QotW: Which JNC needs the Hot Wheels treatment?


With the designers at Hot Wheels going all out with the J-tin, we have been pondering what will come next. Our minds wander all over the board, from racing pedigree to everyday workhorses like a Daihatsu Midget or the Suzuki Cervo like we saw at the Paris Motor Show.

What JNC needs the Hot Wheels treatment?

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What JNC brochure had the most exciting lifestyle promise?


This week, we chose Robin’s post on the recently-inducted JNC; the Honda Civic Ferio. We liked the idea that after purchase, you would become an upstanding citizen with stylish attire like Jodie Foster (plus, we liked her in Silence of the Lambs, released in 1991 as well). We were not quite sure on the three men in the back that looked oddly familiar to a Weekend at Bernie’s moment:

is the EG Civic a jnc yet ,let me do the maths on my classic Casio calculator watch… 2016 subtract 1991 and it equals 25 years old yay! Jodie Foster was in the brochures, she came across as elegant and and you could have this life if you bought a Ferio. Once you have acquired your brand new Civic Ferio your hair would automatically be sleek and brushed back with the coolest chinos and shirt to match… you now ready to take on the world and conquer anything in your Ferio.

Omedetou, your comment has earned you a set of decals from the JNC Shop!

JNC Decal smash

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41 Responses to QotW: Which JNC needs the Hot Wheels treatment?

  1. Banpei says:

    One of the things I’ve been missing from the HW lineup so far, is the mid-80s boxy Toyota and Nissan sedans/coupes. Seeing the interest rise in these 80s cars I’d say there is a demand for them. Since Hotwheels is a US company, rather than taking the JDM only Nissan C210/R30 range I’d think it would make more sense to go for the USDM Toyota Cressida X71. The X71 platform is currently gaining popularity and also opens up the gates to do a few specials based on this model. 😉

  2. Ant says:

    As it often is in the real world, the Honda Prelude seems overlooked in the world of diecast cars. I suppose lack of racing heritage hinders it when it comes to cool liveried Hot Wheels, but a first/second/third-gen model in Mugen Motul colours or a fourth-gen painted like the Jaccs Civic race car would be great.

    • nisei cruise says:

      Seriously. Prelude was a very popular car in 2nd and 3rd Gen especially. They were everywhere in the 80s and 90s. Come on Mattel, give us one already!

  3. Matthew Vona says:

    Like said above mid 80’s JNC’s would be very nice. But i personally prefer Kp60 Starlets, especialy with the N2 TRD bodykit, or Toyota Cressida X71, mk1 Soarer, R30-R31 Skylines, 85′ 300zx.

  4. Jon says:

    Isuzu Gemini ZZ

  5. Scotty G says:

    Subaru 360!
    Mazda Carol!

  6. bigguy43055 says:

    Toyota Century

  7. Keith says:

    1981 Toyota Starlet

  8. Ebriones says:

    HW lineup should include the Toyota “Van”. I remember always playing with a 1/64 Chevy van from either MB or HT.

  9. Steve says:

    They’re missing the most popular Toyota ever, the RA29 Celica. It wouldn’t even take much to make the molds: a little tweak here and there on their 1969/70 Mustang molds…

  10. Bird says:

    I vote C130 Nissan Laurel “Butketsu”. Just because I want to see a Hot Wheel’s card labeled “Pig’s Butt”!

    That and it has to be one of my favorite classic JNC’s, and one that Americans have yet to go crazy over.

  11. Thomas says:

    Hot Wheels did a run of Bond cars but they missed the best one of all, the soft top Toyota 2000GT! And since I will never be able to buy myself one, this would be the next best thing. Bonus points for the “oriental” Sean Connery on the card art.

  12. bert says:

    A Toyota Crown of any vintage. Cause apparently, that will be the only way I’ll ever own one. I’ll sit in my room in the middle of my sad pile of tiny toy Toyota’s making vroom vroom noises just like when I was a kid. Until my wife kicks me out. Cause, you know when you’re married with kids, you can’t have nice things!

  13. Chris figueroa says:

    I would say a toyota soarer. Mz21 model. Simply because nobody knows what that model is outside of the US only a very few people. Plus the only source most people know are post lexus sc models and dont know what the where before hand. Sure the mk3 supra is basically the same thing. Since the share drive trains but with a different exterior look.

