QotW: If you could only own one car from each Japanese marque, what would your garage look like?

We know there are lots of brand loyalists in our readership, but this is a game some of the JNC staff have been playing offline. What if the Honda Heads, Toyotaku, Mazdafarians, and their ilk were forced to consider a garage where you could not own more than one car from each marque? And to make this harder, let’s say that these are all the cars you are allowed to own. We often think of respective sports cars as the “best” from each badge, but do you need a stable full of two-door coupes? Keep in mind that your tow rig, winter beater, and spouse’s daily will all have to come from this pool.

For the purposes of this question, let’s establish that the marques are Toyota/Lexus/Scion, Mazda, Subaru, Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun, Mitsubishi, and Isuzu. If you’re going to throw in a Hino or Suzuki in there we won’t complain, but one car per marque.

If you could only own one car from each Japanese marque, what would your garage look like?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your favorite Tomica story?

We had several heartfelt stories submitted this week. Some involved finding Tomica in weird places, like those of エーイダン, teddy, and HotWheelsAndFriedChicken. Others, like those from Jeff Koch, F31Roger, and Chris from LMM, involved long friendships forged. JOE and Angelo described childhood discoveries that led to a lifetime of memories. Our winner’s tale is from that last category, and the prize goes to Shantanu Jog, whose life trajectory and career was influenced a small metal car. Like the chief engineer of the Civic Type R, we can now count a professional motorcycle designer as having been inspired by a Tomica. You can see Shantanu’s work here:

My favourite Tomica story is, of course, my first. Back in 1996, I was that kid who had just started developing an interest in vehicle design, and wanted to do it for a living. The Ferrari Testarossa was the car that made me fall in love with cars.

I had a few Hot Wheels cars. This one time, I was with my family in a small gift shop, where I saw this 1/64 Red Testarossa. I didn’t know the make at the time, and I thought it was Hot Wheels. The shopkeeper showed me the car and I was amazed by the detailing and the paint. It said Tomica underneath. Pestered my parents, and they bought me the car. Brought it home and realised that it had ‘suspension’. The car became my prized possession. Sketched it and stared at it all the time. That front overhang, that hood, that difference in track width, the body-coloured square on the engine compartment. those side intakes – everything had me hooked!

My first real taste of proportions and details in vehicle design. I design motorcycles and other products for a living now, and I partly owe it to this scale model.

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25 Responses to QotW: If you could only own one car from each Japanese marque, what would your garage look like?

  1. Tim says:

    Now this is a fun one. Let’s operate under the assumption that each of these vehicles have to be JNCs, and that a JNC is defined as 25 years old – So 1995 or earlier. If I also assume that I’m limited to the vehicles sold in my market, that makes it a bit more interesting as well.

    Toyota/Lexus/Scion is easy. Nobody makes a car that can soak up the road like Lexus. And there’s no Lexus better known for being incredible than the LS 400. So, I’d spend my Lexus slot on a road trip car, and get a 1995 XF20 Lexus LS 400.

    Mazda is a bit tougher. I have nothing but love for Miatas, having owned two of them. But my heart belongs with the flawed rotary engine, and a 1993 Mazda RX-7 can scratch that RWD lightweight coupe urge beautifully.

    Subaru is known for their AWD systems, so what makes more sense than a 1995 GM6 “winter beater” coupe? Especially one with all the goodies the modern aftermarket can throw at it. A 2020 driveline with a PDM and standalone ECU, maybe even an FA24DIT swap just to be cutting edge… “beater”. Hah.

    Honda/Acura is another given. Who would pass up on a chance to have an NSX in their garage? Especially a ’95 NSX-T!

    Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun have a ton of options, but I’d have to go with a D21 Hardbody pickup. It’s honestly not a great tow rig, but looking at my other choices on this list, it doesn’t seem like more than 5000lbs would REALLY be needed. And besides, the brake upgrades and MASSIVE number of engine swaps that’ve already been done show that this platform is more than capable of increasing that number by at least a little bit.

