QotW: What should be the last purely gasoline-powered car ever produced?

If the rumors are true, the upcoming and very limited MR2 will likely be the last Toyota powered solely by gasoline. All future models will either be a gasoline-electric hybrid, electric only, or hydrogen-powered (either fuel cell or hydrogen fuel). It might be the last gasoline Toyota, but it might not be the last gasoline car. What if other automakers followed Toyota’s plan to revive a limited-run model as a last hurrah to internal combustion?

What should be the last purely gasoline-powered car ever produced?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “Which Mitsubishi model is the most Mitsubishi?“.

If we combined all the comments from last week’s question, it would be a head-banging’ greatest hits album for the Triple Diamond band. Going way back to their earliest works was Richard, who recalled the original Colt Galant GTO. The 80s turbo era was represented by the Starion, as suggested by Crown and Joel. From the 90s Lee L nominated the Eclipse and Ryan S the Dangan ZZ. Even on a greatest hits album sometimes bands try to sneak in a new release that pales in comparison to their best tracks, and from the modern era Franxou reluctantly selected the Eclipse Cross. Of course, if we were to go back to the actual oldest, it would be Negishi no Keibajo‘s cheeky nomination of the Zero. The fan favorite, the “With or Without You” if you will, was the Mitsubishi 3000GT.  It was chosen by steve nLakdasa, and this week’s winner, Khoua Lee.

I’d vote for the 3000GT to be Mitsubishi’s most Mitsubishi. It’s an iconic Mitsubishi car. I think everyone that was into a Mitsubishi, knew about it. It was either the Eclipse or 3000GT that were pretty iconic and felt like they were the most ‘Mitsubishi’. The 3000GT’s iconic rear lights, side ‘vents’ and ‘sleek’ body made it pretty distinguishable to the other JDM sports cars.

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9 Responses to QotW: What should be the last purely gasoline-powered car ever produced?

  1. Franxou says:

    Sports cars!

    I hope the last purely gasoline-powered car ever produced is actually one sports car per carmaker, and that the tradition keeps going into our grandchildren’s lifetime!

    I am already on team electric for commuting and travelling (very reliable charging network in my province) and the invisible wave of torque pushing the magic CARpet without noise nor vibration is enjoyable in its own way, but I hope to see the gasoline engine going the same way as 2-strokes engined vehicles: outlawed to save the planet, they pretty much went extinct, but there is a small village of indomitable Austrians still holding out making 2-strokes MX motorcycles for everyone around the world to enjoy.

    Let’s do that for sports cars too, from budget to exotic.

  2. Alan says:

    “What should be the last purely gasoline-powered car ever produced?”

    The last car ever produced.

  3. Lakdasa says:

    I would say there will be a limited number of people who will still love the feel, sound and smell of a gasoline powered vehicle. I assume whoever has that taste will pay a premium to make use of it. Therefore it wont be a cheap city run about nor a proper off road nor a sports / super car as these things will be taken over by electric cars (in the future). So I assume the last of the gasoline powered car will be a niche product sold at a premium, something that incorporates the best of the gasoline powered (power, sound) tech plus aerodynamics, technology etc.

  4. daniel says:

    If it will be the last of its kind, I would like it to be a Mazda rotary, the reincarnation of the Rx-7 (I don’t mind if it is finally the Rx-Vision or a combustion-only version of the iconic SP) the demonstration once again of the tireless spirit of the people of Hiroshima to overcome even the worst and the maximum restrictions and a future without soul or personality.

  5. Taylor C. says:

    It better be a Mazda Miata or a resurrected Honda S2000. This is your last gasoline-powered car, you’d want the top down to fully appreciate that mill singing. Mazda put a lot of effort into fine-tuning that exhaust, My NA growls and burbles addictively. For the S2000, that last gasoline-powered engine should spin past 7000 RPM with more to go. I remember test driving an AP1 and seeing the digital dash light up the entire span; was just crazy, not to forget the screaming engine note that accompanied it. Yes, the top was down.

    I had thought about big American V8, or BMW V12, or forced induction engines, but I think there’s some magical about a normally-aspirated engine. And since we’re not talking about shoehorning different engines into different cars, I felt that an OEM car with top down would be best to enjoy the swansong.

  6. thatdirtykid says:

    To echo and add to what Franxou said, a sports car. Specifically a sports car that is designed with driver engagement in mind. Not chasing lap times but something that is built purely for the drivers enjoyment.
    From toyota the MR2 is a fun option, though I was really hoping they would bring back the Celica with a 2 door Corolla GR type drive train as homage to arguably one of their greatest motor sports entries the GT4.

  7. Martin says:

    It’s going to be a Miata. If it’s a JDM car then Miata. It’s always been powered by a small, high reving NA engine and through all its generations it’s been able to hold true to its roots as a drivers car. It’s been around for decades and not lost its identity.

  8. Rod Panhard says:

    Until every remote village in the third world has access to mass produced and cheap electricity, there will always be gasoline and diesel-powered cars and trucks. So the last gasoline powered vehicle is going to be something like a Hilux.

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