QotW: What JNCs would you like to see at SEMA?

Nissan Datsun 240Z OS Giken S30 02

The biggest aftermarket show in the world is taking place this week, and JNC is headed to the automotive circus. Last year Datsuns were hot and it seemed like the aftermarket was finally recognizing the Nihon classics. What’s next?

Which JNCs would you like to see at SEMA?

As always,  the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize.  Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What JNC would Dracula drive (and why)?” 

Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show 2010 - 53 Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86

The winner this week, through sheer artistry of the written word, is Sedanlover, who spins a chilling yarn just in time for All Hallow’s Eve.

Count Dracula. Aged 585. He’s seen it all. Been through the ages and sampled many a young blood. But he’s getting on a bit now. Almost 600 years. He doesn’t leave the castle much these days and has a trusty butler to bring home unsuspecting victims every other Wednesday.

He does however, remember a time when automotive technology was surging. The 1980’s. It was also a free-for-all when it came to sucking blood. So many teens were fascinated by his story, they almost begged to be another victim. I mean this was a good time for old Drac. He became famous almost over night. The subject of many hit movies and TV shows.

It was one Friday night in 1986 that he was stalking patrons at a bar. He watched one drunk car salesman trying to impress some ladies with the latest “sporty” Toyota Corolla. It was an AE86 Trueno. The new car glistened in the glow of the street lights. The salesman made sure the vehicle was detailed that day, as he “often picked up ladies with the shiny new cars”. Dracula hung around in the shadows a little longer than usual just to hear how pathetic this guy’s routine was. Needless to say, he had to make a move soon, because three tasty humans could easily turn into one if this guy kept talking. The girls were lingering long enough for The Count to satisfy his hunger three fold.

But instead of disappearing into the night like every other time, vampire king found himself caressing the lines of this little hatch. He was drawn to it. Not many material items made him curious, but this car had a certain gravity to it. He liked the two-tone paint scheme, White on Black. He thought it matched his sometimes swinging moods well. With a flash, he was sitting in the drivers seat, hands on the wheel. He turned the key and heard the 16 valve motor fire up. He was hooked.

That night proved to be one that would stick with him. He still owns that car and often likes to go for spirited Wednesday night drives through the hills of his home town. He always feels more alive after a few pints of young blood.

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JNC Decal smash

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15 Responses to QotW: What JNCs would you like to see at SEMA?

  1. Tim says:

    Something AWD. Doesn’t really matter what. FR is done to death. Show me something REALLY rare!

    • Tim says:

      Not only was there the AWD RX7, they also had a 3000GT with a ’99 front end/side skirts and a first-gen spoiler.

      This tickles me greatly. A ’91 3/S is now 25 years old, which makes it a “classic” car. Which means I own a JNC again finally!

  2. SHC says:

    I’m not sure SEMA is ready for a serious JNC entry as yet. A Supra, a Integra TypeR and two Hyundai’s were represented in final build off category. None of which made the final cut. Personally I’d hate to see a “rare” JNC car modified to the extent needed to even compete at SEMA. Besides I feel there is still a certain amount of bias against JNC based vehicles at major shows where American/European cars are also represented.

    • Yuri says:

      SEMA isn’t really a competition. Rather it is a gathering of manufacturers showing off their new products. Sure there are things like the Gran Turismo awards (which would hint that maybe there was a Japanese bias in judging rather than a domestic one) but that’s just a thing that’s done on the side. A JNC would not have to be heavily modified for SEMA.
      Just having more JNC’s at SEMA is good, since it shows aftermarket manufacturers are focusing more on our cars, whether it’s performance hardware or restoration pieces.

    • Gary says:

      Your closing line is the very reason why JNC based vehicles need to be at SEMA!

      JNC based cars have a heritage worthy of putting alongside the US and European based vehicles…the longer we stand aside the greater the risk to the survival rates of the vehicles we love.

      Sadly we need to admit to ourselves first that our vehicles need to have a ‘mainstream’ following to ensure their survival against the ravages of the crushers, the eco/enviro movement and bone headed legislators.

      There’s no reason why SEMA couldn’t have a range of JNC based exhibits from mild V8 conversions into older sedans to wild modified recent model cars…

  3. mister k says:

    motor swaps z cars like the os giken power for z car garage but mostly stock body & chassis

    but as far as foose type builds ZERO, NADA, ZILCH
    stop ruining things, sema

  4. Dankan says:

    I find SEMA a pretty ridiculous thing as it is. So, to be completely subversive and ignore the entire point of the thing, I’d like to see them take a current-year base Corolla, and make only mild, functional changes which make the car more fun to drive for under $1000 total budget.

  5. Sedanlover says:

    Haha! I’m so excited I won the “Comment of the week” for my Dracula story. Thanks guys!

    Now, what JNC would I want to see at SEMA this year?

    I think they should go with the Toyota Corolla 50th birthday celebrations and have like a row of early model KE Corollas from all the tuning sectors lined up. One for Drag (you can just picture those crazy Puerto Rico drag cars there). One for Street. One for the bone stock restoration guys. Even one for the sleepers. I know that old Toyotas are always a popular choice for these guys. What about Hill Climb? Hell, they could even do a grass roots drift car (KE70 would be popular).

  6. Cesariojpn says:

    Take a cue from muscle cars and trucks: NOS/Patent parts from fenders to hoods to whatever. Several JNC’s have such a big following, and parts are desperately needed.

    • Yuri says:

      Not to mention brand new bodies in white like they do for Mustangs, Camaros, and E-bodies. Think how many S30’s alone could be brought back from the dead with a rust free shell? Not to mention everyone who would love to build a restomod Hakosuka from components.

  7. Sideglide says:

    I’d like to see a more “American” take on JNCs. Not the ricer joke of T-Mobile ads, but something that shows that although these cars are built in Japan (mostly), they can have flavor from all over the world. since SEMA is based in the US, I want to see that.

    We saw some of it with the 240z and old Datsuns thanks in part to Bob Sharp and BRE. It doesn’t always have to be halved banana fenders and 14×12 rims..

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