    Mitsubishi is another tough one. 3000GT VR4? Lancer Evolution? Maybe another AWD coupe in the form of an Eclipse? No. I know what I want. A Pajero/Montero. With all the Evolution bits on it. Hot DAMN is that a sexy vehicle. Like an SUV version of the VR4. And since I don’t yet have an offroad play toy, it’ll fit in the lineup perfectly.

    Isuzu is tough for the wrong reason. I don’t really like most Isuzus. The newer they get, the less I seem to enjoy them. So, why not stick something classic under this marque? The 117 Coupe is a very pretty vehicle, and could be a fun little toy to drive around on a Sunday afternoon.

    Now if I can do modern cars? GT86/MX-5/STi/NSX/Titan/Type 73/Traga. And at least half of them would likely never be driven.

  2. Ginkei Garage says:

    I like this kind of QOTW. Here’s what my garage would be :

    Toyota : MF10 2000GT (for weekend drives, nice occasions, and because it’s my all time favourite car)

    Nissan : KGC110 Skyline (for weekend drives with eventual kids)

    Mazda : JC Eunos Cosmo (to grand tour in style)

    Honda : NA1 NSX-T (as a targa daily driver, Brookland Green)

    Subaru : Legacy 3.0R Spec.B station wagon (as a winter car)

    Mitsubishi : 4th gen Delica AWD (as a mighty people carrier)

    Isuzu : 117 Coupe (because you need some Giugiaro in your life)

    Suzuki : Swift Sport (a small hot hatch is always appreciable)

  3. Land Ark says:

    I’m going to stick to the currently un-American rules of a JDM only car needing to be 25 years or older to be allowed in the collection.

    Subaru: I already own my dream Subaru – a 2007 Legacy GT wagon. It’s exactly how I want it minus the SPEC B 18″ JDM wheels. Though when the 22B becomes federalized, I might have to change my mind.

    Honda: A buddy of mine has a beautiful teal EJ Civic coupe. It had a big motor with a big turbo in it and it blew up and it’s just been sitting for a few years. I’d love to put a B18 in it and run it like they did in the late 90s – early 2000s.

    Mazda: FD RX-7. I’d prefer Touring, black interior, Montego blue. Perfection

    Mitsubishi: 1999 Eclispe GS-X in teal. I really love teal. There are lots of Mitsus that might be better, but I lusted after the Eclipse when I was younger and they have not stopped looking great. Though a close second would be a final year Starion.

    Toyota: 1970 Celica GT – with fender flares and Watanabes. It’s tough, Toyota has a lot of great cars to pick from. But the Celica just seems to stick with me. In about 19 years I may change it to a Crown Athlete – one of my favorite contemporary cars.

    Nissan: R33 GT-R V spec in gray – more specifically the first Skyline I ever saw in person which I also got to sit and and start up. It was at a small used car dealer just outside the gates of Yakota air base in Ushihama. It was my first trip to Japan to visit my buddy and that car has stuck with me since. It’s now legal to import but it wasn’t at the time. And if it had been I would have found a way to do it. It wasn’t perfect but it was 95% stock and had just over 91k km and the dealer was asking 1.28m yen (right around $12,500 at the time).
    They say you always remember your first – and they’re right.

  4. Lupus says:

    Staying true to JNC rule my dream “one marque-one car” garage would be like this:
    Toyota/Lexus – A70 Supra. JZA70 to be exact. Black. Retro Hashiriya’s weapon of choice.
    Mazda – JC Eunos Cosmo. Tri-rotor GT. Nuff said.
    Subaru – XT/Alcione, with FHI’s first H6. For it’s sheer uniqueness, esspecially here in Europe.
    Honda/Acura – NA1 NSX. Sorry for all Honda guys – i can’t find anything else in their lineup that caches’ my heart.
    Nissan/Datsun – C31 Laurel, my nr 1 on my personal dream car list. Hardtop ver. would be the best, ’cause AFAIK it wasn’t offered in Europe.
    Mitsubishi – Z16A GTO/3000GT. I felt in love with it during the PSX GT1 hype, and it’s still my favorite Mitsu. The only car that could go hand to hand with Nissan’s GT-R im therm of technical advancement.
    Isuzu – Campo/Faster TF/ Opel Campo, same car, various names on different markets. Rugged pickup, with simple, bulletproof 2,8 turbo diesel. Very hard to come by, because they are mostly beaten to death.
    Suzuki – Cappucino, it’s so bizzare to see such car on European roads. For many non-enthusiasts it’s a MX5 washed in too warm water 😉
    Daihatsu – A60 Charmant. The so called “premium Corolla”. I own already a A101 Applause, but the boxyness of Charmant is charming 😉
    Hino – any vintage flatbed tow truck. Owning so many classics requaires some secutity meseurments. 😉

