PRODUCT GUIDE: Koyorad FB Mazda RX-7 radiator

046_Touge California Mazda RX7 FB

It’s somewhat surprising that there hasn’t been a decent aftermarket radiator for the first-gen Mazda RX-7 out there, but if you drive an FB, worry no more. Koyorad has just introduced the latest aluminum radiator in their ever-growing line for Japanese classics, a project that began during last year’s JNC Touge California.

At the event, a Koyorad representative struck up a conversation with Smith McGehee after taking notice of his RX-7. The two of them began a collaboration that led to Smith’s car being the test fitter for the prototype radiator.

Koyorad FB Mazda RX7 radiator

The result is a new all-aluminum radiator for 1983-85 Mazda RX-7s running either the 12A or 13B rotary engine and a manual transmission. It’s part of Koyorad’s high-density HH Series, developed with a two-row 48mm core for increased coolant volume as well as maximum circulation and airflow.

Koyorad FB Mazda RX7 radiator fitment

As with all Koyorad radiators, they bolt right in to replace the OEM unit and mates directly to the factory fan shroud. You can see the radiator’s fitment in Smith’s car above. Now FB RX-7 owners can take to the hills and canyons without fear of overheating their high-revving rotaries. Further information can be found at Koyorad Racing’s website. Also, stay tuned for an announcement about Touge California 2016!

126_Touge California Mazda RX7 FB


Some images courtesy of Koyorad, Smith McGehee.

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11 Responses to PRODUCT GUIDE: Koyorad FB Mazda RX-7 radiator

  1. Kelly Greenidge says:

    Man oh Man this is great news, I hope and pray I can fit one of those on my 76 Cosmo with the auto gearbox?

  2. David Meyer says:

    And I thought I was almost done with my FB! Thanks JNC for this news! And thanks Koyorad for my next project!

  3. Brap Life says:

    Sweet! I’ll be getting one for my SA22 for sure. PROUD OF YOU SMITH!

  4. Darrel says:

    Hey Kelly!

    Big question here. Is it meant for the early 1st gens, with FMOC, or later 1st gens with the Beehive oil cooler. For out Cosmo’s, we need the early version!

  5. Darrel says:

    Went to website, answered my question. It is for the later 83-85 models without the front mount oil cooler.

    Too tall 🙁

    • James says:

      I’ve seen people use fmoc with S3 tall radiators, mount the cooler forward of the rad.

    • no salsa says:

      You can have a new copper core installed (standard or thicker) if you can find a replacement. It will be like new.

      If you have a bee hive cooler best way to mount a real cooler is welding 2 brackets onto the front roll bar behind the bumper bar. That way you can also use the sa22 and fc coolers.

  6. Smith McGehee says:

    Big thanks to Scott and Alex from Koyorad, and my good friend Andrew Buenrostro for helping this all come to fruition. This radiator is a true performer, never varying from ideal operating temp, even under “heavily spirited” driving. Koyorad’s highly developed dual core system performs even better than the 3 row all aluminum radiator that It replaced in my car.

    The fitment is perfect, mounting up to the factory bracket locations and even allowing retention of the stock clutch fan, if desired.

    Koyorad is also working on the “short style” radiators for the earlier model SA/fb Rx7s

    Thanks again to Ben from JNC and Scott and Alex of Koyorad !

  7. Antonio Sanchez says:

    Thank GOD!!! Now I can look for a SA/FB without worrying about cooling issues, wish this was around when I had my 80. Thank you S. McGehee for posting the info about the early model radiators coming soon. :]

  8. Glenn Davis says:

    Where did you acquire the wheel flares and what brand are they?

  9. Keith says:

    Does it have a mount for the stock overflow tank?

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