QotW: What would you put in a JNC theme park?

A few weeks ago we asked what you would put in a Mitsubishi theme park. It’s something worth considering since the Mitsubishi Group is actually building one. But that may have been too restrictive. Today, October 16, happens to be the 100th anniversary of Disney, so we’re giving you a blank check to build your own JNC theme park with whatever attractions you can dream up. Will there be an arcade with every driving game ever made? A Watanabe-shaped ferris wheel? A roller coaster that simulates a race on the Shuto?

What would you put in a JNC theme park?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your favorite Japanese truck?“.

We loved seeing the diversity in the answers this week. They ranged from barely-a-truck car-based cargo haulers like Art‘s Mazda Porter Cab or Fred Langille‘s Nissan S-Cargo to actual commercial-license-required rigs like Lakdasa‘s Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter or RX626‘s Geijyutsumaru dekotora.

In between there was everything from GeorgeL‘s Nissan Sunny Truck to Taylor C.‘s D21 Hardbody, which is now making a sort-of comeback, to Alan‘s fabled Toyota Dyna 200 High Mobility Vehicle.

The winner was a hard one to pick, but in the end we gave it to Dave Patten‘s choice of an incredibly rare car that should have far more of a spotlight considering how nuts people are about vintage Datsuns, the V520 Van:

1966 Datsun V520 Van with single headlights. Never sold in North America.

The “Van” name is a little misleading, as it conjures up images of a box. The reality is it looks more like a 2d station wagon, similar in styling to a Chevy Nomad. The 520 Van uses the nose and doors from the 520 pick-up, but with a full length station wagon style body. I has sliding rear side windows for the backseat passengers, when the rear seat isn’t folded down for added cargo space.

Often confused as a version of the 410/411 Bluebird Wagon, but the Van is a truck using the 520 truck chassis and driveline. 1300cc J13 engine with a 4 speed and 4.875 rear end gears. No speed demon, but it was never intended to be.

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8 Responses to QotW: What would you put in a JNC theme park?

  1. Lakdasa says:

    Manga, Gran Tourismo, Sushi and Cars are what come to mind when you think of Japan. For a theme park you cannot forget those things. Since its a JNC theme park let stick with what cars we can stick with. I would have double roller coasters that race each other as in Takumi in his AE86 and Bunta (with Bunta’s cutout in the front with a cigarette in hand and the other steering the car) in the Subaru Impresa. Water slides with those uncommon concept cars of different shapes. Arcades with all generations of Gran Tourismo games (with the full rigs for the experience). For the test of strength games you can have an indestructible Toyota that you have to hit with the hammer. All transport inside the park to be done on buses with Cosplay kits.

  2. Geoff says:

    A whack-a-mole game presenting random fenders to the player, where they use a mallet to find the rust holes.

    • Land Ark says:

      MegaWeb, but with only JNCs. Have a giant multi floor showroom and allow people to drive their dream halo cars around the short track. And don’t forget the gift shop where you can buy all the Hobby Japan, Ignition Models, and Tonica Limited Vintage models your budget can allow. So basically a larger version of History Garage with the ability to drive the cars.
      And if I’m in charge, the JR Pass will work at the closest station!

  3. Frank G. says:

    A house of horror that haunts you with the ghosts of concepts never built… Nissan MID-4, Nissan IDx, Mazda RX-9 and inline six sedan, Honda Urban EV… the list goes on and on….

  4. Lee L says:

    Kei truck roller coaster that goes through a bunch of different terrains including city, mountain togue, desert, and artic tundra.

  5. Franxou says:

    I might be off a little bit, but instead of dreaming about what would I put in a JNC theme park, I went wild with what could the JNC theme park actually be:

    What if, instead of arriving, and then walking in this theme park, you drove in it? What if, instead of being gifted a Mick-eh Moose headpiece with ears and stuff to visit this theme park with, you were being loaned the JNC of your choice to drive for the day?

    Instead of the usual theme park attractions, you get to drive that JNC in the area of your liking! Beach boulevard, late night wangan run, mid-day summer in a rural village, with the actual field to drive into, if you chose a vehicle able to! You chose an adorable Subaru Sambar to plow the field? Why not! You chose an adorable Subaru Legacy RS Turbo to plow through the field? Why not!

    Choose your mood, choose your area, time of day, drive fast, drive slow, or just sit and take a sip of your drink while looking at your glorious JNC in the perfect light!

    Of course, there is racing! What kind of racing? Circuits! Kart tracks! Banked corner speedway! Road courses! City courses! Rally stages! Forest roads! Sand bank! Driveable beaches! Offroad parks!

    The first Shinkansen apparently entered service in 1964 (Japanese Nostalgic… Carriage?), a reproduction road is here, wanna race it? RACE IT!

    Want to change car during the day? Of course! Bring back your Datsun 240Z and take the, what did you say? Oh! The Isuzu Impulse, nice choice! Suzuki Samurai? Yes! Honda CRX, Legend Coupe? Yes, yes! Toyota S800, Celica GTS, Corolla AE86? Yes, yes, yes!

  6. dankan says:

    Ok, I think the ultimate Japanese theme park would have to be something that reflected Japanese cars and culture. So, this is a bit wacky, but basically, I think I’d create a real-life Animal Crossing, but instead of providing houses for people, you’d be building cars to create a model line-up. Each character would come to you with their situation, and you’d create the cars that fit their life. Instead of an island, it would be a giant factory, run by a mysterious and capricious owner character…

  7. Jonathan P. says:

    Late night last minute brain came up with this simple little idea: one of those posing-for-a-photo stand things. It could be a cutout that you stick your head through, or a one of those photo things where you dress up in character for it, but Bosozoku. Like a bosozoku car you dress like a delinquent and pose next to.

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