  5. Banpei says:

    Toyota: AE85 Levin GL-Lime or Trueno XL-Lissé. Let’s face it: this car is pure sexism by Toyota. The GL-Lime/XL-Lissé is an AE86 without the 4A-GE twin cam engine (3A-U single cam), without the 5 speed manual (4 speed auto with OD), without bucket seats (luxurious seats) and without alloy wheels (steelies all around). But what it does have is a vanity mirror on the driver side, power steering, aircon, height adjustable seats and cool striping all around. I’m sure every young female driver of the early 80s would have bought it instantaneously. Another added bonus: you are probably the only person driving in one. 😉

    Nissan: KE10 Cherry X-1R in white. This is one of the coolest and most beautiful products ever by Nissan! I really love that huge blindspot in the rear and the original tail lights are probably stolen within minutes as those are well over 3000 euros nowadays.

    Mazda: JC Eunos Cosmo in red. A grand tourer with a CRT? I’m sold!

    Honda: AA City Turbo I in black. Yes I prefer the non-bulldog fender Honda City Turbo: much more discreet and has those cute fender mounted mirrors!

    Subaru: Alcyone/XT in white. As a kid my father entered the local Subaru dealer and I was sold to the Alcyone/XT on display there. Secretly I was hoping my father would bring home the Alcyone/XT, but he was sold to the Toyota Carina TA60 station wagon trade in. In the end I have to admit my father was right: the Carina station wagon is the reason I love JNC!

    Mitsubishi: Galant AMG in black. Who needs a turbo charger if you can have a naturally aspirated engine tuned by AMG with titanium valve springs and a compression ratio of 10.4:1? Also these cars were shipped from Japan to Bavaria and back!

    Isuzu: Bellet 1600GT fastback in blue. After I’ve seen this car in a Wasabi Cars video I’m sure this is the ultimate Bellet and also one of the most beautiful cars ever made!

    Suzuki: Carry L40 in white. A pickup/minivan designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro? A minivan design that looks the same from front an back? Count me in!

    Hino: PD300 Contessa 1300 coupé in white. Just like the Isuzu Bellet one of the most beautiful cars ever made by Giovanni Michelotti.

    • Banpei says:

      I just realized I missed a few more brands… 😀

      Daihatsu: Compagno Spider. A lovely Vignale designed cabriolet variant of the beautiful Compagno. I’ve seen one Compagno (sedan) in my whole life and it was breathtakingly beautiful!

      Yamaha: AMI in red. Who doesn’t love a Ferrari F40 inspired bubble car based upon the Daihatsu Opti?

      Mitsuoka: BUBU 501 in white. Who wouldn’t like to own this Internet meme that was chasing down rollerskating ninjas? This is the car that put Mitsuoka on the map as a car manufacturer in the early 80s and allowed them to advance to miniature copies of iconic cars with the BUBU 505.

  6. Dave says:

    Toyota Supra MKIV TT, Mazda RX-7 FD, Honda NSX OG, Nissan R33 GT-R, and Subaru 22B STi for the main stable.

    Mitsubishi Delica, Suzuki Cappuccino, and a lifted Isuzu Amigo to fill out the side barn.

    I’m 100% doing all this to fulfill my childhood fantasy—practicality be damned. Why would I want practicality in a “dream garage”?

