Project Hakosuka is Back

A few months ago, we welcomed Kev’s Nissan Skyline (aka Project Hakosuka) to the family. And since JNC/grandJDM merge was announced, the continuation of his (mis)adventures has been a top request. Kev was gracious enough to replicate all the posts documenting his work in this thread. So in case you haven’t seen it, take a look. The only downside is that it resides in Sydney, Australia so we won’t be able to see it in person for a long, long time.

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3 Responses to Project Hakosuka is Back

  1. J.Ramirez says:


  2. Tom says:

    Great ! The trials and joys of actually running a car are among the most interesting parts of any car mag, so having regular Hakosuka updates is excellent news 🙂

    Good luck Kev !

  3. Awesome thread well worth the read

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