QotW: What car from 1997 do you want to import?

It’s 2022, which means that America’s 25 year rule now applies to cars from 1997. That opens the doors to a new slate of once-forbidden machines. Let’s say money and rarity are not factors. The imagination swirls with visions of something sporty like a Tommykaira ZZ or EK9 Honda Civic Type R. Or, you can go ultra-luxe with a V12 Toyota Century or 2JZ-powered Toyota Aristo V300. Maybe you just want something unique, like a Toyota Caldina 2.0GT-T.

What car from 1997 do you want to import?

The best comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your automotive New Year’s resolution for 2022?

We think Taylor C.‘s resolution to teach his wife how to drive a manual transmission car is an honorable one. Likewise, Lee L.‘s vow to clean his garage reminds us how valuable an uncluttered workspace is. Marwin and Banpei both have small fleets they need to mobilize. However, we can’t get over the fact that our random choice of a Subaru 360 as a project car image from last week’s post is the exact sign from the JNC gods Ian N. needs to get his Young SS on the road:

Well after receiving the notification email for “What’s your automotive New Year’s resolution for 2022”, I click on the link to tell all that I intend to finally get my Subaru Young SS on the road after owning it for 41 years…. and what am i greeted by? A photo of a Subaru 360!

It must be a sign from the heavens! Bodes well for my chances……

Thanks JNC – and I do hope that whoever’s car that is gets theirs restored too!

(I’ll have to work out how to make a large mask for when she finally hits the road……..)

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7 Responses to QotW: What car from 1997 do you want to import?

  1. Daniel Polom says:

    Y61 Nissan Patrol 5spd TD42t

  2. Lee L says:

    1997 is the year of the NISMO 400R Skyline GT-R. Though I disliked the R33 when I was younger now that I’ve seen some in person it has grown on my substantially and the 400R is definitely the best looking and performing R33. With there being less than 50 produced it’s definitely out of my price range, but a guy can dream.

  3. Alan says:

    A first-year V12 Toyota Century. I’m sure it’s purely coincidence that prices have jumped 25-50% in the past six months as they approach federal *vomit* legibility.

    Remember folks, the 25-Year Rule has nothing to do with safety or emissions, and everything to do with industry and government colluding to restrict your freedom.

  4. Banpei says:

    The Toyota Caldina GT-T ST215W would be my weapon of choice. This boring family wagon is literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing! The engine, drivetrain and suspension are all the same as found on the Celica GT Four. This means you can have your boring family drives to grandma during the weekends, while driving to work like a maniac during weekdays!

    25 years later these cars either have been raking up many miles, scavenged for engine and drivetrain parts or have been driven into a brick wall. 8 years ago I toyed with the idea of buying a wrecked Avensis wagon (that’s what the Caldina is called in Europe), get a cheap ST215W and convert it to a LHD Caldina using the Avensis parts. 8 years ago you could find them cheaply on Japanese auction sites but nowadays they rarely ever come up for sale. My wife didn’t like the whole DIY plan, so I bought a brand new Civic instead. It would definitely be interesting to actually do it if I would have the opportunity again.

  5. f31roger says:

    80s and 90s were the era for me… So many cool vehicles.

    I am into the vans and wagons of this area especially. So If I could get one… A Nissan R’Nessa.

    It’s one of those MPV/SUV/Wagon variations… But SR20det with AWD… I’ll take that!

    I feel it is big enough to take the family around, but not with in-laws (as opposed to vans).
    Small enough to not feel clunky in cities and parking.
    And enough power to get around decently.
    AWD is AWD…so driving in rural areas and camping grounds would be nice.

    Tuner perspective

    They do look kinda cool to me, I’m sure there are a few aero kits for it, but even just a front lip would be nice.
    SR20det – well we all know that potential is there to make it a bit more.
    AWD – giving the off road and even 4×4 guys ideas to lift.

  6. ra21benj says:

    A ‘97 Toyota Chaser JZX100 with rwd, 1JZ engine, and manual transmission. Popular Japanese tuner/drift car, so the handling must be good. Seems to have plenty of aftermarket support. For me, it’s a cool looking 4-door sedan that also raced in the Japanese Touring Car Championship (JTCC).

  7. Starry Eye says:

    For me, there can be only one. The EK9 Honda Civic Type R. It was from a time when Honda was Honda. It took a simple economy car and turned it into a circuit and touge destroyer. And they did it with honest engineering, all-motor tuning and weight reduction. It had only the smallest of visual upgrades from a regular Civic. And the CTR lineage continued for many more generations than the ITR, with a new one on the horizon. It was one of the only cars Takumi had to battle twice in Initial D. And it had only minor visual upgrades. The latest CTR is an awesome car, but it looks like the love child of Optimus Prime and Jetfire.

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