QotW: Share with us your JNC selling stories

Sometimes you just have to part with your beloved automobile. Whether it’s financial hardships, a life change, the fact that you’ve simply done all you can do, or a simple loss of interest, it’s time to pass it on to the next owner. Or, there are those of us who will never let their cars go. We want to hear your best JNC selling stories, whether they be joyous or painful or another emotion. Or, tell us why we should never, ever sell.

Share with us your JNC selling stories.

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s the best use of a JNC in cinema?

The best part about the answers this week was that we now have many more films to add to our viewing queues. Apparently, there are many more movies with JNC content that we’d never heard of, like Banpei‘s suggestion of Toki o Kakeru Shōjo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time), Tj‘s pick of The Big Steal, or Clay‘s recommendation of The Boatniks, which we’re pretty sure is a joke vote.

However, the winner was a movie that we can’t possibly recommend you actually watch. We’re honestly a little surprised we hadn’t heard of this scene, as the movie isn’t that long ago or that obscure. Apparently, it really was that bad. Thankfully reader Keith Measures supplied a clip (above) so you don’t have to sit through the whole thing.

The movie is just god awful, by no means should anyone ever ever ever watch it but the use of the AW11, CRX and the FC Rx7 in 2015s Fantastic Four is the one part of the movie that should be recognized. Like i feel someone in the production of this movie just snuck this in because they love the cars or something. None of the glitz or glamour like in F and F or other street racing movies, just some kids racing their cars. To me it feels way more authentic than most films

Also more props to it for using real 4age sound clips, whereas most use generic 4 cylinder sounds. Even the CRX sounds like a Honda off the line.

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12 Responses to QotW: Share with us your JNC selling stories

  1. Trollbinski says:

    The title is a wee bit Yoda-ish don’t ya think???

    Unfortunately, good JNC selling stories I do not have.


  2. Monte says:

    Wow, good choice. I’d have never watched this Fox studio tripe, but downloaded the scene.

  3. Michael B. Jordan:

    1. Blows engine of Toyota
    2. Becomes voice of Acura

  4. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    My 1973 240-Z. 180K on the clock. Moved with me across the country numerous times, BUT, stolen & recovered 3 times. The third time was not the charm. Some migrant workers stole it to travel all the way across the state. They must have sat on the roof & partied as well as get to “work”. The roof was caved in & the interior was trashed with the smell of…ugh, urine. The final straw was the police fingerprint powder that would not come out of every nook & cranny. I drove it for a few weeks & then decided to bid my farewell. I was at a moment in my career that I simply did not have time (or resources) to deal with a re-restoration. It was a great 11 year run though…

  5. F31roger says:

    In 2004, picked up an M30 and with people on the F31club.com forums, we started to gather as much info as possible.

    I would drive my m30 to other states (lived in Seattle at the time) and went to Northern and Southern California, meeting with members and owners.

    I moved to the bay area in 2006, where I started over and had little possession. My black M30 was my daily driver until 2009.

    I had to focus on school and started a family. My m30 stayed in my parking spot just collecting dust.
    At that time, many people were either swapping their M30s or losing interest and was the latter being so busy.

    2014, I enrolled in University, my 2nd kid on the way and I was rebuilding a Toyota Previa as the family vehicle. My wife convinced me to sell the M30 to her distant uncle. He and I agreed that I would buy it back and even pay extra when he fixed the dents… I found out later he crashed the car in a Drunken driving incident.

    The night I sold it, I did a #f31club, and a few people hit me up and got me into the m30 groups. F31club was hacked and Jacy (original owner of the website) just kept it down. He kept asking me if I wanted to take it over, I was saying yes, but didn’t know anything, let alone had the car.

    Even being part of the fb groups, I saw a lot of newer owners not care about the F31 in general. It was about making it a drift car, rather than the balanced owners/tuners we were on F31club.

    2016 – it’s been 10yrs since I been to Japan, I figure it would be nice to visit again. But then I heard there was a leopard meeting in October, so I planned the trip to see the leopards. Many of the leopard owners remembered F31club and remember me emailing them. While in Japan, I bought Leopard aero for my “future” car.

    Once I got back to the US, everyone was telling me to get an M30 again. I was gonna pick up a beater project, but my wife said No. LOL. “Get a nice M30”.

    At the time, I found one in Portland, OR. I drove up, checked it out, bought it and drove 9hrs a back to San Francisco. Next day my aero parts came in and I pulled all my old JDM leopard items out of storage and started putting on my car.

    Rebuilt F31club after taking a few classes on wordpress, reconnected with many M30 owners and built my friendships with Leopard owners in Japan, Europe, Australia and Russia.

    Out of all the cars, my best memories were with the friendships I built with the M30. So it’s been the car on my mind quite often.

  6. Kevin San says:

    A veeeery long time ago, one of my rides in college was an AE92 Corolla FX GT.

    In the early 90s, twin cam hot hatches were very much the zeitgeist, so it was a respectably sporty car in the day. But as you do, one day I decided I wanted to do an AE86 build and so the Corolla went up for sale, on the aussie equivalent of craigslist.

