PRODUCT GUIDE: Koyorad Datsun 510 Radiator

Koyorad Datsun 510 Radiator

While we’re on the topic of mods for your classic car, cooling is an important part of keeping your nostalgic in tip-top running order. Stock radiators in older cars were usually pretty flimsy to begin with, and after years of use, can be prone to leaks. We always love it when companies pay attention to the needs of JNC owners, and Japan’s Koyorad has been coming out with a series of old school-specific radiators recently.


Koyorad already had our attention with their lineup of aluminum radiators that span everything from the Datsun 240Z to the Scion FR-S. The latest is a 48mm unit that’s a direct-fit replacement for one of the most popular classics, the 1968-73 Datsun 510, which we first saw at SEMA. It bolts right on to the factory shroud and is threaded for an optional temp sensor if you’re running an aftermarket temperature gauge. Each Koyorad radiator cores are TIG-welded by hand, brazed with Nocolok, and triple pressure tested. Jun Imai‘s wagon was one of the first 510s to be fitted with it. He drives it like a maniac, so we can vouch that it works brilliantly.

Photo courtesy of Koyorad.

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5 Responses to PRODUCT GUIDE: Koyorad Datsun 510 Radiator

  1. Nigel says:

    I will put one in my Civic.
    It has 370000 km or so on the clock. And is on it’s second rad.

  2. jkwade says:

    Now if you guys can find one to fit a TE27, I would be thrilled.

  3. Sideglide says:

    It is nice to see these classic cars gain more aftermarket attention. Living in Japan, the 510 isn’t seen as much as other classics in popularity, not like the US. I’m curious how long it will take for reputable US companies to contribute to stock like they do for US muscle.

  4. Darryl Cavanaugh says:

    Will be ordering one when I get back home for my 510, and probably for the 240Z, too! Love that Co’s are seeing the potential in our community for these kinds of parts….

  5. think this is a specially for the us-customers designed Item. like the koyo 240Z radiator i got, that item is produced in indonesia and well advertised in the US markets. in japan you only can get custom-made radiators by koyo for the 240z. i tried to order the 240z radiator with the partnumer it’s sold on koyo usa website, but they told me they don’t have such an item. so i think it’s the same here.
    Anyway, got my koyo from USA a few days ago and absolutely love it. great quality, light as hell and beautiful welds! Go for it!

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