  7. Ellis says:

    That was hard. I’ve tried my best to base it on practicality…I just hope that I’m not the one paying the insurance.

    Toyota : ’67 SCCA 2000GT. Yep, Carroll Shelby’s 2000GT. The one with the blue hood. Looks amazing. Goes hard. Perfect for vintage track days.

    Mazda : ‘ 68 Cosmo L10B. In white (of course). My Sunday car.

    Subaru : ’69 360 Van. In a nice bright happy yellow. Not practical in any way but hopefully it brings smiles to the faces of those who see it driving around (I know I grin from ear to ear whenever I see one).

    Honda : ’92 NSX-R. White with the black roof. My supercar. Still quick, even by today’s standards. A proper drivers car.

    Nissan : ’90 Pulsar GTI-R. (RA). In Grey. My daily. Something to make the morning commute to work that little bit more enjoyable. Something I can leave in the parking lot when I go shopping without having to worry about it.

    Mitsubishi : ’64 Debonair A30. Black. My luxury sedan. Comfort for those longer drives. Plus I get to play out some Seijun Suzuki era Yakuza film fantasies….

    Isuzu : ’69 Unicab. Because this list was lacking in some open top motoring. Sure it’s not going to get the pulse racing, but that’s what the rest of the cars listed above are for. This one is for driving down to the beach in the summer.

    And there you have it. I guess I should probably go buy myself a powerball ticket now then…

  8. Erik V says:

    Honda – 1977 Civic RS, it was an SI before Sport Injection.
    Nissan/Prince – S54B Skyline, best looking Skyline….ever.
    Mazda – SA22C RX-7, cant get much better looking than that.
    Toyota – MX41 MKII, best looking coupe` of the 70s.
    Suzuki – Jimny, do I really need to say more? well maybe Tajima-san’s Escudo Pikes Peak car
    Isuzu – Bellett GT, timeless design and a great engine to boot.
    Mitsubishi – Lancer Evolution III, cuz Project Thunderbolt
    Subaru – I have 2 numbers and a letter. care to guess??? 22B
    Daihatsu – Copen, not that I could even get in the doors, let alone drive it, but it’s a cool looking car.
    Mitsuoka – Zero1, cant go wrong with Lotus 7 styling & Miata reliability.

  9. Ian says:

    Nissan: Kenmeri Skyline
    Toyota: MKI MR2 or MKIII Supra
    Mazda: REPU
    Mitsubishi: Galant Wagon from the 80’s.
    Subaru: Brat
    Honda: 2002 NSX with the non-pop up headlights
    Isuzu Impulse- Because Joe Isuzu!

  10. dankan says:

    This is harder than it looks. There are some obvious choices, which then become less obvious as I remember something else which would also be great. Dammit.

    Toyota/Lexus/Scion: 1990 Lexus LS400. If you can have any family car, you might as well treat yourself to the best.
    Mazda: FD RX-7. Yeah, there’s a bunch of others I’m missing out on, but this is the best-looking car of all time. Sorry, yes, these are just the facts.
    Subaru: ’95 Impreza sedan. I’d like something else, but this was a big favourite of my wife as a kid, so I’ll concede this for her.
    Honda/Acura: Honda Accord Aerodeck. This was a toughie. There are a lot of 80s Hondas I want, but I just got a dog, so I want to have my wedgy dream while still having room to take our furry friend along.
    Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun: S30 240Z.
    Mitsubishi: Resort Runner GT. It’s a Lancer EVO minivan, how could you not?
    Isuzu: A Statesman de Ville. Just for the cognitive dissonance.

  11. Long Beach Mike says:

    Honda/Acura: 1999 NSX Zanardi Edition for USDM wow factor.
    Toyota/Lexus: Lexus LS430 for comfortable and reliable long distance cruising.
    Datsun/Nissan/Infiniti: I need a truck. So I’ll take a bullet-proof 1990 Nissan Hardbody Extended cab, please. Inside storage is a very big plus in a small pickup.
    Mazda: Cosmo because it was the car of the future in the past and is strangely beautiful.
    Mitsubishi: Galant VR4, the EVO-0, preferably in Kensington Gray with a low dash plate number.
    Subaru: The Galant does AWD rain duty so how about a Brat because weird is also fun.
    Isuzu: Trooper. The only correct answer is….no, wait….make that a turbo Impulse because Ace of Clubs.
    Suzuki: Samurai because I didn’t get a Trooper.

