QotW: Do you rock JNC gear on the regular?

We’ve discussed previously about having JNC-related trinkets around the house; or interesting bits in your vehicles, but now I want to know if you have a favorite vintage shirt that just never goes out of your wardrobe rotation despite a loved-one’s repeated request. Maybe a rad JNC shirt you got from a car show, possibly even from the official JNC booth last weekend?

For me, I had an old Formula Drift shirt that I wore twice a week minimum (washed, of course). That is, until the shirt’s fate was sealed when I tried to drop a transmission with 10% fluid still left in it. Tell us:

Do you rock JNC gear on the regular?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What would you like to know about getting started with JNCs?

Last week’s QotW got off to a rocky start. Call it bad timing, call it a bad QotW. Either way, it was a good opportunity to see what our readers are interested in (or not) so we can know our audience better.

After helping out a bit with エーイダン‘s question about obscure JNC fire truck info, I felt Negishi no Keibajo made an interesting observation. Indeed, today is a great time to get into JNCs with a wealth of knowledge and references on the internet aplenty, AND from multiple regions around the world. Back when I first started buying JNCs, there were maybe three to five people in all of North America who could do obscure engine swaps of Japan-spec powertrains. Now, the sky’s the limit.

I think if anything, I’m envious of one getting started in JNC’s now. There sheer volume of information and resources is fantastic. The “Information Highway” was a paddle boat going upstream back in the day. It made for a different kind of fun in a detective way, but in the end, today you can get the car out of the garage you and everyone to enjoy it sooner and often.

Learn to read Japanese!

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15 Responses to QotW: Do you rock JNC gear on the regular?

  1. エーイダン says:

    I can’t, because I don’t have a JNC patch for my green fleece jacket or what would be better, a JNC tie. That would be awesome!

  2. Gwynn says:

    I don’t ’cause I bought a “Made in the 80’s…” JNC Tee and it shrunk severely. Love ya JNC but that was disappointing.

  3. Michael Jue says:

    I have half a closet full of obscenely expensive, crazy graphics designer shirts that get comments whenever I wear them; but NONE of those 30 or so shirts – even the most radical – get nearly the number of comments I get when I wear either of my polo shirts emblazoned with one simple DATSUN logo. It’s part of the regular rotation! And I wear them proudly!

  4. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    I wear my prized, black with red old skool Toyota logo hat a lot (even though my Scion & Lexus are long gone).

    (Wish I could post/link pix but I gave up pix sites after Google bought & killed Panorameo).

  5. Mark Newton-John says:

    Still wear a grey Toyotaline polo I got at Florin Rd. Toyota in Sacramento. White collar, with trim on the end of the sleeve in the old Toyota race tricolor. Bought it in 1987 or so, still in great shape, people are amazed the shirt is 30 years old. Wore it to Toyotafest this year.

  6. Greg M. says:

    I do on days I don’t plan on eating! I either never get the correct size, or they shrink drastically… lol.

  7. Styles says:

    I wear my Kaido and Showa Motor club shirt often, but more casual around home use now, as they’re getting a little old, and the black one is fading, so I really should get around to placing a new order…..

    I was at a strip club before a concert once (an old tradition a buddy and I have when going to gigs at Auckland’s Spark arena), and one of the dancers asked if that was the name of the bank I was going to see…. lol! I had to tell her what it was all about, it turns out she has an R34 Skyline!

  8. bryan kitsune says:

    Not as regularly as I would like. A few reasons for this:

    My JNC Datsun Fairlady Roadster 1963 Japan Grand Prix shirt (that I was pretty excited about) shrank a bit. I’m oddly sized to start with (not real tall, but long-ish torso, a little overweight but XL don’t fit well), so after the large shrank, it feels almost like a belly/plumber-crack shirt. While I’m sure everyone wants to see my super white (pale) body in all its glory…I avoid showing off. Unfortunately, if I were to replace it with an XL, I’d wager it’d be too wide (and possibly still not long enough for my taste). Finally, as it is a light-ish gray, the rust in our well water is turning it yellow-orange (despite rust remover salt in our water softener), so I don’t want to wear it too much so I can avoid washing it…

    I have a JDM Legends baseball tee I like to wear from time to time. Same problem here…the XL was big…the sleeves were almost to my wrists (though the torso fit OK…I think it was somewhat irregular). I sent it back for a L which fit okay until washed. Now it’s just not quite as long and a little more snug than I’d prefer, but still wearable.

    The thing that’s weird to me is, I feel like retail store shirts that I can try on tend to fit better than the shirts I spend $30+ for online (and can’t easily return)…and sizes are all over the place.

    I do hope to find some more Datsun & Toyota shirts and/or hoodies that fit well at some point…but with prices of most of this stuff (and possible return shipping)…it’s hard to experiment. The Datsun takes enough $$ just for parts.

  9. speedie says:

    I tend to change my wardrobe based on what I own. Currently its rotary related and I wear the following on a monthly basis depending on where I might be going: JNC’s Le Mans 25th Anniversary Limited Edition shirt, a Deals Gap Rotary Rally 2017 shirt, and a SevenStock 18 shirt. Like Gwynn my JNC shirt shrank a half size when I first washed it. Next time I will be buying a size up, which I may do with the new JNC Barrels Zero shirt.

  10. Power Tryp says:

    Not long after I had my heart terribly broken I attempted to fill the gap by buying a clapped out heavily rusted 1972 240z with the intent of restoring it. That was about 7 years ago now. Being an S30 owner albeit not an S30 driver I felt it good to order up the Z generations tee.

    Of course, all that time has passed, I still haven’t gotten to cutting the floors out and get welding but I still wear that shirt with pride, so much so that I probably should get around to ordering another.

  11. Kiran says:

    Let’s see, I have a assortment of motorsport jackets from the mid 80s up to the late 90s with Mitsubishi,Honda,Subaru and its sponsors emblazoned all over them which I wear on occasion. Even got a jacket that used to be owned by one of the folks in the Styling department in the 80s straight from the land of the rising sun with his name tag still there which can be neatly concealed in a special pocket to protect it from getting wet(which I rock every time I bring my Cordia to a car show or cruise). Other than that

    • Kiran says:

      Whoops I accidentally pressed enter but what I meant to end with is: Other than that I have a large assortment of pins that I wear on occasion with the rarest being one that has a little DA1 integra on it with Honda spelled out in black script beneath it that my dad gave me when he was clearing out his wardrobe during the time we were moving. Apparently it was given out at some event he can’t remember but I prize it anyway as I’ve never seen anything like it.

  12. sedanlover says:

    The JNC Showa shirt (in grey) is my fav. I wear it almost every week. It’s comfy too. And it hasn’t shrunk like the other JNC Vintage Barrels II shirt I have.
    Looking forward to purchasing the JNC Vintage Barrels Zero when it’s available online (I’ll make sure to get a large to allow for some shrinkage).

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