    The first to come and see the car were a pair of young guys, full of attitude. Before the test drive, I was trying to make conversation, so I asked them what they did for a living, and one of them said “We race!”. No, really, he actually said that.

    And during the test drive, they behaved fairly poorly…”betcha this car hasn’t taken a corner like that before! Now, that, my friend is the redline, now you’ve heard it….now this is real race driving”. No, really. They said all that.

    When they did an illegal overtake around a blind corner, I shut it down. Playtime’s over…you buying it or not?

    We strike a deal, and we go to room to do the deal. The kid with the money writes me a check, and we’re signing the paperwork. Meanwhile, his friend is notably silent and is looking over the stuff on my bookshelf.

    “Err…bro, you better come check this out.”
    “Shut up! I’m doing the paperwork, man.”
    “I really think you need to come and see this.”

    I get handed the check and the paperwork, and both of them stare at the bookshelf for quite some time. They then leave without saying a word.

    The picture on the bookshelf they were looking at? This one 🙂


    And next to the pic were my collection of autocross trophies.

  7. Keith Measures says:

    How do i collect these again? Haha. Glad you guys liked the clip. Its such a bizarre awesome inclusion in a truly awful movie

  8. robin says:

    My story is bitter sweet.

    A sunny truck just happened to pop into my life, yep I know many people dream of having such luck however I live in South Africa and these things are everywhere and the chances of this happening is fairly high.

    When I purchased it, the sunny truck craze was not a thing yet and definitely not even a thought in my country , a place where lets just say the thinking is “bigger is always better!” and also a place where people rather spend the same money on replica parts rather than used authentic items (as an example to paint a picture) is the norm.

    With my Girlfriend being a huge Japanese car enthusiast she emails me pictures of tastefully modified Nissan Sunny trucks in Japan, and from that moment I was purchasing parts from Japan. I was creating something unique and something that was a blast to drive and very much a conversation starter at every stop. There were times i would end up late for an occasion because a conversation that starts off with ” Nice Nissan!” ends up with me knowing that persons whole life story and that was the joy of owning a classic Japanese vehicle for me.

    We would go everywhere in the little Nissan and when i say we , it was my Gf; our Doggo and myself and for a few years it was perfectly fine and the Nissan was you know… part of the family i guess one could say.

    The truck handled amazing after i added a properly setup suspension but i would end up on the passenger side from sliding due to it having a bench seat, so only solution would be to add some bucket seats. I tend to sometimes do things without thinking about how it could affect others and this time I did not realize or think that adding some much needed buckets seats would be the reason why I can tell you a fitting story.

    I found some awesome Kameari seats and now the truck was looking like a snack, and now not only did it handle amazing I actually came out of a corner still positioned in front of the steering wheel which is very useful at times and as you can tell I was very happy and I was having the time of my life and I this and I that and yes I was thinking of myself in this moment. However my Gf would now have to fight with our Doggo when he wanted to put his head out of the window and Shiba-inu’s are very stubborn which made it really difficult and cruises now became more of a game of twister ,you know that game where humans have to bend and twist into positions humanly impossible, now try playing that with a canine. The nail in the coffin was when I had to do an evasive maneuver due to an inconsiderate road-user jumping a red light and our Doggo lost his footing on the bolsters of the cool bucket seats and almost hit his head against the dash. We tried compromising but this would always end up in our trio being split and that just did not sit well (see what i did here) with me.

    I got to work one Monday morning and reluctantly posted an advert, the kinda advert you type that you hope would chase a potential buyer away. Unfortunately my phone blew up and the Truck now resides with someone else.

    The end…

    of the truck that is, a car i always wanted even before the truck was a KE70 and in SA we did not get quad light version. We managed to find a good condition KE and as they say, the rest is history. My little Family still cruise in a JNC and we can now enjoy every moment of it.

    Well Doggo still thinks the front seat is his, so i guess the fights will never stop… I cant imagine what would happen once a kid comes along, good thing I now own a four door JNC. However I will update in a few years if there is another thread like this, because playing twister with a kid; canine and two adults can’t be fun surely?!

    All i know is, it will be a 7 seater JNC, Hi-ace maybe?!

    I do miss the truck but I still have all the memories we created and I have one my bucket list JNC’s now to create more memories. Win win situation i say.

  9. MikeRL411 says:

    If you really enjoy it and are mechanically handy and inventive, keep it ! When 50 plus year old parts fail, rebuild them or modify [coerce] newer parts to function. Automatic transmissions can last forever with routine maintenance unlike manual swaps, so resist temptation.

  10. Rod S says:

    I’ve put my AW-11 on sale 3 times, and all the times nobody’s wanted it =). I think it’s a sign that she wants to stay for me for life. I’ve recently gotten into P-cars and just got a Lotus, so I just don’t drive her enough to justify owning her. I’ll keep her forever.

    It’s this one, shown at Radwood 2:


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