QotW: What are your favorite cars as emoji?

Today, July 17, is World Emoji Day. The digital pictograms that have proliferated ants were invented in 1999 in Japan. However, the date of July 17 originated from the day Apple launched iCal application in 2002. When emoji were added to iPhones in 2014 they continued to use July 17, and variations of the image even spread to competitors like Google and Samsung. Who would’ve thought that some 1,600 years after hieroglyphics stopped being used we’d be back at it again. In any case, it can be fun to try and write out your favorite cars. Some of the ones we’ve seen include 2️⃣3️⃣🎡💃 for Nissan Fairlady, ♦️♦️♦️🌘 for Mitsubishi Eclipse, 🍙🍙🍙✨ for Mazda Eunos Cosmo, and 🐐🐃🐪🦏🐘🇯🇵 for Land Cruiser.

What are your favorite cars as emoji?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your oil change routine for your car(s)?“.

To be honest we are shocked, just shocked, at the relaxed attitude most readers take for oil changes. We’re not here to scold you, but here’s our general rules of thumb:

    • Get the proper weight that the owner’s manual calls for.
    • More expensive oil is not necessarily better.
    • Older cars rely on zinc to keep the engine parts coated and slippery, and modern oils have slowly taken out the zinc form their formulas. Valvoline VR1 and Shell Rotella have good amounts of it though. Have we done a scientific test to prove this is better? No, but in many cases these oils are cheaper than the supposedly “good” stuff anyway.
    • If you’re on a budget, Purolator and Wix filters are best. Sometimes better than even OEM.
    • Using synthetic oil on cars with aged seals will cause leaks but it’s getting hard to even find non-synthetics anymore, at least at big box stores like Walmart.
    • Lay cardboard under the car no matter what.

This could probably be expanded to a proper article and we will do that soon. In the meantime, Jim Daniels‘ answer was the right mix of informative, humorous and wise. We should probably add oil change routines to the list of topics you don’t bring up in polite company, just after religion and politics.

Oil questions on line can start a never ending debate. This question is specific to routine and not what is “the best”.
Just like people cars have different needs. Oils of today are different than oils from 1972 when most if not all motor oils had high zinc levels. Finding a high zinc oil in a local parts store can end up in placing an order or going on line to find what you are looking for or finding a zinc additive to supplement a modern oil. I have found synthetics tend to weep at all gasket when added to old cars no mater the viscosity.

So as it appears that Castrol has stopped making Classic (high zinc oil) I have switched to Valvoline VR1 20-50w for my 240Z. The Z gets very few miles and I change the oil annually regardless of how few miles it sees. Valvoline VR1 40w for my Ski Natique with flat tappet cam is changed annually or every 50 hours. I use Wix or K&N oil filters. The Z is simple to change an Allen wrench to the pan and a filter wrench to the filter. The boat has a plug in the hull under the motor and you drop a hose that is attached to the oil pan out the bottom. Loosen the fitting and let it drain the filter is and easy filter wrench.

My modern vehicles I use Toyota, Wix, or Honda filters. My 2010 Toyota Tundra Supercharged receives Mobil 1 0-20w. Just living where I do and I tow various trailers, I meet the severe duty oil change of 5000 miles. Although Toyota states 10,000 mile changes almost all vehicle usage meet the 5000 mile standard.The truck is a PITA to change. First you have to remove the skid plate to access the oil cooler that houses the filter and drain oil all over yourself with removal. The drain kit that comes with the filter does not work. Next a pan bolt to drain the oil pan. Then you get to act like a spider laying on your back to hold the skid plate in place while you start the bolts and spacers. Then add 8.5 qt of oil. Start motor and check for leaks.

My wife’s 2016 Honda Pilot receives the same treatment. Turn the steering wheel to full left. Attempt to reach filter with filter wrench. Drain oil all over the plastic under belly parts that you can not fully wipe clean. Replace filter in the same PITA manner. Drop the pan bolt and drain the pan oil, refill with oil. Start motor and check for leaks.

I usually drain my motor oil cold as the last time the motor oil was hot it drained to the pan. I know that experts say you should warm up the motor to operating temp prior to changing the oil so all the oil is drained to the pan. I say that happened the last time I shut the motor off. Then I always get that shocked look like I never thought of that. It is not fun changing hot oil.

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9 Responses to QotW: What are your favorite cars as emoji?

  1. EJ says:

    Subaru is 🥊 🥊 💥

  2. 555jay says:

    Subaru: 🌌 or ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Subaru 360: 🌌🐞

  3. Tofu Delivery says:

    ⛰️🛣️👑 AE86 (mountain road king)

  4. Ray Raible says:

    Datsun 1970 240Z & 510

  5. f31roger says:

    Oil routine – wow.. that’s pretty legit! I didn’t think about zinc issue! I do have one of those aluminum floor pans instead of cardboard.

    Emojis I haven’t gotten a hang of. So I am not that creative with them lol.

  6. Johnny says:

    Current fleet (including non-JNC):
    🖤🪙 = 10th AE Datsun 280ZX, because BLACK GOLD!!!
    🍏🛦 = Kawasaki GPZ900R, if Maverick’s bike was candy apple green
    🍂 = LEAF, self-explanatory
    🧰 Toolbox = BMW E34, since it is shaped like a box and always needs work

    • Johnny says:

      Totally forgot to add the entries for previously owned JNCs:

      🐋 = Datsun 280z 2+2, if you are in the Datsun community you unfortunately should know
      🥷🏾= Kawasaki Ninja 250r, my first “Ninja” (Ninjette to the Kawi community)
      😈= Kawasaki GPZ550, referred to as my Air-Cooled Demon after it bucked me off on an accidental wheelie one time
      😾💕= Acura Legends, 1st gen had “MEW” in license plate so the 2nd gen was therefore called Mewtwo
      🌲= Subaru Legacy GT, due to the beautiful Spruce Green Mica color
      🦅🗾= Ford ZX2, when Ford and Mazda shared more than a few parts
      🍞= Civic Wagon, shape of a breadbox and you would bake inside due to the crazy amount of window surfaces

  7. TougeJunkie says:

    🔺️🔺️💥🔥 Mazda Rx7

  8. CMadd says:

    Bluebird 💙🐦
    Bluebird 610 🦈👃
    Laurel 🐷 🍑
    Skyline 🏙️
    Hakosuka 📦

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