QotW: What will you ask Japanese Santa Claus for this year?

Toyota Automobile Museum Christmas

Little known fact: Japanese Santa Claus lives in Hokkaido and has a team of magical Sanrio animals that can make any car part your little heart desires. If you’re a good boy or girl, he can deliver them via a flying Hino flatbed pulled by eight Sika deer and one extremely loyal Akita with a red floppy ear.

What will you ask Japanese Santa Claus for this year?

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW,”What was the greatest single year for Japanese cars?” 

1969 Isuzu Bellet MX1600

The answers you supplied broke down around two very distinct eras. The first was around 1969-72, right before the fuel crisis. The second was 1989-1992, the peak of the Bubble Era. The winner was Tom Westmacott:

The Bond-girl stunning Toyota 2000GT, and its cute kid brother the Sports 800. The iconic Hakosuka Skyline GT-R, the sleek PS30 Z432 stablemate with which it shared the legendary S20 racing engine, and the wind-in-your-hair Fairlady Roadster. The revolutionary Mazda Cosmo 110, the racy Isuzu Bellett GT-R, and the screaming Honda s800. All these and more can be yours, if you set your time machine to the magical year of 1969.

Omedetou, your comment has earned you a set of decals from the JNC Shop!

JNC Decal smash

Image: Toyota Automobile Museum

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13 Responses to QotW: What will you ask Japanese Santa Claus for this year?

  1. sedanlover says:

    Dear Japanese Santa Claus,
    My name is Andy and I’ve been a good boy all year. I purchased my first AE86! Now I’ve also got a 2000 Toyota Hilux dual cab to tow it, thanks to it’s 3.0D.

    For christmas, I’d love the time to work on my new project car. I’d also love to find it a proper home for the hot days and cold nights. It needs a garage Santa! Show me the perfect house to buy so my wife and I can keep our stable of Toyota’s safe & clean.

    Hopefully I’m awake to see you fly over my place down under. But make sure your Hino has good A/C, cause it’s bloody hot here on the Gold Coast.

    xo Andy.

  2. Ant says:

    Dear Japanese Santa,

    Some JNC decals would make a great stocking-filler, but failing that…

    If you could help me source some RS Watanabe F8Fs in 14×6.5, 4×100 and ET35, that would be perfect. I’m not asking you to craft them, nor try and squeeze a set down the chimney, but they’re difficult to get hold of in the UK. I’m sure with your contacts in Japan we could come to some kind of Christmas agreement.

    I’ll keep an eye out for your flying Hino. It’s in full Dekotora style, right?


  3. John M says:

    Dear Japanese Santa,

    Just wanted to clarify about my request. I tried to send it to you in Japanese, so it would be easier to understand, but something may have gotten lost in translation. My holiday wish was for two Fairladies dashing along a touge on a snowy Christmas Eve, but I think google sent it as an all-nighter with two hookers and a mountain of nose candy. Apologies if there was any confusion with Pat O’Brien’s request.

    Happy Holidays to the JNC team and all the fellow JNC enthusiasts!

  4. Scotty G says:

    Dear Japanese Santa,
    I would like…er, wait, did you say that a person has to be a good boy first? Never mind..
    (just kidding..)..

    I would love a 1971 Toyota Corolla 2-door wagon, a Subaru 360 Young SS, a Subaru Justy 4WD (5-speed, of course), several other vintage / nostalgic Subarus of your choice. And, of course, world peace, no wars, no more hunger, yadda yadda.. and all of that stuff, too.. But, first, the Subarus, please!

    Happy Holidays, and, thanks to JNC for such a great escape from the real world. Or, at least, the real world that most of us live in, which is relegated to dreaming about all of the great vehicles shown here here every day!

  5. Greylopht says:

    Dear Japanese Santa,

    As I am sure you know, or have heard this year has been rewarding, and rough all things considered. Reviving one of the EA82’s and then having a accident in the other, quickly followed by being run off the road in the Legacy by a semi at 6am. Has proven to be quite stressful. So for the year, it has not been bad. Just quite trying and with the other circumstances of life and loosing ones home. There really is only one thing I would wish for. Quite a simple and small thing.

    Just parking for the four sister EA82’s until summer. I have the SVX stored, and the Legacy soldiers on as always. But the sisters need parking or I will be forced to sell them and that is not a outcome any would ever wish.

    Thank you forever for all the joy you have brought and given me this holiday already.


  6. Brett says:


    To: Japanese Santa
    Fr: Shelf-Elf No. 6128-6128
    Re: Brett – Sydney, Australia (Subject)


    In 2014 I was tasked with the further monitoring of Subject (after the early retirement of Shelf-Elf 1666, as a result of the unfortunate events at last years Sleigh Return Wine and Cheese night).

    Periodic surveillance commenced in Jan 2008 when Subject came to notice by an anonymous report (ref: Memorandum Shelf-Elf 1666/1) after a sustained period of escalating poor behaviour involving an obsession with small European Fords. By Jan 2010 his Ford collection numbered 5, and you accepted a recommendation (ref: Memorandum Shelf-Elf 1666//4) for increased surveillance by permanent Shelf-Elf placement, to determine whether intervention by present withdrawal, or a reference for Corrective -Elf action, was warranted. Up until the withdrawal of Shelf-Elf 1666, there were some signs of recovery, by the disposal of three of the Fords (ref Memorandum Shelf-Elf 1666/3), although the recovery was partial at best, lacking the required re-focusing on JDM product.

