QotW: What was your favorite JNC commercial as a kid?

Last Friday, Ben posted my all-time favorite JNC commercial. The first time I saw it was while watching a sporting event on TV with my family. It was my first time seeing the Z32 and first time hearing Van Halen’s “You Really Got Me”. The commercial had my attention like never before. Remember when car commercials were fun and funny? What say you JNCers?

What was your favorite JNC commercial as a kid?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your best junkyard score of 2017?

Last week we talked about your biggest junkyard score of 2017. Geoff had an amazing tale of turning parts into a whole car (!), but alas since it was not at a junkyard it doesn’t qualify (but we do need more details).

80sHERO became my hero by saving another digi cluster (love those so much) and being kind enough to not knock out the previous wrencher to get at it. It amazes me how those clusters are not the first to get yanked.

This weeks winner is HotrodMinivan who found a rare EDM headlamp set for a ’93 Accord. The post speaks for itself:

I suppose my 5th gen Accord is officially nostalgic as they launched in 1993. I once got a really weird set of OEM headlights that shouldn’t exist.

The JDM CD Accord headlights had clear lenses with black (or chrome) guts. The European CD Accord had fluted lenses with chrome guts. (USDM lamps were totally different but looked similar to the JDM ones).

The set I found has the fluted European lenses with JDM black internals. They have the OEM Stanley markings and look to be have never been taken apart and painted.

My guess is they’re some weird prototype part that somehow made it to the outside world (All 5g Accord coupes and wagons were built in Ohio, regardless of where they were sold).

Omedetou! Your comment has earned you a set of decals from the JNC Shop.

JNC Decal smash

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14 Responses to QotW: What was your favorite JNC commercial as a kid?

  1. Chris Tonn says:

    ’96 is the year I graduated from high school, so I can’t lump Barbie/Ken into my “kid” days.

    Staying with Nissan, though, I must share the ubiquitous BLACK GOLD:

  2. Cesariojpn says:

    I’m gonna group the “I Love What You Do For Me……..TOYOTA!” ads. It encapsulates the 80’s Toyota’s in a nutshell long before the Hachi Roku became the symbol of 80’s Toyota.


  3. Easiest QOTW ever. This specific Joe Isuzu ad still gets airplay in my memory:

  4. xs10shl says:

    Aside from jumping out of my seat and cheering after seeing the Barbie and Ken Z commercial for the first time during the Super Bowl, I’m impartial to Joe Isuzu on the Autobahn. I’m a sucker for advertising which starts with misdirection, and ends with a big reveal.


  5. Banpei says:

    When I was in my teens (back in the early 90s) Princess Diana and Prince Charles were rumored to have broken up. I remember watching this (Dutch) Mazda commercial shortly after:
    The punchline (in Dutch) is that the Mazda Xedos 6 is the quietest car in the world. 😀
    Back then it was.a very daring commercial to do, especially mocking the royal family of another country must have been controversial. Back then I found it very funny and loved to see it multiple times on the TV. However after Diana’s tragic death I think it wasn’t _that_ funny anymore.

  6. MikeRL411 says:

    The Isuzu commercial where the oriental salesman was trying to teach a new hire how to pronounce Isuzu. The new guy just couldn’t get it right. The salesman then said “That’s all right, I can’t pronounce Cheboray.”

  7. Jason Ward says:

    Loved the Galant ad that ran when I was a kid

  8. Keith Measures says:

    Probably Isuzus ads for the 80s Gemini. Super great stunt work and just totally fun and out there weird. I have very fond memories of downloading this mash up of the ads off of limewire and sharing it with my friends back in the day. So good, glad its on youtube now.


    Also it helps that my older brother had a Pontiac Sunburst back in high school. Totally rad cars, hope I can find an iMark someday

    • dbdr says:

      This is my new favourite car commercial of all time. It has no information about the car, it’s just three and a half minutes of Geminis dancing. I can’t watch it for over 10 seconds without cracking up.

      Thanks for showing me this.

      • cesariojpn says:

        Thats not the original soundtrack to the commercial. The originals were using Classical Music which helped make the atmosphere.


        The song is from this Euro dance singer, which surprisingly enough, doesn’t have any Geminis. It has Chevrolet Corvettes!!

        • dbdr says:

          Yeah, I was kind of disappointed to find out the video is made from many different Gemini commercials. Still one of my favourite YouTube videos.

          On the other hand, I watched a “behind the scenes” video and was impressed that they actually did the stunts seen in the video! No CGI crap back in the day! 😀

  9. SHC says:

    Though not a childhood memory, I think this ad sums up my J-tin feelings on two and four wheels.

  10. bob dadd says:

    Who doesn’t want a fuel injected investment? This is my favorite since one of these was bought new in 1978 by my father.

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