QotW: What vehicle would you use to escape a war-torn hellscape?

It was a good five minutes we had between a global pandemic and a world order-realigning conflict that will likely plunge us back into a new cold — or maybe even hot — war. Our hearts go out to the people fleeing Ukraine right now, as well as those staying to fight. If it were possible we’d donate thousands of Land Cruisers, Pajeros, Jimnys, and whatever vehicles readers deem best of the situation at hand. Instead, we have donated to these worthy organizations. But if it were possible to donate cars…

What vehicle would you use to escape a war-torn hellscape?

The best comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What Japanese car would you build a lowrider with?

We had a few oddball suggestions, like Bryan Kitsune‘s Suzuki Cappuccino, Lee L.‘s kei van, or speedie‘s Subaru SVX, but It’s no surprise that boxy Japanese sedans tended to be the favorites. Among those, various generations of the boxy Toyota Cressida seemed to be the favorite, with fuel10922 nominating the X30, Nigel nominating the X60, Alan nominating the X70. All of these were excellent choices, especially and RX626‘s choice of the X70 Van, but we really loved Jonathan P.‘s out-of-the-box (no pun intended) thinking with the V20 Camry.

I have said this before, and I shall say it again. I have rolled it around in my head to make a Shakotan out of a V20 Camry and give it a kaido racer livery. I got this idea after I looked at some other Shakotans, Zokusha, and Kaido racers, and thought the body’s boxiness would work nicely for a Shakotan while simultaneously being a car that not a lot of people would think of for such a purpose (and perhaps being a cheaper option than the more sought-after cars).

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11 Responses to QotW: What vehicle would you use to escape a war-torn hellscape?

  1. FG says:

    There’s only one answer. Toyota Mega Cruiser. A Hummer with Toyota reliability? Mount a M2 Browning on the roof and make a run for the border. Or stay and mow down as many occupiers as you can.

  2. Lee L says:

    Top Gear already answered this in the Middle East Special. It’s obviously the Mazda Miata or MX-5.

    I can’t argue with Jeremy Clarkson.

  3. エーイダン says:

    Apache attack Helicopter. Simple as.

  4. Tygerleo says:

    My preferred vehicle is a small displacement dirty bike from Honda, to escape you need reliable and effiecent transport with all terrain capability. One of my friends has a dirty bike in his Manhattan apartment ever since September 11th in case something chaotic happening, and he also has a mountain bike in his office. His goal is to reach his farm 120 miles away in upstate New York. Note in NYC dirty bike is illegal.

  5. Jim Daniels says:

    I feel confident in my daily driver. It is not a world distributed vehicle as it is produced in and for distribution in the USA. It is larger than the vehicles mentioned and has a larger pay load and towing capacity. There is comfortable seating for five in the cabin. There is a 5.6 foot bed for hauling gear or people as needed in an emergency. There is a Snug Top XTR shell on the bed with roof rack. Inside the bed is lined with MOLLY racks, supporting Roto-Pac fuel and water cans, shovels, axes, ice axes, fire extinguisher, recovery straps chains and hardware. It it powered by a supercharged 5.7 L making 550 HP and 550Tq.with a Borla exaust supplying power to the front and rear axles with 4.30 gears and ARB air Lockers front and rear turning a set of 34 inch diameter BFG T/A KO2 and a front 3 inch and rear 1 inch lift keeping it low enough for good weight distribution with plenty of ground clearance. Apex Rock sliders for harry situations and an ARB air compressor for airing up tires and such. These vehicles are documented to have a million plus miles on them. I present to you my 2010 TOYOTA Tundra. It is not a mall crawler it’s the real deal and has spent countless hours in the rocky deserts and forested mountains in temps of -20 to 120.

  6. Mark F Newton-John says:

    Toyota Mega Cruiser, duh.

  7. Jonathan P. says:

    Well, I could go classic with an old Willys Jeep, or oddball it with a old VW Bug. Both out of a war, the Willys is known for it’s military history and handiness, and the old Bugs have a reputation of basically being fixed with duct tape and rubber bands.

  8. Andre says:

    As if people haven’t been fleeing that war-torn country for 8 years now. Oh yes, I forget, if it wasn’t covered by mass media then it didn’t happen. My bad.

  9. Christoph says:

    Something with enough space for the important stuff, 4wd just in case, and so old and boring that nobody is interrested in it.
    My choice would be my corolla 4wd wagon.

    Any big Offroader like a landcruiser or a megacruiser will probably be taken away from you on the way out…

  10. MikeRL411 says:

    A Bradley well equipped with ammo ./

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