    These pics combine practicality (well, except for the Cosmo but including the NSX) and fun. Parked as a group they would be welcome at cars and coffee.

  12. Scotty G says:

    This question is harder than I thought it would be, especially since at 6′-5″ tall, I can’t fit into most of them.

    Daihatsu: 1962 Hijet pickup for very, very small hauling duties.
    Honda: An early S800
    Isuzu: A Bellel diesel
    Mitsubishi: 1962 Minica
    Nissan/Datsun: 1966 Bluebird/410/411 SSS
    Subaru: A 360 Young S or even better, Young SS
    Suzuki: 1966 Fronte SS 360
    Toyota: no brainer – 2000GT

  13. Teddy Fleming says:

    oof this is a really tough question. Asking a car person to limit their wants? Truly diabolical!
    That being said

    Toyota/Lexus: [g50 Century] This is a very very tough question. The first thing that comes to my mind for Toyota is the Supra, but I’d feel terrible driving one knowing how much they’ve appreciated. I absolutely adore the LS400, but then I thought about the holy grail of Toyota luxury: the g50 Century. Ooooh I cannot shut up about these. Who wouldn’t want a classy Japanese aristocrat hauler with a silky smooth v12?

    Nissan/Infiniti: [R31 wagon] I had to say it. I just had to. I knew at some point on my list I’d have to include a wagon, and was honestly expecting it to be the legacy touring wagon, but alas, it’s the under appreciated r31 wagon. A turbod RB20 wagon is the ultimate kid carrier.

    Mazda: [JC Cosmo] Absolutely adore these, they remind me a lot of the Toyota soarer aerocabin, which is an absolute unit of a machine, but this has all the fun of 2 turbos and an ultra-reliable rotary engine (that’s a joke don’t kill me rotary guys). How could you pick a Mazda without a rotary?

    Honda: [EF Civic Hatch] Okay so I’m gonna bend the rules a little here, but pairing the timeless look of the EF hatch with the fun performance of a k24a2 is an ultimate dream of mine. I’m a Honda kid at heart, and this would be quite the machine to drive. I’m more than sure this has been done before, give me about 10 years after I graduate high school and you’ll see me with one of these bad boys.

    Subaru: [Legacy B4] This has to be one of the most overlooked JDM cars or even cars in general. I first saw one on my trip to Japan last summer and it was instantly on my dream car list. My first car was a 2009 impreza 2.5i automatic, and that thing was the most fun I’ve ever had in any car. It was so nimble, not so quick in straights, but around corners it was an absolute blast. Imagine that with 2 turbos and a manual! It’s a gift from God himself!

    Mitsubishi: [1994 Delica] I’m a sucker for anything Van/Wagon/Hatch related, and to me (apart from a HIACE or Alphard) is the holy grail of them all. I cannot stress enough how much I want one of these. Take these babies nearly anywhere and look good while doing it. I’d have to get one in black with that ultra 90’s tan trimming.

    Isuzu: [3rd gen gemini] This car is super cool, like undeniably cool. Paired with a 1.8 DOHC 4XF1 and a 5 speed manual, this car is really a fun time. Yeah it’s not the best looking car Isuzu’s ever made, bud it’s certainly one of the most unique.

    Suzuki: [new JIMNY] Is there any other option? Cappucinos quiver in fear at the sight of its beefy, manly cousin, the Jimny. I want the new jimny in the US more than anything else. Like very very badly. They’re amazing cars, but are sadly banned in the US. My second choice (if bikes count) is a gsxr 1000, but I’ll exclude that.

    so in short: G50 Century, R31 Wagon, JC Cosmo, EF Civic Hatch, Legacy B4, Delica, Gemini, and JIMNY. I hope to own all of these one day, more than anything else.