    Because of the unusual circumstances of this case, the Shelf-Elf Observation Post (OP) was established in the garage. The additional cost of non-regulation OP placement was justified by increased data returns including Subject’s personal admissions recorded while working on the cars; although some are difficult to transcribe as the Subject tends to mutter, and often while under car, where for reasons that are unclear to JDM assigned Shelf-Elves, Ford owners seem to spend rather a lot of time.

    Summary Observations- 2015

    Subject has made significant progress in 2015, including:

    1. Transcribed observations showing growing dissatisfaction with Ford and the cost of parts;
    2. Disposal of the last two Fords, 1 by sale and 1 as a gift to a deserving recipient (Memorandum cc’d to Australian Santa for appropriate adjustments to 2015 delivery schedule)
    3. Increased JDM awareness through daily reading of Japanese Nostalgic Car (JNC) website;
    4. Daily browsing of classified ads for JDM product (perhaps bordering on on over-zealous).

    Assessment – 2015

    Subject has overcome the Ford obsession, and is now showing signs of appropriate JDM focus. Full transition to JDM focus likely on acquisition of JDM product or local Japanese offering.

    Naughty and Nice behaviours are re-balancing in favour of nice; Score 3.5.

    Cautionary Note: Subject’s spouse is NOT aware of new JDM focus and is NOT likely to be supportive.


    Subject’s recovery and progress should be rewarded by delivery this Christmas of a Subaru Brumby (Nth American: Brat)

    Additional Matters

    Upon assignment to Subject I found that Shelf-Elf 1666 had left the OP dirty and in disarray. I also found certain materials that are prohibited in the workplace and perhaps, if noticed earlier, might have forewarned the unfortunate behaviours that were acted out by Shelf-Elf 1666 at the Sleigh Return Wine and Cheese Night and lead to disciplinary action and his early retirement. A revision of the OP Audit Schedule and Procedures with a focus on identifying places where proscribed materials might be concealed is suggested for Japanese Santa’s consideration.

    This Recommendation is supported by Senior Supervising Shelf -Elf (JDM Team) 1961. Comment: Japanese Santa, the recent behaviour of Shelf-Elf 1666 has reflected very poorly on the whole JDM team. Increased OP Audit and revised procedures are necessary to prevent any recurrence.

  7. Kev says:

    Dear Japanese Santa,

    I was wondering if for Christmas I could ask for a NOS set of 80s wheels for my JNC. I know it may be a tall order, but hopefully one of your Sanrio minions could take a peak in your toy warehouse. You know, that dusty corner that no one really goes to anymore? Perhaps under a pile of Bozozuku body panels you might find a few forgotten boxes. I really want a set Southern Ways / Epsilon Mesh circa 1982, with an Impul Pro-mesh aero cover and cap. Orrrr if you don’t have any left then how about some 1988 Speed Star EX-C NEO’s with ratcheting electron lock cap? If you cannot find either then I suppose I can settle on some SSR Longchamps 😉

    Thank you and Merry Christmas.

    Your pal,

  8. Doreamon says:

    I’ve been a nice boy this year.
    Nice JDM Nissan Bluebird Coupe 510 and I’m the happiest grown up kid in the world 😀

  9. Lupus says:

    Dear Japanese Santa,

    You may think of me as of the very last. When You fullfill everyone elese’s wishes and make they dream presents show under the Christmas Tree take under consideration me and my fellow Grey Daihatsu… Take us both on Your way back home, to Japan. I wish so much to let my car visit Kyoto again. The place where His life begun. I don’t think i wil be ever wealthy enough to bring my Dragon there on my own. And i think He deserves it.

    Lupus LonleyDriver

  10. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Dear Santa-San,

    Find a red Autozam az-1 & you are most welcome to use it for the holidays before handing me the keys (just don’t race it…).

    Hayai Kozo

    P.S. Puuggghhleeeezzzz.

  11. Okiera29 says:

    Dear Santa,
    For Christmas this year, please bring me a OEM Driver’s side mirror for my 1976 Toyota Celica. I have a passenger’s side already. Toyota, in all its wisdom, would not sell me the driver’s side until I could prove the car was made in Japan. Even though I argued my heart out, they would not send it to me. When they finally realized their mistake, it was too late and all the OEM Fender Mirrors left in the US had been recalled to Japan.
    Now, my car sits mirror-less with one forlorn box sitting high on a shelf, like an elf. It moves occasionally, almost like it is looking for its’ lost mate. I know it is a lot to ask, but you could you please find it in your heart to reunite my poor mirror with a mate.


  12. Yella81celica says:

    So many car parts to choose from. I could go all out and ask for all the cool jdm stuff or even a new upgraded motor to swap with. But what I really want is a garage. Not a carport with a dirt floor, not garage that I am able to store my stuff in, not a garage with current family members stuff in it. Just a plain ol two car garage with just my car stuff. I miss having my garage.

  13. max says:

    i know it’s the 24 but i dont get any presents before the 25 at midnight
    but i wish i have a te27 with my name on it on christhmas. i want it to be painted
    in indigo ink pearl(the color of my old toyota echo, loved that blue!) i want a good
    ol 4agze with a 5speed and ae86 stuff.
    i’m not asking for much.

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