  14. Mazluce says:

    It would be the AW11 MR2 for me. Popular name recognition in the States but almost no diecast models readily available. It looks like a Italian sports car and little kids love things that look fast, well okay maybe I do hehehe.

  15. otto says:

    1986-1989 Mitsubishi Starion / Chrysler Conquest

  16. SHC says:

    VIN #1 Honda N600, The Merciless Mings edition.

  17. Kane says:

    Toyota Hiace!

    When I had my 1990 Toyota Hiace I looked everywhere to find a model one in that year…. I could only find 2010 Hiace models. That is the reason why I now have a dark purple Hiace model on my night stand now. Even tho I now no longer own a Hiace, I would still love a Hot Wheels one of that year.

  18. Shantanu Jog says:

    The Toyota Sera. That glasshouse with those door splitlines! 🙂

  19. Robin says:

    Please please please the Nissan Sunny Truck, you built the 620 and we loved it and I wondered what a Hotwheels Sunny Truck would look like in this scale.

    from the business end, i need not say more… its as popular as the 620 and I will put my head on a block and say it will sell out very quick in South Africa where we just love these little bakkies, and i am sure world over too.

    if not then please a quad light ke70 , two version maybe a stock one that allows the few of us who customize Hotwheels to do our own little modifications and one with overfenders etc in the Hotwheels style we have come to know. One version would be perfect too…

  20. Punto8 says:

    JNC!!!!! Please get off the Suzuki Cervo’s lug nuts!!!! It’s not appealing or cool at all! Am I the only one who feels this way?

    • Ant says:

      Counterpoint: This site is called Japanese Nostalgic Car, and the Cervo is undoubtedly a JNC.

      And since you ask – yes! I do find the Cervo appealing. Japan has a rich history of small cars but the Cervo is one of the few to have been sold outside the country’s borders, so it’s one of the few many of us are able to get our hands on.

      I think it’s a neat car too. I’ve driven a later SC100 and thoroughly enjoyed it – there’s the novelty of driving something so tiny, but also good performance for its type, and a cabin that feels more like that of a sports car than any equivalent of the time.

      Would I like to see a Hot Wheels version? Why not? I reckon it’d look quite cool with wide arches too…

  21. Nigel says:

    Kujira Crown in black…all the other answers I read were good also !

  22. MainstreaM says:

    I’d like to see the Starion, since it’s outside what’s produced in the motherland, I’ve never seen it in scale.

  23. madis says:

    the s4 rx7 turbo, JDM with the “TURBO” written on rear lights

  24. Conan Dowler says:

    Was thinking of either a ’70s Galant coupe GTO, as classic Mitsubishis aren’t represented in the HWs lineup yet, or the ’87-’89 Accord Aerodeck, which is one of my favourite Japanese designs….then I remembered the Daihatsu Hijet MPV I drove occasionally in the’90s, once fairly common but now a rare sight in the UK. A hotwheels version (customised with a massive blown engine perhaps?) would be cool!

  25. atx says:

    Land Cruisers, and not just the fj40. Hell all of the Japanese trucks/suv’s are lacking.

  26. Mike McCarthy says:

    a re-release of the NA miata(or new mold), 88-92 Mazda MX6 gt, 84-89 Toyota van and the AW11 would be awesome. maybe even a VIP Cressida 🙂

  27. ahja says:

    How about a LS400? Maybe it will look good with the overly big wheels endemic to Hot Wheels.

    • ahja says:

      Also that 86 hatch is no bueno. Everybody knows that the b pillar in hatches in supposed to be body color or it looks like a hatchback Accord: Yucky.

  28. Tyrel Z Williams says:

    I think A 1981 Celica coupe (RA40) would be awesome. That is pretty rare but the Sunny pickup would be a cool hot wheels.

  29. dry says:

    corolla ke70, cressida ax71

  30. エーイダン says:

    1987 Nissan California, 1993 Asuna Sunfire in honour of my mother, Toyota Figaro, ’72 Toyota Hiace, ’91 Subaru Legacy, Ryosuke’s FC RX-7 from Initial D, E90 series Corolla GTi Rally car, Nissan Sunny, Mitsubishi Starion, Mazda 808 Estate car, ’70 Corolla in honour of one of my favourite teachers and Maybe a Nissan Cedric taxi?

  31. Thundersteer says:

    Nissan Pulsar GTi-R. Just imagine that cheese-grater hood, exaggerated in that Hot Wheels style!

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