PRODUCT GUIDE: S2 Carbon Works Skate Decks

hakosuka Nissan Skyline Datsun 510 skate decks

Are you jonesing for a glimpse of hakosuka Skyline or Datsun 510 during your sick front side 180 ollie? The S2 Carbon Works 2014 line of skate decks has some pretty cool JDM style rides, including a VIP Celsior/Lexus LS and Honda Odyssey. You can see the full lineup of decks at their website.

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9 Responses to PRODUCT GUIDE: S2 Carbon Works Skate Decks

  1. Invinciblejets says:

    Awesome idea of I still skated I would have the 510 for sure

  2. MikeRL411 says:

    Liking that SSS!

  3. JHMAB2 says:

    The Spoon S2000 was sweet.

  4. Kane says:

    Definitly would love some of them for my house, so boss.

  5. dickie says:

    2 things John:

    – that maroon car in the pic you featured is an LS/Celsior.

    – i can’t find that design anywhere on their site. this could have been a “take my money” situation. bummer.

  6. Skate decks have been on the website for at least a month, you just didn’t look in the correct section. Here you go: – We also offer wall mount kits so if you don’t want to ride and you want to display them properly, we have these in stock as well.

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