    Good question this week guys!

  14. F31roger says:

    Soo many good choices! While I do favor the F31, I’ve had many favorites cars and owned (and regret selling) a few. While I came up with Hondas (New 93 civic hatch for high school and bought a 2000 civic hatch in 2000), in 2000, I became an owner of a 280z, 280zx 2+2, 89 240sx fastback, Mazda RX7 and Cressida. Of course all Craiglist specials before drifting became big…. so every car was blown head gasket or apex seals for $300-$400 each. Since my civics fell to theft and of course drifting became big, I’ve kinda avoided those mainstream cars since. I’d rather go for an obscure and underappreciated car. But some cars, I have SUPER attachment too because of experiences.

    – JDM: Ascot/Rafaga/Ascot Innova
    – US: BB4 Prelude

    Acura – Hands down, Acura Vigor again (I loved my Vigor) https://www.f31club.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/m30vigor.jpg

    Datsun – 81 810

    – JDM: A31 Cefiro (kills me to see so many destroyed) https://www.f31club.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/rogera311.jpg
    – US: 2013 Nissan Altima coupe

    Infiniti: 01 Infiniti I35

    – US: Toyota Previa S/C (which I own)
    – JDM: Hiace Grand Cabin https://www.f31club.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/20170525_134451_HDR-1.jpg

    Lexus: 1990 ES 300

    US – 90 929s (supercharged with digital package pls)
    JDM – Bongo Friendee camper van

    US – 90 Diamante
    JDM – 02 Mitsubishi Delica Space gear!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfHEwiSm31s

    – JDM 91 Gemini

    – US Justy
    – JDM Sambar van with VW dress up

    – US X90!!!
    – JDM Wagon R!!!! http://www.f31club.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/wagonr.jpg

    – US Charade
    – JDM 93 Atrai van

  15. Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Yamaha = 2000GT
    Mazda/Suzuki = Autozam AZ-1 (since I can’t put a Cappuccino)
    Subaru = BRAT/Brumby 4WD jump seats 70s original colorway
    Honda/Acura = Beat
    Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun = ’73 KenMeri green & gold
    Mitsubishi = Black Gullwing Turbo Starion Gorilla: Metropolitan Police Squad 8
    Isuzu/Chevy = Luv in sunny yellow/orange

  16. Christiaan says:

    Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Yamaha = 2000GT
    Mazda/Suzuki = Autozam AZ-1 (since I can’t put a Cappuccino)
    Subaru = BRAT/Brumby 4WD jump seats 70s original colorway
    Honda/Acura = Beat
    Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun = ’73 KenMeri green & gold
    Mitsubishi = Black Gullwing Turbo Starion Gorilla: Metropolitan Police Squad 8
    Isuzu/Chevy = Luv in sunny yellow/orange

  17. エーイダン says:

    This is easy.

    Toyota: 1974 Land Cruiser FJ40, for my offroading on Sunday

    Nissan: Skyline GT-R R32 No V-Spec just the basic GT-R for Saturday and Friday nights

    Honda: ’85 City Turbo II for economy after pissing away my fuel budget on the GT-R and FJ40

    Mazda: Savanna RX-3 customised into a 1:1 scale interpretation of the 2016 Hot Wheels Japan Historics series version with Katayama flares and a air dam. Reserved for whenever I feel like driving it.

    Subaru: 1998 Impreza WRX Sti 22B, again, reserved for whenever I feel a little more adventurous.

    Mitsubishi: 2002 EVO 7 , because 4 doors to fit more mates if I’m the designated driver for a night

    Suzuki: 1988 Samurai….with the bodyshell from a 2019 Jimny dropped over top of the Samurai’s Chassis that way I can sorta say I have the new Jinmy at least partially…..

    Isuzu: 1999 VehiCross because I like to be unique.

