti Admiral steering wheel. And for looking more badass 😛
    Currently the problem is that most people associate this part of gear with Winding Refn;s “Drive” & (very nice by the way) Goslings role. But i’ve used them long before the film was made…
    What’s beside gloves finds place in my glove box? Some cassettes with period correct music (Roxette, Right Said Fred, Mayday Compilations, Peter Maffay), small bottle of Joop! fragrance, condoms, car’s pink-slip & insurance and a cheap pen with Toyota logo.
    I also keep a paper atlas of Europe in car. It lies under the rear carpet.

  10. Rory says:

    In my ’88 Cressida’s glove box I keep the following; a pair of driving gloves, a stick type tire pressure gauge, the original ’88 Cressida manual, my moleskin service history journal, and a pen from my old Ferrari parts job to inscribe upon said book. Inside the journal I also keep my vehicle registration, my proof of insurance, and finally a photo of my long time girlfriend. Sometimes the cigarette lighter is in there too, when I’ve got the radar detector installed ?.

  11. Tedman says:

    Well, since you asked, I had to go and look in my 510 glove box. For starters, I found some stuff no one uses anymore. Fold out paper maps from AAA. Actual hand written directions on a piece of paper. A solar powered calculator. I also found some basic tools like a combo blade/phillips screwdriver and a shirt pocket style tire pressure gauge. Then there’s a roll of yellow electrical tape. Some spare tail lamps. Tissues. A Nature Valley granola bar, and a Koni shock adjuster knob. But by far the best thing in my glovebox is a Speed Racer sunglasses case! I can’t even remember where I got it, but it now holds spare fuses, extra lugnuts and an open end wrench. I like to think that Pops Racer would be proud that I’m so prepared…


  12. Aaron says:

    The glove box of my rt104 Corona has a collection of services records, magnetic torch, leatherman multi-tool, pocket knife, screwdriver, electrical tape and a Gregory’s Street Directory of Sydney from the year 1978.

  13. Madis Müür says:

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