QotW: What JNC race replica would you buy?


Last week Ricky wrote about a British builder’s 1968 Honda RA302 replica. That gave us fever dreams of apexing an old JNC racer full tilt through a chicane, preservation of history be damned. Oh, how we wish we could buy a vintage body-in-white to pound on harder than Justin Bieber’s face.

What JNC race replica would you buy?

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “Which JNC had the coolest taillights?” 

0199-JR1278_Mazda RX4

While we thoroughly enjoyed Byron Chiu‘s creative comparison of the R30 and R31 Skyline tails to that of 80s boomboxes, dickie‘s reasoning for Mazda RX-500, and Serg‘s hilarious digression that invoked both the Large Hadron Collider and the Thunderdome only to arrive at the Toyota Carina, the winner this week is returning champion Nihonnotekko‘s stump speech for the Mazda RX-4’s quad jewels:

Coolest taillights, eh? I’d say hands down, it’s gotta be the massive gems Mazda used on the rear ends of RX-4s. Who can say “no” to fist-sized hexagonal rubies for brakelights??? Call now and you get a pair of equally massive amber gemstones for turn signals! Mazda even set a small chrome band over each light to up their 70’s “bling” factor…and if that wasn’t enough, a huge sculpted metal plate was affixed across the rear end around the lights. In my opinion, there’s never been a more flamboyant and uniquely styled rear end on a car, and it’s crown jewels are those outrageous taillights!

For your enjoyment: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4026/4720186630_53c9f41242_z.jpg

Omedetou, your comment has earned you a set of decals from the JNC Shop!

JNC Decal smash

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8 Responses to QotW: What JNC race replica would you buy?

  1. Lupus says:

    A replica of this:
    Yeah, I know, childisch. It’s not even a real car. But it’s replicas are scattered around the world. Some more accurate, some less. Some depend on the visual aspects only, while other are focused on performance.
    And if someone will say that it wasn’t a true track-race car, but a mere steet racer – you’r wrong. Akuma no Zetto was actually bulit as a racing machine and according to the story, it was driven by his bulider – Jun Kitami – himself. After an accident during a wet race Jun moved the car from racing. And earned his famous face scar.

  2. KiKiIchiBan says:

    SCCN Bluebird SSS Coupe number 36 (the red one)

  3. I should of said Datsun F-10 Cherry as a troll answer

  4. Dave J says:

    I have a 72 240z and am considering how I want it finished.

    I of course love the BRE #46 John Morton car as well as the original African Safari rally cars….but I also want to be able to enjoy driving the car around as a driver. To create an appreciable replica, I would need to gut the interior and take away a lot of the creature comforts, which I don’t think I’m ready to do yet, but maybe I will.

    So for me, the #46 BRE 240z would be the one I’d buy.

  5. j_tso says:

    This RX-3 and then smirk at all the Hakosuka.

  6. Mick Beattie says:

    Allan Moffat’s Group C RX7. At a time when you would be cast off from Australian society for even looking sideways at anything other than an Aussie V8, Moffat turned out his awesome fender flared bridge-ported first gen RX7. He wiped the floor with the local V8s and won the Australian Touring car championship and the only reason he failed to get the win at Bathurst was that the governing body refused to allow him to Peripheral port it. Thus gifting the win to the V8s with the better straight line.

  7. Serg says:

    This one;


    Low mileage, race pedigree, cheap on fuel and mechanical sound as co-owned by car dealer and a lumberjack….

  8. Louis Fong says:

    Toyota Team Europe RA40 Celica rally car! It must be a blast revving that thing whether you’re on the road or off road ;D

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