  18. Sam says:

    This is coming from maybe the youngest person who frequents this website, so feel free to use it as means to see why the future is doomed (or if it still has hope)

    Nissan- Skyline R32 GTST Type-M in Dark Blue Pearl Metallic

    Honda- NSX (pre facelift) single color canopy/body (dark blue or red)

    Subaru- WRX STI 22B Classic Blue

    Toyota- 2000gt (easy)

    Mazda- RX-7 FC (Pandem Retro Kit) White

    Mitsubishi- FTO first gen Gray

    Isuzu- Piazza Red

    Suzuki- Jimny Tan

  19. nlpnt says:

    Toyota; Gotta go with something offbeat here, an AE10x Geo Prizm GSi hatchback. Rarer than I’d ever imagined and a body shape I’ve loved since they were new. Fun fact; you could not get a 4A-GE in a four door from Toyota in America, you had to go to a Chevy dealership. No real color preference except a general aversion to black cars.

    Honda; I’m tempted to keep my thirdgen Fit as a modern daily driver since I’m still in new-car-love (but upgrade to the discontinued-a-year-early EX manual to get the nice factory sunroof)…but no, it’d have to be a firstgen Integra 5-door, one of if not the lowest 4-door cars ever made. Did they make any

    Nissan/Datsun; Not as offbeat. 510. I picture it in orange with the ivory and tan interior and I’m also picturing a 4-door sedan.

    Subaru; Plaid seats beckon me to the early ’80s, but love of sleepers and underdogs wins out and it has to be an ’08-10 narrow body WRX hatchback.

    Mazda; NA Miata. Sometimes “basic and obvious” is right for a reason.

    Mitsubishi; Once again the offbeat beckons, in the form of an early RWD Lancer. Full USDM Dodge Colt “Mileage-Maker”, preferably a 4-door in green or brown to get the beige interior that had cloth seat inserts, since the A/C take rate on these must’ve been tiny.

    Isuzu; Chevy Luv, preferably a ’79-80 4×4 in light blue with blue Mikado cloth interior.

    Suzuki; Swift GT(i). I seriously tried to find one used circa 2000 after several years of Geo Metro ownership but couldn’t.

    • nlpnt says:

      Was going to say about the Integra; “Did they make any other colors besides light blue metallic with matching interior” (and I know they did but it seems by far the most common).

  20. Peter Q says:

    Toyota : original stretched-Celica Supra

    Nissan : Prince Skyline

    Mazda : Cosmo

    Honda : 360Z

    Subaru : first version Impeza WRX

    Mitsubishi : Magna station wagon (Australian built)
    Isuzu : Bellet or 117 Coupe

    Suzuki : Mity Boy ute

  21. HotWheelsAndFriedChicken ! says:

    Toyota- sorry, but it would have to be the mk4 supra. I know that sounds childish but I like a good stock mk4.
    Mazda- rx3. I just like the lines of it and with some fender flares it would be perfect.
    Subaru- sxv for sure. It’s an odd looking car and I like stuff like that.
    Acura/honda- legend. My dad used to have one and it had the best ride of any car ive ever ridden in.
    Nissan/datsun- 71 510 wagon. My favorite car ever. Lowered, fender flares, engine upgrades while keeping it un-turboed.
    Mitubishi- starion. An interesting car made by an aeroplane company.
    Izuzu- one of those big sewer trucks because why not.

  22. Ryan says:

    Acura/Honda – 1987 Acura Integra GS – only because i was given one.

    Datsun/Nissan – 510 Bluebird coupe – cooler than the 2-door sedan

    Hino – Flat bed for towing these oldies

    Mazda – FD RX-7 with 2JZ swap for reliability

    Mitsubishi – Celeste for pure nostalgia

    Subaru – 1988 GL wagon for wagon duties

    Suzuki – Samurai for weekend wheeling

    Toyota/Lexus – 2000GT, my all-time favorite Toyota

  23. Roberto says:

    I’m late on this but it’s a fun one!

    TOYOTA: LX450
    HONDA: NSX refresh
    NISSAN: Stagea 260RS
    ISUZU: Irmscher R
    DAIHATSU: Wake
    MAZDA: Bongo Friendee

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