QotW: What did you give your JNC this holiday season?

Happy holidays to all! No matter what you celebrate this season, don’t forget to include your JNC in the festivities. What’s under the glowing lights or garage Christmas tree for your JNC?

What did you give your JNC this holdiay season?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “Will there ever be another sports car renaissance?

Cesariojpn’s response to last week’s QotW about a possible sports car renaissance gave us a chuckle. Somehow we are at a perplexing crossroads where the only hope is for affluent people in their 20s having a quarter-life crisis. if that’s the case, we’re all doomed.

Jeremy A. is likely on the right track by tapping into the even more modular than modular platform that is the EV skateboard. So all we have to do is wait for manufacturers to get on board with EVs and get to dusting off those old sketches that were shelved to accommodate bulky engines and transmissions.

Ahja took the cake with an epic essay on the rise an fall of the sports car, in part to 0blige society’s need to strut on the speedway whlie safety regulations grow increasingly stringent. Ironically, if we want new low, sleek sporty cars to line our driveways again, we may need technology and regulation to offer a hearty handshake to pass currently non-compliant body types and stuff nanny tech into every corner of the car. See a partial breakdown of Ahja’s dissertation here:

…So what would result in sportscars returning to their 1971 or 1992 levels of prosperity? Probably only regulation, as much as I dislike the concept. But regulations have harmed car enthusiasts for so long, it would be nice to see justice served and them benefit us. Regulations about dimensions. Isn’t it UNSAFE that all these suvs and trucks block the view of the road ahead from the cars behind them? I think so. Tell your lawmakers. Regulations about fuel economy (“light” trucks and suvs are exempted from the bullshit fleet standards that passenger cars have to meet, which is why rotaries are dead but F250s and Tundras infest the streets). And all the safety crap cars have to have these days drives their weight up by literally 1000 lbs. Its an arms race of idiotproofing that has made cars bigger, heavier, and more dangerous that can only be fought by making the next car even bigger and heavier and “safer”. When in reality we’d all be better served by having our cars small and light. Safer, better fuel economy, so forth, Regulation that targets the big fugly mammoths clogging up the roads, and a repeal of regulations that prohibits the kind of small, efficient cars that we like from being produced. Essentially a 2-liter “Kei-car” regimen for the US. Would bring back the sportscar. Tell somebody that can make it happen. I’ve pondered this question a long time, and this is what I’ve concluded.

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8 Responses to QotW: What did you give your JNC this holiday season?

  1. KiKiIchiBan says:

    I had a delivery from Kameari Engine Works for a new fuel pump, a couple stickers and the new 2019 calendar. I plan to start the car for the first time over the holidays too.

  2. cesariojpn says:

    “Cesariojpn’s response to last week’s QotW about a possible sports car renaissance gave us a chuckle. Somehow we are at a perplexing crossroads where the only hope is for afluent people in their 20’s having a mid-life crisis! if that’s the case, we’re all doomed… including the sports cars.”

    *rereads his comment*

    I was at first gonna say you’re taking the piss, but I might be at fault here for not using semicolons.

    “The only people I think that would be interested in sports cars are folks that are young; are going thru a mid-life crisis; or are not anchored by parental responsibilities.”

  3. Angelo says:

    I don’t really have any major plans for the JNC, except for a good amount of drop, and some oil seals. But that’s to be expected.

    Instead, I’m gonna be giving her something she really deserves. And that is…

    A good, thorough wash.

    Yeah, I hadn’t really cleaned her well, since she is staying with my parents. So it really is the time to pamper her with only the best car wash I can give haha!

  4. Dillan says:

    This Christmas, I decided to spoil my FC3S with a whole myriad of upgrades! I am currently in the process of converting my non-turbo RX7 to a Turbo2 with all OEM Mazda parts and a few choice upgrades including a high flow fuel pump, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Racing Beat downpipe and a few aftermarket gauges to monitor everything. I also have a set of handbuilt Fortune Auto coilovers which will arrive at my house tomorrow. Next year’s racing season should be a lot of fun after all of this!

  5. Jim Simspson says:

    A warm well lighted garage…

  6. Hakofan says:

    Currently sitting under my tree are a pair of front fender flares from Speed Forme for a Hakosuka. The funny thing is, I bought something for my JNC when I don’t even have a JNC. The Hako is my dream car, but I don’t have the money right now to make it a reality. However, I see and hear all too often of people who have a dream car and give up on that dream over time. My theory is that the more things I buy for my dream car, the more committed I will be to actually buying it when I have the funds, rather than make excuses to not buy it. So to bring it back, for Christmas i got a car part for a car i don’t even have yet. 🙂

  7. D. Toretto says:

    A spanking.

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