QotW: What JNC brochure had the most exciting lifestyle promise?


Imagine, heading out to the local dealership to find your new chariot. Sure, you can take a look around the lot, but you’ve got a lot to think about, and many makes to check out. You grab a brochure to thumb through later to help your decision. Are you swayed by the beauty in the swimsuit enticing you to join the party by buying a Mitsubishi Minicab? Or the promise of a neon nightlife with the Daihatsu Mira TR? Maybe unleashing the inner wild monster with an Isuzu Amigo?

What JNC brochure had the most exciting lifestyle promise?

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your most creative automotive storage solution?

MkI McDonalds Supra Size Me2

Having a JNC is not only about the car itself but the bevy of spare parts (just in case), rare parts and in the case of mervins81, spare project cars! Having friends that can hold a few parts or spare some garage space are friends indeed. But to have to shuffle them around constantly takes dedication! We can only imagine the coordination it must take to move cars around to avoid the dreaded parking ticket on sweeper day. A true labor of love this was!

Friends a lot of friends! fj55, 2 jet skis and 89 Toyota truck with 1j take up space in my garage and driveway. as for my ae86 that gets moved around the street. then i have a friend that stores my 89 Cressida with 1uz still need wiring. then i have a customer/ friend that lets me park the aw11 there. then theirs my mechanic that lets me park a parts car supra with the horrible 7mgte. then there Mondays street sweeper day. All of the drivable cars get moved over to the Mcdonald’s early around 5am so to no get 60 dollar street sweeper tickets. oh then there is my dads old Pontiac sedan that we shoved in the rear corner of our shop.

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JNC Decal smash

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16 Responses to QotW: What JNC brochure had the most exciting lifestyle promise?

  1. Lupus says:

    For some odd reason the 1997 Mitsubishi FTO brochure cached my heart. It’s mostly in japanese, with only the most important slogans beeing in englisch. So i don’t get much of any promises, but the pictures… Yeah… Thanks to them the FTO became one of my top dream cars. The fun giving FWD, the best weapon against Integra, the youthful GTO.

    Just check it out Yourself: http://www.filedropper.com/1997-fto-brochure
    (Sorry for crappy quality)

  2. SHC says:

    Looking back I would have to say a brochure/advertisement like this one would surely catch a young man’s eye. And maybe hint at the possibilities.


    • Censport says:

      I’m sorry, what was the question again? 😉

    • Legacy-san says:

      …a car so little that any one of these blondes could pick it up and put it in her purse..

    • Randy says:

      Talk about deceptive advertising… I can honestly say that car would have gotten me nowhere in the teen-early 20s years…

      It’s a cute car – don’t get me wrong – and I’d drive it all over the place, ’cause ownership would cost next to nothing, but chicks? I don’t think so. Sorry

  3. ollie says:

    I remember coming across a page FULL of old Subaru brochures, from the 360 to the 3rd gen Leone… probably 500 or so different brochures, each with a different occupation, vacation, or lifestyle. I wish I could find that page, if it’s even still up.

  4. banpei says:

    Maybe it is because you primed my brain with the Levin AE86 brochure, but the one with the most exciting lifestyle promise has to be the Toyota Sprinter E80 series.

    The E80 series got promoted by actor Ikko Furuya, and had the tag line “Sexy Sprinter”. Most of the ads feature the embarrassingly bad Sexy Sprinter song and Ikko walking around in a smoking, bringing along some flowers for his date.

    What were they trying to sell here? The (sexy) car, the (sexy) actor or the (sexy) lifestyle? And it wasn’t limited to the TV ads either. The E80 brochure was filled with sexy stuff:
    And we all know sex sells anything, so why not imply selling sex with sexy? 😉
    What was Toyota thinking in the 80s?

    Oddly enough the E80 lineup also featured the Sprinter Trueno AE86, which was built on a totally different platform (E70 floorpan) with a totally different bodyshape (coupe with popup headlights) and also got sold as a Sexy Sprinter. And obviously, I’m biassed here if you did not notice yet, that car ended up being very sexy about twenty years after Toyota stopped selling it.

