PRODUCT GUIDE: Rocket Bunny Pandem S30 Z kit

Rocket Bunny Pandem S30 Z body kit

Rocket Bunny has released a new kit for the S30 Z. The Pandem kit takes the widebody look that head honcho Kei Miura is known for and applies it to the OG Japanese sports car. 

Rocket Bunny Pandem Nissan Fairlady Z body kit

For years parent company TRA-Kyoto has been known for their trademark widebody kits like the 6666 Customs S13. In more recent times, we’ve seen a neo-bosozoku boom on everything from the Toyota GT86 to Lamborghinis and everything in between.

We like how the kit is aggressive while keeping the beautiful lines of the S30 largely in tact. S30 Z body kits have been tried before, but you can’t just throw a bunch of new school tuning aesthetic onto a classic car and expect it to look right. The key is subtlety. In this case, the side skirts especially integrate smoothly into the original rocker panel shape, and the front lip’s vents are just small enough to not distract from the Z “face”.

Rocket Bunny Pandem S30 Datsun 240Z body kit

Massive flares are an old school Japanese staple, but Rocket Bunny does a great job of putting their own take on it with the cut off rears. Most importantly, it retains that exposed-screw look that is so integral for a nostalgic feel. The ducktail spoiler and bumperless rear looks badass on any Z.

We wouldn’t slap it on a super clean Z, but if you already have a project too far gone to be 100 percent original, this would be a mean suit for it. Look for the US debut of this kit on a particular 240Z project headed to SEMA this year.

Photos: TRA Kyoto.

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20 Responses to PRODUCT GUIDE: Rocket Bunny Pandem S30 Z kit

  1. KiKiIchiBan says:

    Another reason to want an S30 project. Looks perfect.

  2. DanMcD says:

    Nasty. Nice. You know what I mean.
    STP sticker ices the cake.

  3. UCHE says:

    Perfect….cost of Zs are gonna skyrocket now.

  4. Sedanlover says:

    When you say:
    “Look for the US debut of this kit on a particular 240Z project headed to SEMA this year”

    Do you mean this kit will be applied to Sung Kang’s Datsun 240Z Dream Build???

    Just putting two & two together…

  5. Its amazing how much attention the Z chassis is getting nowadays. New performance parts, new body kits like this, heck even OS Giken brought back their twin cam head. It’s a good time to be a Z fan!

  6. ZOCIETY says:

    I can’t wait to see this at SEMA! 🙂

  7. Mister K says:

    Don’t get me wrong it looks great but in reality is only a static car unless your roads are glassy smooth
    Having said that a Z is not a bad choice for a static

  8. Colin240z says:

    Nice rendering…but they should tidy up their 3D model a little bit. That rear side window is a little…off. Hopefully they’re not basing the fitment of their flares around this 3D model…LOL.

  9. VincenzoL says:

    Been biting my tongue for a few days on this but since no one else wants to be the bad guy I will take one for the team.

    Am I the only one who cant wait for the whole Rocket Bunny fad to die??? It’s the same overfenders on every car! Big deal. Original body lines and contours obviously aren’t given any consideration because you know… that would actually require some effort. While I appreciate new parts being developed for older cars I can’t stand it when these tacky trends take over. I put these Rocket Bunny kits right up there with the Veilside combat kits from the early 90’s. A style that looked ok for a minute and the more you saw it the more you realized how there was nothing cohesive about it.

    Before I get flamed by the fanboys, this interpretation isn’t all that bad. I just believe with a few changes this could have really nailed the original IMSA look, flowed with the original contours, and pulled off a period correct look. The Rocket Bunny overfender design is way too contemporary and kills the classic vibe. I would go for timeless vs. flavor of the week any day.

    • Dankan says:

      You’re not alone, I agree entirely, and find the Rocket Bunny thing entirely derivative and over-played at this point. It’s neither radical, nor impressive.

    • Adam says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

      Please stop reading my thoughts and I’ll agree to read your comments before I post my redundant ones next time.

      Thank you.

  10. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Really nice. I would prefer a little more functional installation: not lowered as much and flares that wouldn’t need mud flaps. The only nit-noid element is hiding that oil-cooler into a more integrated air-dam. I really like the bumper(s). I took the bumberettes off my old Z but had to find a way to tastefully cover the holes while keeping the rubber rub strips. Also would like lexan headlight covers with black rubber edges like I had. I wonder where my Z is these days…

  11. Adam says:

    Not a bad effort, but not necessarily a vast improvement either.

    Most vintage vehicles tend to gain an awkward, forced appearance when people graft contemporary elements on them. This appears to be the case here.

    No doubt, the fanboys will max out their credit cards for this kit though.

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