QotW: What Japanese car would you drive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland?

A teaser trailer just dropped for Twisted Metal, a new series based on the 90s PlayStation game about automotive combat. The most surprising part isn’t that Sony is trying to build a franchise around a fairly obscure 20-year-old video game, but that the star car looks like it’s going to be a bugeye Subaru WRX. Did Hollywood run out of Dodge Challengers or something? The show looks like it’s going to take place in a post-apocalyptic America with a distinct lack of XB Falcons, so a nimble, rally-bred AWD with machine guns is honestly a pretty good choice.

What Japanese car would you drive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “Why do you own a classic car?“.

The reasons for owning a classic are many. There are practical ones, like how Geoff prefers cars with actual distinct shapes and colors, or how MikeRL411 can understand what’s going on under the hood. Their simplicity might be whe RotorNutCase says older cars are simply more reliable. Tayor C. meanwhile simply kept his cars long enough that they turned into classics.

On the other hand, there are the emotional reasons as well. BlitzPig prefers the unparalleled driving experience of a slower but purer car. Fashion Victim wants to be immersed in the optimism and aesthetics of the 80s. Fred Langille chose a car in memory of a parent’s unfulfilled dream. And Jonathan P. just didn’t see the appeal of newer cars.

In the end, it seemed that Lee, who recounted a simpler time goofing around with friends and first loves, had the most poignant explanation:

I owned (and hopefully I’ll own another someday!) a 1990 Nissan 240SX, a 1988 Toyota Supra and a 1990 Toyota Supra. The S13 was sadly stolen from me while I was in class one day, I sold the 88 Supra to help fund my first adult car (a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT), and I sold the 90 Supra to cover expenses after a layoff. I regret not having all of them because they were my special to me. I caught the drift bug and wanted to do dumb stuff with friends in the 240SX back in 2009 so I begged my parents to buy one for me instead of something sensible like a Corolla when I graduated high school. The Supras came into my life when I realized I liked comfy GT cars and got a girlfriend that wanted something a little more luxurious than crank windows and manual locks. Now that I have some adult money, I’m hoping to buy either of these cars through TopRank and live out my high school and early post-college fantasies. I guess what I saw in those old clunkers is what kids will see in 20 years with the 86 Twins; my first cars, doing dumb stuff with friends, and first loves.

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16 Responses to QotW: What Japanese car would you drive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland?

  1. Fred Langille says:

    It would have to be a 4wd vehicle like those trucks and SUVs rebuilt/modified by the FJ company and others. The successful vehicle would need to be decent on gas/diesel/what-have-you and, have ample place for storage (like lotsa ammo, for one thing!) and, have some sort of parts availability. Although I used the FJ company, there are others having rebuilds of old Dodge power wagons and, Nissan Patrols. If you REEEAAALLLY wanted something with stuff better than that, the Mercedes G-Wagen, Unimog and Volvo C-303 or, even the Wolf rebuilds of Land Rover can be considered. However, it is not just the badass-ability that needs consideration it is maintenance and support (by the way, that includes Jeeps as well) that might give the offroaders from japan a slight edge.

  2. Nigel says:

    The choice of many bad people, farmers and good people too…
    Toyota Hilux !!

  3. kumba says:

    Toyota Tacoma / Hilux if its good enough for conflict in the Middle East and Africa for over 40 years. its good enough for a post-apocalyptic wasteland

  4. BlitzPig says:

    None, because there won’t be any fuel to run them on.

  5. Jim Daniels says:

    I will stick with my Supercharged Toyota Tundra with ARB lockers front and rear, E- rated BFG T/A AT,KOs, A Snug Top shell to hide shovels, axes, recovery equipment, fuel, water, fishing poles and it would probably be a mistake to talk on line about weaponry.

  6. steve says:

    None, I will be dead.

  7. Taylor C. says:

    I’d roam around in a 2000 Hiace 4WD, manual transmission of course. I think the 4WD will be pretty useful since I might find myself migrating to colder climates so that the zombies (they are included in this scenario, right?) will be less prevalent in the colder climates (citing various zombie movie / comic resources). The engine will be that indestructible 1KZ, and I can camp in the van if necessary. Hauling findings will be easy as well, sine the van is cavernous.

  8. Alan says:

    Here in San Diego we daily a tuned Outback XT 5-speed.

  9. Michael K. says:

    I’d drive a Lexus SC400 – built like a tank, sporty enough to evade the bad guys, quiet enough to sneak up on them.

    I also couldn’t help but notice the WRX in the trailer has a Sony CD player, lol.

  10. streetspirit says:

    considering the apocalypse won’t mean all roads will be gone in a matter of weeks i’d start my end of days off with a z32 300zx 2by2 targa. plenty of room, can haul some passengers and the t-tops are suitable for mad-max meets the fast and the furious type heroic shenanigans.

    as time progresses a more common and easily maintained powerplant like a volvo redblock or chevy 350 will be installed and the Z will recieve some armor and obligatory apocalypse goodies.

  11. Lakdasa says:

    Matt Black Mitsubishi L400 4WD with a 2″ lift kit, with the interior converted to a living space. What more can you ask for?

  12. Mark F Newton-John says:

    Toyota Mega Cruiser. No need to say more.

  13. f31roger says:

    I’ll still stick to the Previa as with the zombie Apocolypse.

    Enough room to live in and enough have a family and supplies. While not fast and not all are AWD, the engine and transmission are solid.

    Having a Legacy Wagon and having oil issues no matter what, I’ll pass on a Subi with a boxer engine.

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