    • Randy says:

      Old marketing axiom: “Sell the sizzle; not the steak.”

      I get the economical, family and sporting aspects, but a guy in a tux?

  5. 5MGEsupra says:

    My absolute favorite brochure I have is for the 1985 Toyota MR2. On it is a two page photo shows a dark interior with a fully lit instrument cluster at 5,000 RPM, a gloved hand is holding the deep dish steering wheel with the other wrapped around the shift knob. The MR2 is being driven on a large grid towards a mass of black mountains with an orange and yellow glow behind them. In text on the bottom, it reads ‘As I sit in command, I am guided by controls that monitor functions in a car that sparks to fun. The car and I are as one, my eyes flame orange as I race to beat the setting sun.’

    I can’t quite put my finger on why, but after owning a 1985 MR2 I unfortunately had to stop putting money into and strip it for parts, I saw this page and had the strongest urge to own another one. Its so fitting for the car and made me miss going for spirited back road drives in it. Unfortunately cannot find photos of it to link here. I am however glad to say that I recently got an amazing deal on a low mileage 1986 MR2 in much better shape!

  6. Thomas says:

    If this couldn’t shift a hi-jet nothing could!


    Can’t argue with that.

  7. dickie says:

    didn’t you guys feature this ad recently?

    slightly NSFW

    but that’s an ad – not a brochure, and chasing tail is a young man’s game. excitement is subjective, and so the activities by which one would get their kicks is in the eye of the beholder.

    take a look at Grandpa’s FJ40 fishing rig, read his personal testimony and tell me you aren’t excited at the prospect of landing the big one:


    just think of all the fun you’ll have exploring those hard-to-access holes.

    • Randy says:

      RV-2 is cool – didn’t know they actually made them – but I think I wouldn’t want to buy one used. There just is NOT enough “Carpet Fresh” on the planet to fix that…

      The RV-1 (concept only, afaik) would’ve probably been a bigger seller, overall, but no reason they couldn’t have done both.

  8. John Moran says:

    Does a picture of a guy in a jacket and tie next to a car sound exciting? What if his mere image conjures thoughts of robbing trains and fleeing to Bolivia, pulling off the con of the century, stealing a prison truck and running from the man with no eyes, or heading into town and starting a barroom brawl? A guy that was so cool it was even in his name. The guy in the jacket is also on the back of the brochure wearing a different kind of suit for his other career. A career which included 4 national championships as well as class wins at Daytona and Le Mans. A life of fame and fortune on your own terms awaits.

  9. Robin says:

    is the EG Civic a jnc yet ,let me do the maths on my classic Casio calculator watch… 2016 subtract 1991 and it equals 25 years old yay! Jodie Foster was in the brochures, she came across as elegant and and you could have this life if you bought a Ferio. Once you have acquired your brand new Civic Ferio your hair would automatically be sleek and brushed back with the coolest chinos and shirt to match… you now ready to take on the world and conquer anything in your Ferio.


  10. Paul says:

    I have this 1981 Mazda RX7 brochure (nearly bought the car to go with…), and it sounds exciting. “Modern” technology around a rotary heart, sunset photos, a nice looking rear window to pack your roadtrip bags, and a Nikon SLR in the small case behind the passenger seat. “Adventure ready” as a cheesy ad could say. Bought this brochure at the 2016 Youngtimer Meeting in Paris (I’m French), and I love it. Hopefully I’ll have the car to go with one day.
    Talking about brochures, I have the ’91 Miata brochure to go with my ’91 NA, not too flashy but humble, as the car itself.

  11. Robin says:

    Wow I won. Thanks JNC team. well that was written from the heart and a few years experience with my ferio as this is how i feel when i swap the sunny truck for the eg9… I feel alot more formal in the ferio and when in the truck i become this naughty kid with not a care in the world.

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